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Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166

In this post is about Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 was a current rock internet radio station based in Oxford, Ohio, and later Austin, Texas.

Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 relied specially on its very own internet site to attain its listeners. programming at one time changed into additionally to be had at and WVXU HD Radio.

At the beginning transmitted  entirely from Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

at ninety seven.7 FM in Oxford, Ohio, the station went through the 97X moniker as well as the tag line “the future of rock and roll.” In 2004, WOXY became one of the first business radio stations inside the u.s.a. to completely transition from terrestrial FM radio to broadcasting totally as a web radio station at The station moved its studios from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Austin in 2009.[1] In 2010, due to monetary challenges, the station ended its online Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 November 23, 2011, the station’s remaining internet site and dialogue boards had been taken offline through owner future Sounds.

Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166
Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166

Predominant article Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

The station was purchased by means of Doug and Linda Balogh for $375,000. soon after the station adopted the moniker “Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166” based totally on feedback from cognizance groups of college college students, the station switched to a present day rock layout in September 1983, reportedly the 6th cutting-edge rock station in the united states. The station benefited from a massive younger target audience at adjoining Miami college as well as listeners in city and suburban areas of Cincinnati and Dayton, however the general public of its broadcast location become rural.

WOXY’s tagline, “Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166, Bam! The destiny of rock and roll,” turned into quoted by using Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond Babbitt inside the 1988 film Rain man.

Cincinnati magazine named 97X the best “reducing aspect Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

Radio station inside the Cincinnati area. WOXY located inside the Rolling Stone reader’s poll “first-rate radio station” class 4 instances among 1990 and 1995. Rolling Stone also identified WOXY as one among ten “stations that do not suck” in 1998 and considered one of 4 “last outstanding unbiased” radio stations in 2003.

In 1998, WOXY started to test with webcasts, and listeners tuned in from round the sector; the net listenership persevered to develop. The station endured to broadcast online even as constructing a website with message boards and facts to create a network of modern-day rock. The station changed into also one of a number of stations supplied inside the internet radio segment of iTunes.

End of FM broadcast In January 2004, the Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 offered the license to 97.7 FM to Dallas, Texas-based totally First Broadcasting funding partners for $5.6 million but retained the station’s music library and 97X logo with the goal of persevering with broadcasting as net-only 97X ended its terrestrial broadcasting on 97.7 FM on may additionally 13, 2004.[5]

The destiny of “The destiny of Rock and Roll” changed into to be on the internet, broadcasting completely from the internet site. The staff committed to staying with the challenge worked feverishly over the subsequent five months to comfy investment and advertisers for what changed into at the time an unprecedented enterprise project; an internet-simplest commercial radio station. however, appropriate investment for the transition did no longer initially appear, so the station become forced to shut down operations on Thursday, can also 13, 2004 and terminate its broadcast, no longer handiest via its 97.7 FM transmission, however additionally through Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

In the future after 97X left the FM airwaves Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

on Friday, may additionally 14, 2004, representatives of nameless angel buyers contacted the station group of workers, rationale on funding the task. After months of legalities, on July 12, 2004, “The future of Rock and Roll” resumed its broadcast. As a diffused nod to its 1983 FM debut (“Sunday Bloody Sunday” through the Irish band U2), the first track played at the resumed broadcast changed into “Orpheus” by using the Irish alternative rock band Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

due to the nature of the 97.7 FM sale to First Broadcasting out of Texas, “The destiny of Rock & Roll” changed into able to keep broadcasting from the Oxford, Ohio building until a extra touring musician pleasant region might be determined. In September 2004, Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 operations were relocated to Cincinnati’s Longworth corridor, a building at the intersection of three interstate highways and near a couple of concert venues.

Publicity of Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

To bring in its return to broadcasting, “The destiny of Rock & Roll” relied on a viral marketing campaign to be executed with the aid of its dependable listeners. WOXY furnished thru its internet site, avatars, banners, buttons, PDF documents, and so on., all with the purpose of having the phrase out; “The future of Rock & Roll” is returned! The station also bought a few nicely positioned ads in track orientated magazines Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

The internet truely allowed for extra programming avenues and retailers than fashionable FM radio ever did. “The future of Rock and Roll” endured to find modern approaches to application the station Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

BAM! modern-day Rock: inspite of a brand new engine riding the track, “The future of Rock and Roll” remained authentic to its roots; real DJs programming the song they pick out from the modern-day Rock library they were constructing upon due to the fact that the start Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.
WOXY living room Acts.

WOXY antique: In 2005, “The destiny of Rock & Roll” additionally looked fondly toward their past and released a secondary move of audio, WOXY antique. This extra channel featured a 30-year blend of song that spotlighted the records of modern-day rock and alternative tune Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

Revisiting the popularity of “97X-trabeats”, “The destiny of Rock and Roll” revived the dance/electronica exhibit. The handiest minor adjustments being the dropping of the ’97’ and making this system available on demand similarly to the scheduled airings Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166
nearby Lixx.


Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166
Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166

Friends Of The Futurist Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

An interview and tune show off, wherein a member of the tune network (music blogger, podcast host, etc.) could spend time speaking with host Joe lengthy discussing the artist, venues and anything else on the topic of music as it represents the guest’s locale. “buddies Of The Futurist” aired bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings. Early “pals Of The Futurist” episodes were broadcast below the authentic call, “The Blogger Hour” Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.
The ready Room: An eclectic mix of people and acoustic tunes from around the world, hosted by way of “one 1/2 of inebriated u . s . a . & The woman of The residence”, nonetheless currently alive on AndHow.FM from Mangaroa, New Zealand.

maximum carefully comparable to the FM ‘future of Rock and Roll’, Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166, or WOXY (wox-IE) because it got here to be known, sold banner commercials on the pages of at the side of advertised sponsorship of a few its mainstay programming to cowl prices. no longer simplest did this practice not yield a income, it did no longer even cowl operational charges. Accepting that their investor cash became eroding quicker than they hoped, “The future of Rock & Roll” attempted a new approach.

Subscription-based totally Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

On February 6, 2006, announced it’d be shifting to a subscriber-primarily based model. that allows you to counteract a loss of advertising and marketing sales, subscribers had been to pay $9.ninety five in keeping with month for 128 kbit/s streams (each the main channel and the vintage channel) as properly other perks which includes unique content material and contests.

notwithstanding popularity with listeners, the station’s capital changed into strolling out, and the prices to perform a ways passed any earnings from subscriptions, fund raising, or from internet advertising. On August 31, 2006, released a declaration announcing that they might give up broadcasting. The ultimate broadcast turned into September 15, 2006, and transmission ended around Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

Bryan Jay Miller, the station’s trendy supervisor, stated in a written assertion on the station’s website that “barring something awesome happening in the next weeks, we can silence our proclaims. The previous few songs the station played underscored what they believed to be the finality of the suspension of broadcasting, together with the songs “Mourning Air” through Portishead, “Acquiesce” through Oasis, “fight the power”, by means of Public Enemy, and the very last song, MC5’s track “Kick Out the Jams Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166

On September 19, 2006, Silicon Valley entrepreneur bill Nguyen expressed interest in shopping the station and resuming on line broadcasting. a fan of present day rock, Nguyen turned into contacted with the aid of a station listener through his track trading internet site In an unusual technique, Nguyen no longer only met with staff contributors and the station’s modern-day anonymous proprietors/investors, however also used the station’s message boards to get remarks from listeners before officially making a proposal Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

Nguyen’s idea become to make investments among $five million and $10 million into Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166, and allow the station to stay in Cincinnati. The DJs could keep editorial control. He would also link to, to permit listeners to purchase track that they’ve heard at the station without delay from his current website online. amongst his many initial proposals,[9] he also proposed coordinating stay performances in San Francisco and different places that could eventually be broadcast on Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166  deal became reached, and the station resumed on line broadcasting as of 10:10 am EST Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.


Become quietly bought by means of Apple in Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166:

On February 5, 2009, the station announced that it had been offered through and could be a part of destiny Sounds, Inc. a agency specializing inside the discovery and publicity of new and unsigned bands and artists. The internet site is currently up for sale with no other lively web presence Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

WVXU-HD2 simulcast
In August 2007, a deal was finalized among and Cincinnati public radio station WVXU wherein in, WVXU might accomplice with “The future of Rock & Roll” and broadcast Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 important channel programming on their 2d HD Radio channel.[12] the supply of Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 on HD Radio marked The future of Rock and Roll’s return to the neighborhood terrestrial airwaves since the 97.7 FM transmission was terminated.

On July 16, 2009, the WOXY workforce formally introduced that the station’s broadcast centers could be relocated to Austin, Texas.[13] motives cited include increased get entry to to artists for live living room Act classes and proximity to the thriving Austin track scene, including the SXSW competition. The station move FAQ has indicated that the formatting and stay DJ lineup will continue to be the identical. The station will maintain broadcasting on the air in Cincinnati through WVXU 91.7 FM on the HD-2 sideband channel.[14]

At about 9:13 CDT on March 23, 2010 Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 stopped streaming audio, and published the following on their fundamental page.

Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166
Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166

Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 Listeners, enthusiasts and friends:

due to current monetary realities and the lack of ongoing funding for WOXY’s operations, we’ve been pressured to droop our live declares as of March 23. we are persevering with to discover options to keep The future of Rock and Roll alive. For enterprise inquiries, please contact Bryan Jay or John at destiny Sounds.

thanks in your years of dedicated aid Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.


The music playing when they halted streaming was “solution to yourself” by way of The gentle Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

The regular DJs have been Mike Taylor (application Director) now a DJ on first-rate Radio, Matt Shiv (track Director) and Joe long (editor of WOXY’s The Futurist weblog).

also included in this listing have been Robin Plan, Steve Baker, Dan Reed, Ken Glidewell, and John Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166 who have been all present in the station’s high throughout the mid-80s Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.

when you consider that 2019 there was a podcast from two former station personnel titled “97X Rumblings From the big Bush” (big bush is a reference of the massive bush that grew by using the station automobile parking space) presenting interviews with Doug and Linda Balogh, most of the station personalities, document employer executives. it’s miles to be had at most essential podcast facilities or on the internet site Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166.



Configure Updated Woxy 3point 0 +166
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