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Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition free download 2023

this article is about Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition free download 2023. you will know  how  to download Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition free download 2023 updated version for free.

what is Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition?

Botnets are networks of hijacked laptop gadgets used to perform diverse scams and cyberattacks. The time period “botnet” is shaped from the phrase’s “robotic” and “network.” meeting of a botnet is typically the infiltration stage of a multi-layer scheme. The bots serve as a device to automate mass assaults, consisting of information theft, server crashing, and malware distribution.

Botnets use your gadgets to rip-off different people or motive disruptions — all with out your consent. you would possibly ask, “what’s a botnet assault and the way does it work?” To increase this botnet definition, we’ll help you apprehend how botnets are made and the way they may be used.

Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition free download 2023 features:

CC grabber (fake Google Play collects: card number, CVC, expiration date, etc.)
A customized list of applications on which SS grabber appears
Webinjects (fake banking applications) (+ we make fakes for your applications)
Interception and deletion of SMS on all Android versions
Jabber instant notifications with collected information (CC, webinjects, SMS from specified numbers)
Bot management via SMS
USSD requests

Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition free download 2023
Sending SMS
Mass SMS spam: for all bot contacts or a list of your numbers
Locking the device (turning off the screen, sound, changing the password)
Lock the screen with the specified web page
Auto-turn on Wi-Fi/mobile Internet at startup
Auto-hiding of unwanted applications (antiviruses, cleaning applications) on the device
Exobot 2.5 Trump Edition free download 2023
Short list of key features:
– – – – SMS Intercept
– Injects
– – CC Stealer on custom apps (card number, DB, VB, etc)
– SMS deleter – this is a special function which is negotiates apart
– SMS Spam (Send SMS to every contact inside the infected device) – also send a single SMS to specified number
– – Antiviruses blocker (it blocks the major And, black cleaner, anti-spyware, tweakers, etc)
– Lock screen with specified webpage
– Kill device feature (screen permanently off, no sound, custom password)
Bot manual remove is impossible; because of that, bot vitality is very long.
Root does NOT required.


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