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5 popular wireless hacking tools by Blackhat Pakistan [updated 2023]

Today in this article we will cover top popular wireless hacking tools of 2023.

Wi- Fi is current. numerous of these wireless networks are word- defended, and knowledge of the word is needed to get online.

Wireless hacking apps are made to help safe and reach these wireless networks. Some are designed to help gain access to the network word and the network itself. Others give information about the structure and business flowing over the network, informing latterly attacks.

There are many known famous tools for Wi- Fi hacking.

5 popular wireless hacking tools

Wireless networks and hacking

Wireless networks are grounded on IEEE802.11 norms defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers( IEEE) for ad hoc networks or structure networks. structure networks have one or further access points that coordinate the business between the bumps. But in ad hoc networks, there’s no access point; each knot connects in a peer- to- peer way.

Two types of vulnerabilities can be set up in the Wireless LAN. One is week frame and the other is needy encryption. needy frame is caused by the net admin who manages the net. It may include a weak word, a lack of security settings, use of dereliction configurations and other stoner- related issues.

Poor encryption is related to security keys used to cover the wireless network. These vulnerabilities live because of issues in WEP or WPA.


WEP and WPA are the two main shield protocols applied in Wi- Fi LAN. WEP, or Wired Equivalent isolation, is a deprecated defense protocol that was presented ago in 1997 as a proportion of the first802.11 norms. still, it was weak, and several serious sins were set up in the protocol. Now, this can be cracked within twinkles.

A substitute Wi- Fi shield protocol was presented in 2003. This new Shield was Wi- Fi secure Access( WPA). While utmost routers presently use WPA or WPA2, a third interpretation called WPA3 was certified a many times agone
and is designed to replace the being protocols.

To master unauthorized attack to a net, one needs to pop these defense protocols. multiple tools can crack Wi- Fi encryption. These devices can either take edge of WEP sins or use brutal force word assuming charges on WPA/ WPA2/ WPA3.

Top tools for Wi-Fi hacking[ popular wireless hacking tools]

Wireless hacking tools are of two types. One can be used to whiff the network and cover what’s passing in the network. The different sort of tool is applied to negotiate WEP/ WPA keys. These are the popular tools used for wireless word cracking and network troubleshooting.

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Wifite is a Python handwriting allowed to streamline wireless defense auditing. It runs being wireless hacking tools for you, barring the need to study and rightly use the different tools with their colorful options.

Wifite2 is a perfect rewrite of the initial Wifite device. It’s aimed to produce on the Kali Linux and ParrotSec Linux distros. Before running Wifite, it’s recommended to install their voluntary tools as they’re essential for running some of the supported attacks.

Download Wifite2:


Wifiphisher is a device allowed to do man- in- the- medium strikes by using Wi- Fi connection. By persuading wireless druggies to connect to the mischief access point, Wifiphisher provides an bushwhacker with the capability to block and cover or modify their wireless business.

Wifiphisher also enables an bushwhacker to launch web phishing attacks. These can be used to collect stoner credentials for third- party spots or Wi- Fi network credentials. also, Wifiphisher is designed to be modular, enabling advanced druggies to write custom law to expand its capabilities.

Download Wifiphisher:

3. inSSIDer

inSSIDer is a popular Wi- Fi scanner for Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems. The inSSIDer wi- fi scanner can do colorful tasks, including chancing open Wi- Fi access points, tracking signal strength and saving logs with GPS records.

inSSIDer works on a freemium model. introductory functionality is available for free, but certain features bear a paid class.

Download inSSIDer:


Wireshark is the network protocol analyzer. It lets you check what is passing in your network. You can capture packets live and check them at a high position or see the values of particular fields within a packet. It works on Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD and others.

Wireshark is aimed to be user- close but has a complete deal of functionality under the hood. It’s top applied if you have a strong bond of net protocols and can effectively clear the craft that you are viewing.

Download Wireshark:


CoWPAtty is an automated wordbook attack tool for WPA- PSK. It runs on Linux OS. This program has a command- line interface and runs on a word list that contains the word to use in the attack.

Using the tool is simple, but it’s slow. That’s because the hash uses PBKDF2 with 4096 duplications to induce a implicit passphrase from a network SSID and word. Since each computation of PBKDF takes time, this makes a brute force word guessing attack veritably laggardly.

still, CoWPAtty does have a rainbow table designed to alleviate this issue. Since numerous routers have common SSIDs,pre-computed tables have been generated for these SSIDs and commonpasswords.However, testing it against the precomputed wordbook is important briskly, If the target network is one of these.

Download CoWPAtty:

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