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Ethical Hacking Interview Questions 2023

In this article we will learn about Ethical Hacking Interview Questions.

What are Ethical Hacking Interview Questions?

If you have hacking skills, you can turn your ethical hacking into a career. Ethical hacking is a term for penetration testing and prevention. Your career is based on your hacking skills, but you use them to protect companies from malicious hackers. Before you decide to interview, here are some questions you may encounter during a job interview.

What is an IP address?

Answer: An IP address is a virtual number assigned to a computer. It is the address used by TCP/IP to identify the machine on the network. The computer must have a unique IP address, otherwise an IP conflict error will occur.

What is a MAC address?

A: MAC address is the physical address of the computer. This address is also unique and is tied to the IP address when the IP is assigned to your computer. MAC and IP addresses work together to identify a computer on a network. The main difference is that MAC address is physical but IP address is virtual.

What is an imprint or footprint?

Answer: Footprints leave a trail that ethical hackers can investigate. A footprint can be a physical file or social media footprints. The user can leave a trail of domain registrations.

What is brute force hacking?

A: Brute force hack tries to “guess” the password and username using a dictionary. A brute force attack takes longer, but uses every value in a dictionary attack.

What is a denial of service attack?

Answer: A denial of service attack sends a huge amount of traffic to the web and attempts to crash a router or web server. Hackers can use syn attack, buffer overflow, smurf attack or even viruses.

What is SQL injection?

A: SQL injection is a type of hack that sends SQL commands to the server. An SQL injection attack runs commands on the server and either injects data or returns it to the attacker.

What are the other attacks?

Answer: There are phishing attacks that trick people into entering data using a website or form that looks similar to a bank’s website. A decoy is also a type of attack that tricks people into entering information into a malicious website.

What is network sniffing?

A: Network sniffing reads the data packets sent over the network between the user and the web server. Network sniffing can be combated by using SSL or encryption when communicating with the web server.

What is a rogue DHCP server?

Answer: A rogue DHCP server can redirect the IP address assignment so that a hacker can identify and redirect the client computer to another network segment. The hacker can then capture network traffic from the target computer.

What tool do you use for ethical hacking?

A: WireShark is a software penetration testing tool that allows you to monitor network traffic and identify rogue packets for testing and security purposes.

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