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In this article/guide you will learn the latest method 2022 which is specific to “AT&T Store Pickup”.

Before you start let us be clear, there is a bit of field work involved with this method so if you are looking for some quick $$$ without lifting a finger this method is NOT for lazy carders and quite frankly our site is not for those people the real thing.

It’s 2022 and COVID-19 has completely evolved the world of carding, for professional carders like us, things have become easier as we have embraced and adapted to the ever-changing world of carding by adapting new ways and implementing more knowledge. of our carding knowledge.

A lot of carders, especially the “beginner” ones, want to do things the “pre-pandemic” way, but that doesn’t work anymore with “high-end” carding, sure you can buy a $10 item here and there or place an order. $25 gift cards but when you do the “purchase vs profit ratio” you won’t have any margins unless you spam and get your CC for free and not from our store which is at least $15 and for more high end cards it could be even higher.

The bottom line is carding like most things in life is like any other skill you have to practice and master before it becomes highly profitable because there is a business aspect to carding so those who don’t keep this in mind will get frustrated and eventually fail as most businesses in real life go belly up if not properly managed.

With that being said, let’s discuss the tools you’ll need for this AT&T store pickup method in 2022.

Truthfinder account;
Premium SOCKS5;
High quality fresh CC (only shop at our CCshop and support us);
SSN (only shop in our store and support us);
CCleaner (if you’ve visited AT&T in the past and signed in to an account);
Once you have the above tools ready and a clean computer/laptop, you can start by following these steps:

Write us the name you will need for the SSN in the order notes, if we have it we will be happy to provide you with that specific name, or you can go to and search for zipped homes or list for sale, copy the address of the home that you want, and put it into Trutfinder and look up the people who lived in the house;
Do a background check on these people and make sure they don’t use AT&T or AT&T before, make sure they are 30-55 years old and have good assets, then copy their name, date of birth and address, then you buy a SSN under that name from us as set out above;
Now go to (Be on premium socks5 matching your SSN address location) select wireless and add the phone you want to cart no more than 3 phones to cart now select the store near the zip and fill everything with the SSN info holder;
Let’s move on to the name part, if you have the same name as your drop, you can use his name as the SSN name, but if you didn’t get his name, put the first and last name on the first name and the SSN last name on the last name.

So, for example, the name is “John Doe” while the SSN holder’s name is “John Benton”.

First Person: “John Doe”

Second Person: “John Benton”

Then you checkout with the CC you purchased from our store and submit your order, if you order during business days your phone will be ready for pickup within 2 hours

If you used CC to checkout and chose in-store pickup, make sure you’re properly dressed and go to the AT&T store where the phone is and pick up the phone, if you could go to the store 30 minutes before it closes you’ll be fine no problem but if the seller asks you for the CC used for the purchase, you can keep calm and tell them that you came home from work and the order was placed in the morning and you don’t have the CC with you when you came to pick up the order and show them the email confirmation on the phone because that’s all they need.

There may also be a small deposit that you will be asked for depending on taxes, you can pay this in cash and DO NOT bring your wallet as you do not have your wallet or CC/DC cards with you.


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