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DroidJack 3.3 Cracked Download 2023

DroidJack 3.3 Cracked Download 2023 By Blackhat Pakistan These Blackhat hacking tools for free .

What is DroidJack 3.3 Cracked?

DroidJack is Android RAT, The output file is .apk format, A great application to control your mobile phones from PC.

DroidJack 3.3 Cracked Download 2023 Features:

+ Inbuilt APK Tool
– Bind your server APK with any other Game or App.
– Encrypt APK using AES/DES/TDES/Blowfish algorithms
– Rename APK package name
– Remove unwanted features and permissions from APK

+ File Voyager
– Explore files
– Download file/folder
– Delete files
– Upload file/folder
– Create folder

+ SMS Trekker
– Delete SMS
– Read conversations
– Write SMS
– Send SMS

+ Call Manager
– Read call logs
– Delete call logs
– Make calls
– Record call conversation*

+ Contacts Browser
– Read contacts
– Write contacts
– Delete contacts
– Add contacts

+ Remote Eyes
– Take picture from front/back camera
– Record video from front/back camera

+ Remote Ears
– Listen to mic lively
– Record mic

+ Browser
– View browser history/bookmarks
– Open a link using browser/silently

+GPS Locator
– Gets the last check in GPS location of the device, and shows it in google maps.

+ Message Toaster
– Toast a flash message on the device.

+ App Manager
– Read installed apps
– Open app
– Get currently running app

+ Detailed Info
– Get IMEI number.
– Get WiFi Mac Address.
– Get Cellphone Carrier.
– Check whether device is rooted.

+ More
– Stealth mode to hide your app from the device launcher.
– No Root access required!!
– Use with complete ease just like using you phone in your hand!!
– Install any APK and Update server!
– Get screen idle time and currently running app in realtime in main panel screen.
– Make app visible/invisible dynamically, Disconnect from device permanently, Change dynamic DNS and port
– Turn on WiFi/Mobile data remotely when device is offline
– Get detailed info about device (Carrier, Phone number, Country, Root permissions, Etc)
– Whatsapp Manager (Read whatsapp messages*)
– Make app unremovable even after factory reset* DroidJack 3.3 Cracked
– Update DroidJack server/Install APK remotely.
– App Name Changer – Set your own name for your app to avoid suspicion!
– Update Dynamic DNS/IP and Port of the server – Handy when you change your Dynamic DNS or IP!
– Customizable theme for your client! DroidJack 3.3 Cracked

– User Chat


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