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CERBERUS V4 free download 2023

This article is about CERBERUS V4 free download 2023 here we can download fully version free of cost so feel  free download all hacking tools from blackhatpakisan.

 What is CERBERUS V4 free download 2023?

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publication team


i have been overlaying telecom elements throughout the beyond 10 years. In my force role my obligation consolidates quite often coordination and collecting company, creating zone unique studies based memories, enterprise examination, following the development in telecom area and directing article affiliations. i have greater than 15 prolonged lengths of affiliation in revealing CERBERUS V4 free download 2023.

CERBERUS V4 free download 2023 features:

Sending SMS
2FA grabber
Interception of SMS
Covert SMS interception
Lock your device
Mute the sound
Keylogger (messengers, watz app, telegram-secret, banks, etc., except for browsers!)
Executing USSD commands
Call forwarding
Bank fake page opening
Launch any installed application
Bank push notification (Automatic push – determines which established bank)
Open url in browser
Get all installed apps
Retrieve all contacts from their phone book
Retrieve all saved SMS
Removing any application
Bot self-destruction

Automatic confirmation of rights and permissions
The bot can have several spare urls to connect to the server
Injections (html + js + css, download to the device and run from disk, poor connection or lack of Internet will not affect the operation of injections)
Card grabber
Mail Grabber
Automatic inclusion of injections after the time specified in the admin panel
Automatic shutdown of Google Play Protect + shutdown after the time specified in the admin panel
Anti-emulator (Bot starts working after the device is active)
Bot application size from 125 to 180 KB (Crypt about 1 MB)
Works on Android versions 5 and above
Covert SMS interception works from version 5 and higher
Injectors work on all current versions of Android 5 – 12+
Data between the server and the bot is encrypted using the RC4 + base64 algorithm with a random key
Blocking bot deletion
Blocking disabling admin rights
Blocking Disable Accessibility Service
May have several spare domains for submission

Unique bot identifier
Android version
Build Marking
Country + language which is set in the device settings
Last knock
Screen status (on / off)
Google Play Protect status
Accessibility Service state
Administrator Rights Status
Main module receive status
Status of hidden SMS interception
Availability of bank logs, cards and mails!
List of established banks
Device IP
Date of device infections
Device model
Battery state of charge
Holder’s cell number
Phone activity (Determine the presence of an emulator)
Bot working hours!

Live admin panel
General and individual tasks
Filtering the bot table
Adding your own injections using a user-friendly interface
Loading injections in HTML format
Statistics: Online, Offline, Logs
Storing application lists and phone contacts in the database
Separate logs of banks, cards and mails
The panel is located in the TOR network on our servers

CERBERUS V4 free download 2023
CERBERUS V4 free download 2023


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