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Dendroid Android Rat Free Download 2023

Dendroid Android Rat Free Download 2023 Latest Hacking tools by Blackhat Pakistan for free.

What is Dendroid Android Rat?

its A android rat with that you can control over the android phones and images like gallery whatsapp etc for free let me explain the features below.

Dendroid Android Rat Free Download 2023 Features:

Ringer Up/Down

Media Up/Down

Screen On

Intercept On/Off

Block SMS On/Off

Record Audio

Record Video

Take Photo Front/Back

Record Calls On/Off


SMS Inbox/OutBox

Browser History/Bookmarks

Call History


User Accounts

Installed Apps

Send SMS

Delete SMS

Send SMS To All Contacts

Call Numbers

Delete Call Log

Open Page

Open Dialog (Toast Notification)

Open App

HTTP Flood

Update App

Transfer Bot

– User Chat


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