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13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023

13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023 In recent posts, we’ve reviewed best practices for processing card-not-present transactions, offered a list of suspicious transaction characteristics, and proposed a strategy for e-commerce fraud prevention.

The biggest issues leading to disputes with customers are 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features method:

Following our suggestions will help you reduce fraud and some types of chargebacks, but may not necessarily help you minimize customer disputes, which are only associated with legitimate sales and can lead to different types of chargebacks.

There is a mismatch between the advertised qualities of your goods or services and how customers perceive them when they receive them 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.
Customers cannot easily reach the merchant’s customer support or quickly get a satisfactory answer to a question or problem.

13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023
13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023

Merchant policies are not prominently displayed and/or communicated well enough to customers.

It is immediately apparent that developing and implementing customer-friendly policies and managing a well-equipped and highly trained support department would go a long way in maintaining customer satisfaction. However, providing certain information on your website can have just as much impact 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Customer inquiries and disputes will be greatly reduced if your website includes the following features and content:

Accurate description of products and services. You want to promote your item, but you also want to be accurate in your description to minimize disputes. Provide as much information as possible. Add images if needed. Try to make them as high quality as possible, even if you have to balance this with the need to limit their size so that it doesn’t affect your site’s load time 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Display your customer service phone number and email address prominently. Customers need to have an easy way to contact you by phone when they have a question. An email address is also mandatory, but not sufficient by itself. Consider the following suggestions:

Display a customer service phone number on your home page. Offer a toll-free number in addition to your local number. Remember, your customers need immediate attention, and if they don’t get it, they’re likely to turn to their card issuer and file a dispute that quickly turns into a chargeback 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Display your customer service email address on your home page. Consider offering customers separate email addresses for different inquiries (product, delivery, billing, returns, etc.).
Use automatic email replies. Send autoresponder emails to customers to acknowledge receipt of their questions and let them know when they should expect a response to their questions. Make sure you respond within the promised time frame. Feel free to use autoresponders for marketing purposes as well, but don’t overdo it.

Create and communicate customer-friendly return, refund, and cancellation policies. These policies should be crafted to reflect your commitment to customer satisfaction, and there are plenty of resources to help you do just that. Once you’ve created these policies, you should 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023:

Make them available to all your website visitors via a link on your home page.

Obtain the customer’s agreement to the terms of this policy during the ordering process. Ask your customers to click “Accept” or “I Agree” to confirm acceptance of the policy before submitting payment information.
Send your policy to your customers with an order confirmation email 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Send advance billing notices for recurring transactions. Recurring payment plans are one of the biggest sources of customer disputes and chargebacks. We’ve reviewed best practices for setting up and managing recurring plans elsewhere, but it’s important to reiterate that you must provide advance billing notices before submitting each authorization request. In addition, you should require customers to confirm acceptance of the recurring payment plan agreement 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.
Create a clear shipping policy and make it accessible from every page of your website. For best results, you should make your shipping policy available via a link in the header or footer of your website. With your shipping policies, you should:

Explain shipping options and expected delivery times.
Provide full disclosure of all shipping and handling charges.
Develop an email response system to inform customers of expected delivery delays.
Fully disclose your billing practices. Communicate your full billing practices to customers when they purchase. Customers should receive the following information:
When will their cards be loaded 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

How the transaction will appear on their credit card statement (managed through your billing descriptor).
Proposal to keep a copy of the transaction.
The invoice should be included in the order confirmation email.

Enter the transaction currency. Don’t assume your customers will know what currency your items are priced in. Remember that consumers from all over the world can visit your website. List your transaction currency and then you can provide a currency conversion tool to help consumers estimate the cost in their own money, but you should make it clear that the tool provides the conversion amount for informational purposes only.
Please indicate your home country. For the above reasons, you must list the country where your business is based on your website 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

List any export restrictions. List the countries you are shipping to and specifically state that orders from other countries will not be accepted.
13 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features Develop and display a privacy statement. You will need to create a privacy statement and make it available on the home page of your website. A privacy specialist like TRUSTe should do this for you best. In any case, you should at least tell visitors 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023:

13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023
13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023

What customer information is collected and tracked.
With whom this information is shared 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.
How customers can opt out.
13 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features Buy a branded SSL certificate and display their logo on your website. SSL certificates are mandatory for e-commerce websites and there are plenty of vendors to choose from. Choose one with broad name recognition. VeriSign, for example, is known for its green URL bar, which immediately tells visitors that data is protected in transit.
13 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features Register with BBBOnLine and display their seal on your website. Membership in an organization like BBBOnLine is another way to show your website visitors that you can be trusted with their money. Of course, you’ll need to quickly address any customer complaints filed with the BBB, but you should do it anyway.
13 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features Sign up with a security control vendor and display their logo on your website. Security services like “McAf 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Especially if he had a brick-and-mortar store and took it to an online platform. Do you dream about it too? You don’t have to worry anymore. We are here with 13 best ecommerce website features to boost your ecommerce business.

