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Amazon Cashout Method 2021

Amazon Cashout Method 2021 Amazon Latest GiftCard CASHOUT methods 2020 Carding methods Amazon Carding cashout method.

what you will Need to card Amazon

1. A CC with full billing information [Cvv, Address, Full Name, Phone, Zip, City, and State of the CC. Make sure its a nice bin (BIZ,CORP,GOLD,PLAT)]

2. Socks5 Proxy matching CC City + State.

3. A freshly made Email using CC owner name. [Example- if CC owner name is trusted carding then choose something ““]

Amazon Cashout Method 2021
Amazon Cashout Method 2021


1. Connect Socks5 Proxy or 911 VPN

2. Go to the & Create An Account using the “CC” Billing Information and the fresh Email you created. Make sure you are making account using Socks5 Proxy or 911 vpn Ip.

3. Once you have created Amazon Account it’s time to make the account look like if it was made by a legal buyer. {Over the last few years Amazon has been getting harder and harder to card. They review each account when they place there 1st order.}

4. Therefore add something to your cart anything Below $100.00 USD. Once you have a item under $100.00 USD in your amazon cart now sign out from the account don’t card it yet.

5. Wait at-least 5 hours before signing back in!

6. when you sign back in, make sure you are on Socks5 or IP matching CC BILLING CITY+STATE. Once you are logged in Check Out.

7. If the CC you used is good it will ship.

8. After shipping you will get a “Tracking Number” for your item that you carded under $100.00 USD.

9. Your account has been reviewed now. You can card anything from 500 to 800 dollars without any problem. Enjoy!!!.

Amazon Carding Method 2021

We will be focusing on how to card gift cards, specifically amazon gift cards. This is something I get asked everyday, I literally get lots of messages from people every day asking how to card gifts and I have decided to do a tutorial on this. Like always,this is a method that I have personally tested and I know works. Like I promised everyone, pay attention to my tutorials, don’t just read, but try and attempt to do them and soon enough, you’ll learn enough to be able to card any item you want Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

I’ll try to make this tutorial concise and easy to understand for beginners. Also I will include some good bins for those who have been asking me for nice hitting bins Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Carding amazon gift card is always difficult or beginners, this is because merchants know gift cards are always hot targets for carders and they implement all the top notch security into stopping this. We will bypass all this fraud flags and successfully card gift card using this method.

The goal is to appear like a normal user and this means we have to mimic the shopping patterns and fool the security algorithms in the process. Gift cards are usually automatically sent without the need for manual verification if you do not trigger any fraud flags, so our goal is not to set off any fraud flags so we can get our gift card cards delivered in matter of minutes, or sometimes hours. Remember patience and paying attention to detail is key Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Step 1.

Buy CC (for beginners, cc means credit card and in this context we mean buying stolen stolen credit cards from auto shops or from your fav vendors . just buy world or business level ccs. Some working bins 46616, 422307, 448848, 67522, 515405, 532235, 532249, 534833

Step 2.

After buying a high qaulity cc, call the issuing bank to check the balance of the cc which also means the cc is live The number to call for Chase balance is +18004323117 and for Citibank +18009505114 and they only require the cc number and zipcode, just follow the automated voice prompt.

Step 3.

Create 2 gmail accounts, one with the name o the cc you bought, one with a different name but both sharing the same last names, this is important. Example. If the name of the cc you bought is Chris Evans, create the first email as [email protected] or something similar, then second email should be a random girls name example [email protected]

Step 4.

Buy an rdp  or altenatively use the cheaper socks5 which serves the same purpose When buying your rdp or socks5, make sure the proxy score is 0 and that the rdpsock5 is residential and not datacentre Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Step 5.

Fire up your rdp or socks 5 adn visit Sign up with all the details of the cc you bought. If the cc came with a phone number also add the phone number, it helps incase the order goes to manual verification, don’t worry amazon barely calls.

Step 6.

play around on the amazon website, first time orders on amazon using a new account often go under a lot more scrutiny but from the second order it gets a little more relaxed so we are going to trick the system Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Firstly, what the amazon system looks out for in physical orders is first a billing zip code mismatch, then the main one, and billing and shipping address mismatch. If zip code and address match then it is most certainly a legitimate order from cc holder but if billing address and shipping mismatch, maxmind and all other threat detection vectors and algorithms merchant’s use usually threat as a fraudulent order and push it to manual verification Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

To tick the system, we are going to first browse the amazon website for a few hours like normal users, build up cookies, add and remove items from cart etc. Then look for some custom chairs or tables that or any large items from amazon that takes up to 30 days or more to ship. Heavy duty items.

Step 7.

Add this items to your cart keep it around $400 then use the cc owner billing address as shipping. So everything checks out. Target items that take more than 3 weeks to ship so before it gets shipped to the cc owner address, you’d have drained the cc buy buying gift cards. We are merely ordering the item to trick the system Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Step 8.

