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blacknet botnet free download

blacknet botnet free download With Best features Best Botnet of 2020 Free Download Blacknet Provide You A lot of Features Which Will Help You A lot You can Download Best Advance Botnet of 2020. Free advanced and modern Windows botnet with a nice and secure PHP panel developed using VB.NET.blacknet PHP botnet (rat) setup. how to setup a botnet | tutorial | black net | 2020. install & configure botnet in windows | no port forwarding required | full demo/tutorial. black net net launch 30 blacknet botnet free download.

Blacknet Botnet Features

  1. Upload File
    • From URL
    • From Disk
  2. DDOS Attack [ TCP,UDP,ARME,Slowloris, HTTPGet, POSTHttp, Bandwidth Flood ]
    • Start DDOS
    • Stop DDOS
  3. Open Webpage
    • Visible
    • Hidden
  4. Show MessageBox
  5. Take Screenshot
  6. Steal Firefox Cookies
  7. Steal Saved Passwords
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • NordVPN
    • FileZilla
    • Outlook
  8. Steal Chrome Cookies
  9. Steal Discord Token
  10. Steal Chrome History
  11. Steal Clipboard Data
  12. Execute Shell Commands
    • CMD (Command Prompt)
    • Powershell
  13. Send Spam Emails
  14. Keylogger
  15. Execute Scripts
  16. Execute Custom Plugins
  17. Computer Operations
    • Restart
    • Shutdown
    • Logout
  18. Bitcoin Wallet Stealer
  19. Uninstall Client
  20. Move Client
  21. Blacklist Client
  22. Update Client
  23. Close Client

How to configure Blacknet Botnet

  1. Clone the Repo
  2. Compress BlackNET panel folder and upload it to your hosting
  3. Create a database with any name you want
  4. Change the database information in config/config.php
  5. Change files and folders permission to 777
  6. Make Sure that all DLLs are included in Plugins Folder
  7. Go to install.php fill-up the form and click install to create the botnet tables automatically
  8. Enable a Cron Job for ping.php and remove.php

Screenshots of Blacknet Botnet blacknet botnet free download


  1. PHP >= 7.0
    • cURL
    • php_cURL
  2. NET Framework
    • Stub >= 2.0
    • Builder >= 4.0

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How to Download blacknet botnet

for downloading blacknet botnet simply click on the download button and it will give you a downloading Link there. Thanks for reading.

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