Your new website should have the basic features to grow. These essential features will keep your business running smoothly. Your business will be more productive when it’s online. This online platform can become the key to future success 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

COVID-19 has left a bigger negative impact on businesses. Businesses involved in manufacturing will also be affected by exports, followed by businesses that are online. When the offline market is going through tough times, it is recommended to run an online business. This makes you stand out in any situation. Our solutions will help you with all this and maintain your reputation. Take a look here.

First, realize what type of business you are running. Knowing your type of business will help you know what eCommerce website features you need 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Here we introduce you to the best eCommerce website features and their features to run your website efficiently. These features increase sales and increase your online profits.

What are the top 13 features of an eCommerce website 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023?

High quality presentation
Clean look and style
Fast and correct search options
Easy and simple web navigation
Customer-friendly content
Elaborate product descriptions
Associate products with upsells and increased profits
Customer support
Shipment, delivery and return information
Rules and conditions
Multiple payment methods
Feedback/suggestions corner
Salient marketing points – why should customers choose you?
1. E-commerce website features: High quality presentation
Product presentations are developed and developed by e-shops. The good ones include high-quality images and complete information. Simply consider this as soon as you search. Would you buy one thing that looks bad?

You might be selling the most effective quality product in your store. However, if your product images look bad, people are unlikely to buy from you 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Hiring lens experts would be the right investment. They get high quality images of your product.

2. E-commerce website features: Clean look and style
Your website should look neat and clean. This clean appearance affects consumer perception. They will understand your website better in no time 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Therefore, a productive e-commerce website has a home page that entices users to click on a product or category. They start looking at products, read reviews and quickly add them to their cart.

the best e-commerce features 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023

The design and overall appearance of the website affects the approach of your buyers. they will see your website to the end if it is interesting. Otherwise, your standard will drop and it will not be liked.

3. E-commerce website features: Quick and proper search options

e-commerce features

A good eCommerce website has a responsive search box that provides relevant suggestions. Such a responsive search box helps buyers find products quickly. Your customers undoubtedly have busy lifestyles. Therefore, make your website able to find what they came for 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

It determines your sales fate – whether you win or lose. Think about it, you spend ten hours browsing online retailers at a time.

Look at Amazon as an example. The most powerful and easiest feature on this marketplace site is their search method. It’s easy to look it up. You can’t miss anything about it. However, the search recommendations are refined as many times as you search for a specific product. This process gives your buyers clarity on what they need.

4. E-commerce website features: Easy and simple website navigation
Information density

Easy navigation is essential to your productive eCommerce website. This e-commerce website feature should make it easy for your buyers to access your website. It increases the possibility of their purchase from your online store 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

Organized product categories and classes improve navigation. Your product should be listed in structured categories and classes. It will be easier for your customers to browse the products they were looking for.

A well-designed, clear and responsive website structure makes it easy for search engines. It crawls and ranks your website on the first page of search engines. What do you observe in e-commerce sites that rank well? They have a smart and controlling structure. This quality puts them on the top lists of programs.

In addition, navigation is essential for the visitor to be ready to select their product and view and complete the purchase as soon as possible. Not just for checkout, your customer service and site should be easy to find.

5. E-Commerce Website Features: Customer Friendly Content 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.
The content of your e-commerce website should target visitors from all over the world. Or if you want to target users from a specific area. Such website content provides conversational content. This data helps them make the right decision when purchasing products.

This e-commerce website features quality website content that creates a fair user experience. It encourages buyers to stay on your site longer.

6. E-Commerce Website Features: Elaborate Product Descriptions
Fodder for the vital capabilities of an e-commerce website is more important than other websites. All eCommerce website owners should put more attention and time into creating content that provides their customers with sophisticated data about the product they are offering for sale 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

e-commerce functionality

SOURCE: Neil Patel

In many cases, several webmasters simply copy and paste content from what their suppliers give them. This can have detrimental effects on your efforts to get your website ranked in search engines like Google, which have algorithms that penalize duplicate content. Again, product descriptions should be written around your client to help them perceive if they have your product 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

7. E-Commerce Website Features: Connect products to sales and increase profit
One of the best features of an e-commerce website related product suggestions is big because of the increase in its profits. Not only will this feature improve customer expertise by serving guests to read a lot about the product in your layout, but it will also facilitate sales of accessories and related products.

There are many of your guests who browse your website, there are many who will keep in mind your offers and are available back to look at a lot of things, increasing the chances that they will come back to shop.

8. E-Commerce Website Features: Customer Support
Some customers want the device as soon as they complete their online store purchase. In some cases, the website may use some of them for a certain period of time. Regardless of the reason that will prevent your guests from proceeding to create an acquisition, most customers would

While product quality is certainly important, there are many other elements that contribute to the success of an eCommerce website.

