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Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1

Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1: Getting Starteddespite the fact that there’s a large number of various hacker sorts and hacking strategies, the only target they all proportion is the database.

I regularly seek advice from the Database Basics for Hackers, Part

as the hacker’s Holy Grail, or the remaining prize for an powerful hack.

Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1
Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1 2023

this is because the database—almost by definition—is the repository of all of the “sweets” that the hacker is pursuing. these chocolates would possibly encompass credit score card records, in my view identifiable facts (PII), usernames and passwords, and intellectual assets. each of these objects can be offered for great sums of cash within the black marketplace.

as an instance, credit score card numbers can be sold for among $5 to $50 depending upon the pleasant (gold and platinum cards are well worth greater than everyday cards) and their credit score limit. So, a hack that reaps two hundred,000 credit cards numbers is well worth everywhere from $1 to $10 million!

thinking about the importance of databases in infosec/cybersecurity, I notion it would be suitable to begin a chain on the fundamentals of databases. similar to my ebook, Linux fundamentals for Hackers, this collection will expand the fundamentals of databases inclusive of how to manipulate them and their weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It isn’t meant to make you a database administrator or developer but instead to offer a essential know-how of databases essential to protect and assault them.

what’s a Database?

A database is a system of software program to store and retrieve facts in a dependent format. Early databases were flat files, type of like a massive Excel record. As databases got larger and larger, this easy structure proved inefficient.

As a result, a scientist at IBM, Dr. Codd, evolved a shape that got here to be known as the relational database version. it’s miles this version that approximately 97% of all databases now use, and this includes all of the primary software program agencies.

The fundamentals of the relational version is that facts have to be located in separate tables with particular keys that hyperlink the tables to keep away from information duplication and to ease the retrieval of this information.

The structure of a Database

This relational database model hyperlinks records from separate tables via the usage of a shared column or “key”. The diagram underneath is of a easy relational database version where all of the tables are related via the column “id”.

fundamental companies inside the Database marketplace

The organization database marketplace has a couple of carriers supplying products which can accomplish the identical mission, however in extraordinary ways. The predominant gamers on this marketplace are:

Oracle. they’re the behemoth on this market with nearly 50% marketplace percentage.

They own a couple of one of a kind database software products, which include their namesake and MySQL. Oracle is the dominant database software program developer within the international and their flagship product is the database of preference among huge companies and financial establishments because of its scalability. you could down load Oracle for free from their internet site.

Microsoft square Server. Microsoft entered this market inside the early ’90s via teaming up with Sybase to expand an corporation database supplying. As a end result, MS sq. Server and Sybase nonetheless proportion many similarities. at the start, Microsoft turned into only a participant in the small-business marketplace, but is slowly gaining traction inside the larger corporation market. you may download and use an ordeal version for one hundred eighty days of Microsoft sq. server right here.

MySQL/Maria. that is an open-source database that you will find at the back of such a lot of internet websites, in component, as it’s loose. it’s also the database that become originally used in so many essential web sites inclusive of Google, Amazon and facebook (on account that MySQL is open source, each of those groups has superior and tailored MySQL to their wishes). In current years, the unique developers of MySQL started out a new database management machine that shares many capabilities with MySQL referred to as Maria. In most cases, those databases are interchangeable. MySQL/Maria is built into your Kali and is absolutely practical. you can begin it with the aid of getting into;

kali > sudo systemctl begin mysql

IBM DB2. IBM became the original corporation database provider and made many the most important developments in database design, but like everything approximately IBM, it’s been in decline in recent decades.

sqlite – sqlite is an open-source, lightweight relational database. because of its light-weight and efficiency, it is being constructed into almost every mobile tool and browsers where records must be saved and retrieved, even as the use of little energy and CPU cycles. although hacking these form of databases has now not no longer been popular among hackers, i believe as more and more statistics movements to our cellular gadgets, it will likely be come greater popular and precious Database Basics for Hackers,.


postgresql or sometimes called certainly postgres, is a free and open-supply database management system. it is favored by using a few for its corporation level features such as ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and sturdiness) residences and scalability. it’s miles the default database at the MacOS Server however is likewise available for home windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. it’s miles installed with the aid of default on nearly each Kali version. it could be commenced in Kali by way of entering Database Basics for Hackers,;

kali > sudo systemctl start postgres

other major carriers encompass Sybase, SAS, and lots of others. normally, like every hack, we need to do properly recon to decide the software program and version to be successful, as most of the database hacks are dealer precise.

