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10 Best Hacking Tools

We have listed 10 of the best hacking tools in this article. These hacking tools will help you conduct security research that benefits you and your organization. Go ahead and download the hacking tool that best suits your requirements.

1. Meta crack

Metasploit is an infrastructure suite that you can use to build your tools.

  • This free tool for finding vulnerabilities on different platforms is one of the most popular cybersecurity tools.
  • Metasploit is supported by over 200,000 users and contributors who help you gain insight and discover system vulnerabilities.


The Network Mapper or Nmap developed by Unix is ​​now also available on Windows and Android. It is one of the best network scanners or port finders. The map can be used to discover computers and services on a computer network to create a network map.

  • This hacking tool was developed for scanning large networks.
  • It works for a single host.

3. Acunetix WVS

This is one of the most useful hacking tools. Acunetix is ​​a WVS scanner that scans and identifies potentially fatal flaws on websites. Other features of this tool are described below:

  • It creates a website and detects malicious cross-site scripting, SQL entries, and other errors.
  • This is a fast WordPress tool that scans websites for errors from over 1200 WordPress sites.

4. Wireshark

Originally, this free and open source tool was named Ethereal. Wireshark is also available in the command line version of TShark.

  • GTK+ network protocol analyzer for Linux, Windows, and macOS X.
  • Wireshark is a GTK+-based network analyzer or network frame sniffer that allows you to interactively capture and browse the contents of network frames.
  • His goal was to create a quality of service analyzer for Unix and build the missing functionality in Wireshark.

5. oclHashcat

If you’ve cracked a working password, you’ve probably heard of Hashcat, a free password cracker. You can download this useful hacking tool for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows, it is a CPU-based password cracking tool. Some notable features of this tool are:

  • oclHashcat is an advanced version of Hashcat that uses the power of the GPU. The world’s first and only GPGPU-based engine makes OclHashcat a globally unique password cracking tool.
  • You can also use this tool as WiFi password decryption software.

6. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

Developed by Tenable Network Security, this tool is one of the most popular vulnerability scanning tools. Some of the unique features of this tool include:

  • It supports various platforms like Windows 7, 8, Mac OS X, and popular Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, etc.
  • It is the first free hacking tool in 2020 to run on a client-server framework.
  • Nessus offers different versions for different types of users, such as Nessus Home, Nessus Professional, Nessus Manager, and Nessus Cloud.

7. Maltose

This tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

  • This hacking tool is an open-source forensics platform.
  • provides a rigorous mining and information gathering process to map cyber threats.
  • Additionally, Maltego captures the complexity and severity of points of failure in infrastructure and environments.

So go ahead, try this hacking tool and protect your business.

8. Social Engineer Toolkit

The Social-Engineer Toolkit is available for LINUX, Mac OS X, and Windows systems. also,

  • This tool is featured in Mr.Robot.
  • It can be used as a high-level framework to simulate different types of attacks.
  • Perform phishing attacks.
  • It can also do a credential collection.
  • The interface of this hacking tool is well organized.
9. Kismet
  • intrusion detection and sniffer system and are capable of supporting the main monitoring mode (from).
  • Can be used with a kismet wireless card.
  • This hacking tool is completely free to use.

10. John the Ripper

John The Ripper is freely available open source software. Its salient features include:

  • The tool is distributed as source code. So it has a customizable cookie.
  • It is a popular password cracking software available for many operating systems.
  • It combines the functions of several password crackers and detects the type of password hash.

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