E-commerce websites can benefit from a number of add-ons that make it easier for users and store owners to navigate and maintain the site. However, it can be challenging to include all these necessary features and aesthetic preferences in an eCommerce website design. Fortunately, our eCommerce website development team specializes in building eCommerce platforms and can help.

So, if you want your website to be successful, you need to decide what eCommerce website features are necessary and which eCommerce platform would best suit your needs.

In this blog, we will provide a detailed solution to eCommerce website features and discuss many options.

Are you looking for an eCommerce website development company 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023?

Increases your brand voice Increase customer engagement Increase traffic and conversion rate Maximize your profits
We’ll give you ideas!
The best eCommerce website features you must have
Below is a list of essential eCommerce website features that every successful online store must have. Chances are, these features will come in handy if you’re working on the layout or functionality of an e-commerce site.

1. Responsive web design
The ability of your website to provide a consistent experience across different screen sizes is simple, but one of the most important features of an eCommerce website. Customers today often switch between computers, tablets and smartphones, so it is essential that each device provides a consistent browsing experience.

2. Fast and easy browsing
Make it easy for customers to find the products they need and visit the site to find what they’re looking for. Customers won’t leave your website if it has a straightforward navigation bar, a sleek header, clear and powerful CTAs, and a thorough footer with a sitemap.

3. Searching the website
Adding a search box is a useful feature for any website. It’s useful both for experienced users who know exactly where they want to go, and for newbies who have no idea where to start but want to get there quickly. Keep these points in mind when planning your search box layout.
search field

4. Features focused on user experience
Consumers who shop online or in brick-and-mortar stores are the intended recipients of e-commerce. There is no such thing as a disposable consumer, and this is especially true in e-commerce, where a customer can easily click away from a purchase in the final moments of their browsing session. It is imperative that the company’s entire online store is designed to provide customers with a unique, high-quality, and personalized shopping experience.

An effective e-commerce platform will allow a company to tailor its customers’ online shopping experience across channels based on information gathered from their customers’ previous purchases and other interactions with the company 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023.

5. Connecting online and offline shopping
Online shoppers need to be able to easily find out if a product is available in a nearby store. A premium e-commerce platform allows you to connect your website’s search results with physical locations and inventory.

Additionally, brands should be able to connect their e-commerce platform with brick-and-mortar stores, giving salespeople the tools they need to reduce lost sales due to inbound customers by providing them with digital inventory. ordering and fast delivery.

6. Top quality images and videos
Your product photos and videos are among, if not the, most important aspects of your website. In addition to helping you make a purchase decision, high-quality photos that show all the qualities of a product can reduce returns. To help a buyer decide on a color, variant or size, make sure your photos are well lit, well styled and highly detailed.

Demonstrating your product in its intended environment or providing helpful tutorials are excellent uses of video. While videos are a great way to showcase your work, you need to make sure they are optimized for load time.

7. Filtering and sorting options
Offer the buyer a well-organized list of sorting and filtering options so they can focus on making a purchase rather than researching available options. Sort filters by importance and organize them into categories that customers can use to narrow down your product offerings 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.

Here are some examples to inspire you when creating your own list.

Filtering And Sorting 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.

But make sure the user doesn’t have too many options to wade through. To keep your consumers engaged and moving forward in the sales process, you should use only the most relevant information.

8. Assessment and Review Board
Customers rely heavily on reviews and ratings from other buyers to verify information provided by brands and help them make purchasing decisions when shopping online due to the inability to touch and feel the products. This means brands need to make it easy and rewarding to submit product reviews and feature customer reviews and ratings on their websites 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.

9. Frequently asked questions
Brands need their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sections to be easy to find and navigate so customers never have to leave the site to find answers. This can be used to inform potential clients and answer their most pressing questions about the company’s offering 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.

10. Return and Exchange Details
Mentioning your store’s exchange and return policy can go a long way in helping put the customer’s mind at ease before making a purchase. Customers can relax when shopping and companies can increase sales of things they know their target audience won’t try without these assurances.

It is important that your return and exchange policies are easily accessible on the website and create a liberal policy that inspires customer confidence without destroying profits. You can include them in your website header or footer, your FAQ page, your product catalog page, and even your cart and checkout pages to reinforce your message 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.

11. Use of Web Push Notifications 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.
We’ve all seen and read alerts from food and grocery delivery apps, but alerts aren’t just limited to mobile devices. Just as apps use push notifications to alert users to new features, websites can use them to notify customers of shipment status updates, cart abandonment reminders, etc. Simply adding web push notifications can greatly expand the way brands communicate and profit. from their target audience.

12. Adopting a social media approach
Linking a brand’s social media accounts to its website is another great way to gain consumer trust and 13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features.

13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023
13 Must-Have E-Commerce Website Features 2023

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