Ports used by DBMS’s

one of the key methods to determine whether or not a gadget or network carries a database is to do a port experiment with tool such as nmap. each database management device uses a exceptional port by default. If the default port is open on the system, it in all likelihood incorporates the database. I say “likely” due to the fact databases–like every software–can run on any port. maximum directors go away the default port out of convenience. Of the major database control structures, these are there default ports Database Basics for Hackers,.



MS square Server

1433, 1434





if you scan a inclined home windows device with nmap, you might see results just like that underneath indicating it’s far walking mysql on port 3306 Database Basics for Hackers,.

GUI Interfaces

almost each user and developer in those database structures makes use of a GUI for gaining access to those databases. nearly every database management device has their very own GUI from Oracle’s sq. Developer to Microsoft’s sq. Server management Studio (SSMS) to MySQL Workbench and a few others. The GUI interface for SQLite is built into Kali by means of default.

There are, but, some preferred reason GUI interfaces together with TOAD and DB Beaver. TOAD is an remarkable tool for operating in diverse DBMS’s but is bit pricey. DB Beaver is almost as desirable, works with all of the primary DBMS’s and is open source and unfastened Database Basics for Hackers,.

we can be using DB Beaver with mysql in this collection and you could reap it from the Kali repository by getting into

kali > sudo apt set up dbeaver

established query Language (square)

when IBM advanced the early databases, additionally they evolved a programming language for coping with and manipulation this records. They called it “established question Language,” or as it’s far typically regarded, sq..

this is a easy language that makes use of English phrases in similar ways that humans who communicate English use them. as an example…

choose means “pick out some statistics from columns in a table”

FROM way “get the data from this table”

where way choose the data that meets this circumstance (lastname = ‘smith’).

moreover, words together with replace, INSERT, and DROP mean in square precisely what you’ll assume them to mean.

sq. isn’t always choosy approximately syntax, however it is choosy about common sense. even though nice exercise is to CAPITALIZE all key phrases (choose, FROM, wherein), it’s now not required. similarly, white space is not noted. All however Microsoft, although, require that a square declaration to lead to a semicolon (;). On Microsoft products, it’s optional.

square is standardized by using ANSI, but this standardization most effective consists of about 80% of the language or the center of square. software program publishers are unfastened to feature additional commands and capabilities that are not part of the usual. this will from time to time make it hard to move square code among DBMS. It additionally makes it important to do exact reconnaissance on the database to recognize the manufacturer and the version earlier than attacking as the assaults are frequently specific to the manufacturer and the version.

each of the DBMS can be used from a command line, but every has its very own GUI. currently, MySQL launched a brand new GUI referred to as Workbench as seen within the preceding section Database Basics for Hackers,.

Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1
Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1 2023

Oracle, Microsoft, and the others have similar GUIs that permit the administrator to access their structures.

fundamental sq. question

when we need to extract information from the database, it’s stated that we’re “querying” the database. As databases are repositories for information, the capacity to extract or query facts is some of the most essential functions. As a hacker, we want to extract information, so the query is vital to getting the goods.

The primary shape of the question seems like this Database Basics for Hackers,:


FROM in which

This declaration says “give me the information inside the columns listed inside the select assertion from the desk that comes after the FROM key-word, but best supply me the rows that meet the situations that come after the in which keyword.”

So, if we wanted to get first call, final call, username, and password from the body of workers desk for personnel with the remaining name of “Hillyer,” we may want to assemble a announcement like this Database Basics for Hackers,:

choose first_name, last_name, username, password

FROM group of workers

in which last_name = ‘Hillyer”;

As you could see in the screenshot under, we’ve got extracted Mike Hillyer’s report from the group of workers table together with his username and password (the password is surely a hash of his password).

UNION Statements

it is possible to stack sq. queries in what’s referred to as UNION declaration. A UNION declaration provides two square queries together. They each need to question the equal columns. UNION statements are a key detail in a few sq. injection assaults due to the fact their mistakes messages can be used to enumerate the column names in the table Database Basics for Hackers,.

A UNION statement looks as if this;

select , ,



pick , ,

in which


In most instances, hackers are in search of access to the database on a community as it includes the important thing records this is precious for countrywide security functions or for resale at the dark net. as such, every aspiring cyber warrior need to be acquainted with the basics of databases, if they are to attack or protect them.

In destiny posts, we will operating in greater depth on the square language and the vulnerabilities of the major DBMS’s.