Now time for gift card.After carding the physical item to cc owner, you have also added the cc to the amazon account etc. logout of the account and let it age for a day.Amazon Cashout Method 2021

Step 9.

logging the next day then browse to the electronic gift card session. Go to birthday gift cards and order an electronic amazon gift card, choose the birthday theme then write a custom birthday wish. The content of the message should appear like you’re wishing your daughter or son who is in college a happy birthday, then sign off by telling them to use this gift card to buy themselves a laptop or anything they want.. Make the custom note looks emotional and convincing as possible then send it to the second email you created. The first gift card should be kept under $500 You will receive the code to the email, then exchange the gift code for bitcoin or use it yourself. Using world ccs to card you do not have to worry about early chargebacks as most of them take weeks to chargeback so enough time to cash out your gift card Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

This method works and is still working. Remember carding is an art and to make money, you have to think different Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

That’s all you need, so go start making money Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Amazon Carding:Things You will need,

  • Quality CC/CVV to an address, full name, phone number, zip code, city, and state (don’t get junk cards pay good money for good cards)
  • Socks 4/5 to the state and if you can the city since that would be perfect. This sock must have never been used before so don’t be cheap and get a quality sock. Socks are just as important as quality cards! Amazon Cashout Method 2021
  • You will need programs to cleanup cookies and other flagging shit. Get CCleaner – flash cookie cleaner –
  • Antidetect 7 or FraudFox VM: These are not needed but they really increase your carding success to almost 100% if used correctly and setup properly which both are not very hard to do.
  • A drop address or if your carding digital items you don’t need that.Amazon Cashout Method 2021

OK now let’s Card

First Method (Most successful)

Do this on a fresh reboot and make sure you have used ccleaner and flash cookie cleaner and they are running. Used disk cleanup in windows as well Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Go to Amazon and create a new account using the new fresh sock you have. Now you will need to act like a typical buyer so we can’t just jump right in. Go and search for a few items but don’t buy anything, just add anything to your cart small stupid items, not the items you going to card though.

Now logout, and leave your computer don’t do anything else on it. Put it to sleep. In 5 hours log back in. Clear out your shopping cart, now let’s card.

Go and find some items depending on your card limit that are anywhere between $30 and $150. Now using the credit card you have pay for the items in your cart. You may need to wait for amazon to approve your order or not. Sometimes it’s random I swear.

Order success

Now the order should have been accepted and shipped. If not then you either have a shitty card worth less than what you trying to card or you threw a flag. Go back and check your setup. This is pretty full proof way to card amazon. If everything is in place and you have your bases covered you should be in and out. Make sure you check to see if you IP leaking cause that would throw a flag as Amazon Cashout Method 2021well:

Now we can also speed up this order if it’s in processing just so it doesn’t get charged back and flagged before it gets shipped. Send amazon an email from the email that you created for this account. Gmail is the preferred email for this setup as it is much more trustworthy do to its security signed up measures. Use an excuse to make them speed it up. There is an excuse kind of tie into what you are buying. So let’s say you want an 800 dollar cannon camera then tell them that you need it for  — a day for your college project or you will fail the class etc. Don’t forget it’s a real person on the other end so make your excuse real and don’t go too in-depth.Amazon Cashout Method 2021

Phone Call

Now they may ask to call you on the phone number associated with the CC account. This happens maybe 30% of the time. Just say OK and hope no one picks up the phone on the other end and luck I on your side. If they send you another email saying they tried to contact you but no answer then simply say “I am so sorry I changed my number and I haven’t update it with my CC company yet” then give them a burner number where you can actually answer Amazon Cashout Method 2021 Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Now if all goes smooth then you have carded your first real item on Amazon. Now that you have done that your account is trusted and you can place an order between $500-$800 or until the card is maxed out. Stay below $2000 per order. Max the card out as quick as you can but be inconspicuous and act like a real buyer. The security for the most part are bots and the formulas they use are really intense so when I say act like a real buyer I mean that or you will get limited and blocked Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Just understand that these methods work 90% of the time and the majority of the success of carding I on the carder himself and the setup he has. With Antidetect or Fraudfox the carding success is closer to 95%. Amazon, eBay, and PayPal are getting harder and harder to card and fraud every day and pretty soon it won’t be possible so understand that you need to have everything in tip top setup and stay ahead of bots.

Second Method

This method is a little better for low level cards or just an easier method than the above as the security is a little more lenient because the purchase amount is less. This method is also not as successful as the above method. Amazon Cashout Method of 2021.

Everything is the same as above except this time purchase an item worth around $2.00. Get the lowest and cheapest delivery time as it throws less of a security flag.

Now once your order is approved just like the first one your account is now a trusted account. I recommend using FedEx for your shipping method as it has less security compared to UPS and USPS for the real order amazon Cashout Method 2021.

Now card a total of $600-$800 dollars and it should go right through.Amazon Cashout Method 2021

You can also open a seller account and attach the CC to it and purchase through a seller account. It is a little more work but your success will be greater.

Thank you and don’t forget if a payment is declined it’s 50% of the time the card so make sure your cards are good.

Thank you all and I wish you good luck in your endeavors Amazon Cashout Method 2021.

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