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android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023

this post is about android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download this post we know how to download android-tester-v6_4_6-rat free download 2023 updated version for free.

what is android tester rat?

A RAT (far off get right of entry to Trojan) is malware an attacker makes use of to advantage full administrative privileges and far off control of a target pc. RATs are frequently downloaded together with seemingly valid consumer-asked packages — such as video video games — or are sent to their goal as an electronic mail attachment via a phishing electronic mail android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023.

as soon as the host machine is compromised, intruders use a backdoor to control the host, or they’ll distribute RATs to different susceptible computer systems and establish a botnet.

Belonging to the family of bug viruses, RATs are especially designed to hide themselves as valid content.

How does a far flung get entry to Trojan paintings?
A RAT is commonly deployed as a malicious payload the use of exploit kits, such as Metasploit. once set up, the RAT receives connected to the command-and-manipulate server, which the hackers manage. The hackers reap this connection by way of compromising an open TCP port on the goal device android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023.

A RAT can also be installed thru phishing emails, download programs, internet hyperlinks or torrent files. customers are duped into downloading malicious files via social engineering methods, or the RAT is hooked up by way of threat actors once they gain physical get admission to to a victim’s system, which includes via an evil maid attack android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023.

android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023
android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023

android-tester v6.4.6 rat free download 2023 features:

Android RAT, Keylogger, File Manager & More
File Manager
SMS Manager
Call Manager
Contacts Manager
Location Manager
Account Manager
Camera Manager
Shell Terminal

Changelog v6.4.6
– Remaining time fix @download manager
– Loading bar color changeChangelog v6.4.5- Builder fix
– Unknown developer fix
– Unlocked extra camera resolutions
– Mic UI fix
– More.Change Log v6.4.4

– Changed Stub (Android App) with new package name & certificates (Semi-FUD on all android emulators, test yours!)
– Fixed key logger issue
– Fixed file manager issue
– Removed SL.exe (1.5mb) and compiled new from the source as “BuildClient.exe” (40kb)
– Updated APK Tool @latest
– Renamed some file names

Change Log v6.4.3

– Removed automatic voice recording function. Now you can record mic manually
– Added some control on start/stop buttons

Change Log v6.4.2

– Non-Cracked & Clean!
– Runs on virtual machines (tested on oracle, hypervm, vmware)
– Removed version check function from SN server.
– Set front camera, 640×480 resolution and multicapture enabled as default
– Added front-back camera buttons to start quick capture
– Set portrait mode as default for front camera
– Added control on stop button at Camera Recorder (to prevent android app freeze)
– Microphone fix (don’t forget to install Java Runtime Environment)
– Microphone recording (You have to install virtual audio cable for VMs OR choose stereo mix for recording on physical computer)
– Microphone recording quality is the same as listening quality (8, 11, 22 or 44khz)
– Double click client to open Client Folder
– Right click select fix (Now selects client on clients list)
– Changed location map to Yandex Maps (it does not require API key)
– Added 2 button to open location from the browser (Google & Yandex)
– Adjusted socket settings
– More.


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