Metasploit is a effective device that allows hackers and protection specialists to make the most vulnerabilities in structures and advantage unauthorized get admission to. It includes a integrated database of known vulnerabilities, the potential to create custom payloads, and other functions for reconnaissance and denial of carrier assaults Database Basics for Hackers,.

what’s Metasploit?

Metasploit is a software program that lets in hackers and protection professionals to discover and make the most vulnerabilities in pc structures. it is a powerful device this is designed to help pick out weaknesses in structures and networks, and then take advantage of those weaknesses to advantage unauthorized get admission to. Metasploit consists of a built-in database of recognised vulnerabilities, which may be searched to discover capability goals.

additionally, it lets in creating custom payloads, that are the code that receives executed at the target gadget as soon as a vulnerability has been exploited. it’s also features for reconnaissance and denial of provider attacks. The device is open-source and free to download and use, but it’s miles crucial to use it responsibly and only goal structures which you have permission to get admission to Database Basics for Hackers,.

Metasploit turned into first developed in 2003 with the aid of H.D Moore, a security researcher and hacker. The initial version of the tool become called “The Metasploit challenge” and became designed as a platform for developing and trying out exploits. The device speedy gained popularity many of the protection network and turned into sooner or later received by Rapid7, a cybersecurity enterprise in 2009. considering the fact that then, Metasploit has endured to adapt and expand its skills, becoming one of the most popular and widely used gear in the cybersecurity industry Database Basics for Hackers,.

The tool has developed to encompass a huge variety of capabilities, including vulnerability scanning, penetration checking out, and take advantage of improvement. additionally it is the Metasploit Framework, a set of modules and libraries that can be used to create custom exploits and payloads. further, Metasploit has a robust community of customers and builders who’ve contributed to its development and keep to improve it these days.

The Metasploit Framework is now taken into consideration as one of the most critical equipment inside the cybersecurity subject, it’s far widely used by penetration testers, protection researchers, and hackers worldwide, to discover and take advantage of vulnerabilities in systems and networks.

The unique Metasploit changed into written in Python, then ported to Ruby. because of this all modules had to be written or ported to Ruby (Python is the most common scripting language for exploits). Now, with the development and release of Metasploit five, Metasploit now helps modules written in Python or cross.

With the release of the 5th model of Metasploit, the builders at Rapid7 have delivered a variety of of new functions, including Database Basics for Hackers,;

1. Storing statistics in a nearby database or an HTTP based information provider

2. Evasion modules

3. An API

4. Ease of scaling. RHOST and RHOSTS are aliased

five. The capability to historical past shell classes

6. As cited above, help for Python and cross modules.

Metasploit InterfaceR

Metasploit gives numerous one-of-a-kind interfaces to interact with the tool. each interface has its own set of capabilities and competencies, making it easier for users to locate the one that satisfactory fits their wishes. The maximum famous interfaces are Database Basics for Hackers,:

msfconsole: that is the most widely used interface and the only that maximum customers will begin with. it is a command-line interface that allows customers to search for vulnerabilities, launch exploits, and manage classes.
msfgui: that is a graphical user interface (GUI) model of Metasploit. It affords a more consumer-pleasant revel in, making it easier for users to navigate and perform duties.
msfweb: that is a web-based interface that lets in users to access Metasploit from a web browser. it can be used to remotely get right of entry to Metasploit from any device with a web connection.
msfvenom: that is a command-line interface that is used to create and control payloads. It lets in users to generate payloads, encode them, and then use them in Metasploit Database Basics for Hackers,.

msfd: that is a daemon that runs inside the background and listens for incoming connections. It lets in users to remotely manage Metasploit, making it less complicated to run tasks and manipulate sessions.
a majority of these interfaces are designed to be compatible with one another, so users can transfer among them as needed. however, the most used one is the msfconsole that is taken into consideration the spine of the Metasploit Framework, it’s miles powerful and flexible.

absolutely, the most common way to apply Metasploit is through Metasploit’s very own interactive shell, msfconsole. on this collection on Metasploit, we are able to be in large part the use of this msfconsole, but i will show you a way to use the others in later tutorials Database Basics for Hackers,.

