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Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023

this post about Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023 have we can download fully updated version free of cost so feel free to download Falcon Keylogger Cracked free download 2023 fully creaked version from blackhat Pakistan.

 What is Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023?

Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023 (infostealer) malware—malicious software program designed to scouse borrow victim information, together with passwords—has end up one of the maximum discussed malware types at the cybercriminal underground in 2022 in keeping with Accenture’s Cyber risk Intelligence team (ACTI). that is because of infostealers’ ability to harvest cookie information, usernames, and passwords, their reasonably-priced price, and their availability as a malware-as-a-service imparting, which permits actors with few resources or little technical understanding to installation the malware and get admission to others’ networks.

even as greater groups worldwide are enforcing multi-issue authentication (MFA) at an growing rate to shield against the theft of user credentials, this safety is proving inadequate. In 2022, ACTI noticed cyber hazard actors efficaciously combine stolen credentials and social engineering to perform excessive-profile breaches; the fulfillment of these breaches best further multiplied the call for for infostealers at the darkish web. similarly, the volume of victim records protected in logs for sale on underground marketplaces rose among June and October of 2022. the recognition spike in Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023 also drove underground actors to market it at the dark internet a selection of latest infostealer malware variants Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023.

Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023
Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023

Blade Stealer 1.0 free download 2023 features:

PW Mail Packet

Outlook specific
Microsoft Outlook 2000/XP/2003
Mozilla Thunderbird
Netscape 6.x/7.x
organization Mail free, Gmail
Yahoo Mail
Hotmail / MSN Mail

covered garage PW Packet

Outlook Passwords
auto Completet password in IE
Password blanketed web sites in IE
MSN Explorer Passwords

Steam PW Packet

Steam Username
Steam Password
Steam sport-course

sport Key Stealer

home windows data Packet

windows Username, home windows Computername ect. ect.

different options are:

FTP add records
Crypt the ploadfile PW files
Crypt the FTP Settings
soften Server (Self-Delete after Execute)
record Attribut on hidden set
Icon Changer
UPX Packer
observe This software creates a “server” that you send in your victim. It steals/decrypts passwords on your victim’s computer, so essentially a RAT tool. and i bet with this tool’s characteristic, it is able to FTP the stolen records received out of your sufferer.

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