In recent years, Metasploit has integrated additional gear to make it greater than just a exploitation framework. gear, including nmap, Nessus and Nexpose, at the moment are integrated into Metasploit, so that the complete manner of from port scanning, vulnerability scanning, exploitation and submit-exploitation, can all be done from one unmarried tool. similarly, Metasploit has now integrated a postgresql database to save the facts accumulated from your scans and exploits Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

Getting started
earlier than we begin Metasploit, we ought to begin the postgresql database. Metasploit will paintings without postgresql, however this database allows Metasploit to run quicker searches and keep the information you accumulate while scanning and exploiting Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

begin the postgresql database earlier than starting Metasploit by typing;

kali > sudo systemctl start postgresql

word: inside the contemporary versions of starting with Kali Linux 2020, you cannot run commands that require root privileges with out previous the commands with sudo Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

subsequent, if this is the primary time jogging Metasploit, you must initialize the database.

kali >sudo msfdb init Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1

once the database has been initialized, you can begin the Metasploit Framework console by typing;

kali >msfconsole

As Metasploit masses the whole thing into RAM, it could take awhile (it’s a good deal faster in Metasploit five).

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly similar to my display above as Metasploit rotates the hole splash pix. so long as you have got the msf5 > prompt, you’re inside the right region.

This begins the Metasploit console, a sort of interactive console.

in case you are extra GUI orientated, you may go to Kali icon–>Exploitation tools–> metasploit framework like beneath Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

Metasploit key phrases

even though Metasploit is a very powerful exploitation framework, only some key phrases can get you commenced hacking just about any device Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

Metasploit has six (7) sorts of modules;

(1) exploits

(2) payloads

(three) auxiliary

(4) nops

(five) post

(6) encoders

(7) evasion (new in Metasploit 5)

A word approximately terminology although before we begin Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.  In Metasploit terminology, an exploit is a module that takes advantage of a gadget or utility vulnerability. It commonly will try to place a payload at the system. This payload can be a easy command shell or the all-effective, Meterpreter. In other environments those payloads might be termed listeners, shellcode, or rootkits. you may read more about the distinctive sorts of payloads in Metasploit fundamentals, Part3: Payloads Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1

permit’s check some of the ones key-word commands. we will get a list of instructions through coming into assist on the metasploit (msf5>) activate Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

msf > help

word that we are able to get admission to this help menu with the “?” in addition to “assist” Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

msf > use

The “use” command masses a module. So, for example, if I wanted to load the exploit/home windows/browser/adobe_flash_avm2 module (that is an take advantage of that takes benefit of one of the many vulnerabilities inside the Adobe Flash plug-in), i might enter Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1;

msf > use make the most/home windows/browser/adobe_flash_avm2

As you may see above, whilst Metasploit efficaciously loads the module, it responds with the form of module (make the most) and the abbreviated module call in pink Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

msf> display

after you load a module, the display command may be very useful to gather more information on the module. The 3 “show” commands i use most customarily are “display options“, “display payloads” and “display objectives“. allow’s test “show payloads” first Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

msf > display payloads

This command, whilst used after deciding on your make the most, will show you all of the payloads that are compatible with this take advantage of (be aware the column heading “compatible Payloads”). if you run this command earlier than choosing an take advantage of, it’ll display you ALL payloads, a very long listing. As you spot in the screenshot above, the display payloads command indexed all of the payloads in an effort to paintings with this exploit Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

msf > show options

This command is also very beneficial in walking an make the most. it’s going to display all the options that want to set earlier than running the module. these options include such things as IP addresses, URI route, the port, and so on. msf > show objectives Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1

A much less generally used command is “show targets“. each take advantage of has a list of the goals it will paintings towards. by the use of the “display targets” command, we are able to get a list of them. In this case, concentrated on is computerized, however a few exploits have as many as one hundred one-of-a-kind goals (unique operating systems, provider packs, languages, and so on.) and achievement will frequently rely on selecting the right one. those targets may be defined by running device, service percent and language, among different matters.

msf > data

The data command is simple. when you type it after you’ve got selected a module, it shows you key information about the module, inclusive of the options that need to be set, the quantity of payload space (more approximately this inside the payloads segment), and an outline of the module. I commonly usually run it after selecting my make the most Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

msf > search

As a newcomer to Metasploit, the “search” command might be the maximum beneficial. when Metasploit turned into small and new, it became quite easy to find the right module you wished. Now, with over 3000 modules, locating just the right module may be time-eating and intricate. Rapid7 introduced the hunt characteristic starting with model four and it has end up a time- and existence-saver Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

although you could use the search function to search for keywords in the name or description of the module (including CVE or MS vulnerability range), that technique isn’t always continually efficient as it will frequently return a very huge end result set Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1.

Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1
Database Basics for Hackers, Part 1 2023

To be more precise on your search, you can use the following keywords.

platform – that is the operating machine that the module is built for type – that is the type of module. these encompass exploits, nops, payloads, post, encoders, evasion and auxiliary call – if you understand the name of the module you can seek with the aid of its name .




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