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Get your own Combo Lists 2023

In this post  am using  Get your own Combo Lists  programs for optimum safety. I enormously advise the usage of SANDBOXIE TOO OR A VIRTUALBOX RDP.

What is Get your own Combo Lists:

The programs we are able to be using are:
1) SQLi Dumper
2) Notepad++
three) Dork mills via N3rox and JohnDoe
four) Sentry MBA
five) accumulate Proxy
6) on-line opposite Hash tool
7) Sandboxie (you could get if from right here because i don’t have it protected within the .zip report)

DISCLAIMER: i am no longer Get your own Combo Lists:

chargeable for anything THAT happens TO YOU FROM those packages. maximum OF THE ANTIVIRUSES WILL FLAG THE documents AS VIRUS AND damn right they are, maximum OF CRACKED packages ARE full OF VIRUSES. just upload AN EXCEPTION AND continually RUN IN SANDBOXIE/VB/RDP. down load AT YOUR very own risk.

Use this for educational purposes handiest Get your own Combo Lists down load

just for a heads-up:
Sand boxie will often pop-up a window and ask to recover files for destiny use. just recover each one for them. Don’t forget about to easy your Sand boxie contents every now and then. you may additionally want to have .net Framework 3.five and 4 hooked up to your machine for the programs to paintings correctly. search Google a way to get them.
To open the programs, right click  Run Sandboxed.

The default Sandboxie area ought to be this. so you can know in which the text documents constructed from the packages are saved Get your own Combo Lists .

bankruptcy ONE: Making the dorks.
Dorks are utilized in SQLi to create a listing of URL’s wherein we are able to examine and find which of them may be exploited. So, let’s learn how we can create our very own dorks, shall we?
first of all, open the two dork mills by N3rox and JohnDoe, in addition to the Notepad Get your own Combo Lists .

Get your own Combo Lists 2023
Get your own Combo Lists 2023


visit the dork generator by Get your own Combo Lists :

JohnDoe and click the letter D, as proven inside the image under, until the packing containers are easy. If they’re already easy, pass this step Get your own Combo Lists .

Now visit the Grabber tab and press Load Step three:

Load the url textual content i covered inside the zip file. (the program interface sucks, sorry for that, its JohnDoe in charge)

watch for this system to finish loading Get your own Combo Lists .


replica the page sorts p.2 contents visit Notepad++ and make new files Get your own Combo Lists .

Paste in the contents of the container we copied only a 2nd ago.

Press the “area” button Get your own Combo Lists :

on the first container and “Backspace” on the second field, so we are able to take away all of the areas from the lines. click on replace All.


Now, search all the lines and remove any weird marks, till there are simplest words like Get your own Combo Lists.



Now visit web page kinds field in JohnDoe’s generator and replica all the contents, and paste them inside the second record you created in Notepad++, search all the strains and delete all of the awful kinds until there are best correct ones left. similar to we did before, we hold most effective the good traces. in case you didn’t apprehend what “horrific sorts” intended, simply write down the identical page types as mine Get your own Combo Lists .

Now go to the N3rox’s generator and write down some phrases within the first box on the left, as an instance “steam, cash, LoL, bf1… and so forth” and separate them in their personal lines. additionally, replica and paste the clean page types and page kinds p.2 we made some time in the past from Notepad++ to N3rox generator Get your own Combo Lists .

in their own bins, as shown within the picture beneath. click Generate. (i used translated page kinds p2 and keywords to German, so i had German dorks. Use any language you like, the great and most not unusual is English. i’m able to additionally display you how to translate them in some steps beneath.)


The dorks file have to be in the folder where you located the n3rox generator. If it isn’t there, check the Sandboxie folder, like i confirmed you a few steps above. Congratulations, you just made your personal dorks and also you didn’t even pay for them Get your own Combo Lists.

Get your own Combo Lists 2023
Get your own Combo Lists 2023

Case you want to make Get your own Combo Lists :

dorks in other languages so that you can get debts of that nationality, visit the Translator tab in JohnDoe’s generator and write your key phrases in the name of Pages tab, pick the language, press Translate and wait for the process to finish. After that, you could reproduction the translated contents and paste them in N3rox’s generator Get your own Combo Lists .

So, what we did basically changed into generate the page format and web page types from the URL’s and we used them to make new dorks. We cleaned them and we additionally translated them so they may be even higher. We used John Doe’s generator Get your own Combo Lists.

to generate the page codecs and page types, and we used N3rox’s dork generator to generate the dorks, with those page codecs and page sorts. you may additionally import your personal URL’s after completing with SQLi Dumper, as i can display you later on, so that you can generate extra page codecs and web page sorts. this is the toughest a part of all the method of account cracking and it’s now not even that hard lol.

What you need is a few creativeness for the key phrases and that’s all of the fuss. allow’s circulate directly to the subsequent chapter Get your own Combo Lists.

chapter two: Making the combo lists.

now could be the time to use the dorks we made, to make our combolist. we are able to be the usage of SQLi Dumper to make a few top combos so we will test them afterward. permit’s start.

Open SQLi Dumper and Get your own Combo Lists :

make sure it appears precisely as the photograph underneath Get your own Combo Lists .

Now, open your dorks textual content file with Notepad++ and replica your dorks. (Don’t copy extra than 15k due to the fact your SQLi Dumper will crash 100%). Now click start Scanner and wait until you’ve got about 10-20k URL’s. in case your SQLi dumper does now not get any URL’s, make sure you have it unblocked from your firewall and antivirus and restart this system Get your own Combo Lists .

If it nevertheless doesn’t load any URL’s, load the ones i gave you in the .zip record by means of clicking the Import button, and press begin Scanner. If it nevertheless doesn’t work, then GG. See you in a while, after you get some URL’s. after you see it has about 10-20k legitimate brought, press the Cancel button. It doesn’t forestall at one hundred%, that’s why we must do it manually, based on the legitimate URL’s delivered.

If the valid delivered stay the equal wide variety after 15 mins, click on cancel. if you Loaded 20k dorks and to procure 1k URL’s after 3012831280441279410274 days, you have got horrific dorks Get your own Combo Lists.

Now visit the Exploitables Get your own Combo Lists :

tab and press start Exploiter. Use as many threads as you need, i take advantage of about

After it has completed exploiting, (you could see if a system has finished by way of searching at the lowest of the SQLi Dumper, it says Exploited thread executed, exploitable detexted: X. if you dont see such message, then you definitely need to wait until it’s achieved. ) Get your own Combo Lists .

it must appear like this. (remember that antivirus messages may additionally pop up, pronouncing that a website became blocked. Thats adequate, not anything to worry approximately.)

go to the Injectables tab and press start Analizer. i take advantage of about 30 threads once more. look forward to the manner to finish. word that your SQLi Dumper may crash all through any of these approaches. If it does so, just recover the documents in Sandboxie and reopen this system and preserve from in which you had been left Get your own Combo Lists .

After the reading system is complete, your Dumper have to appear like some thing like this.

click on the technique tab, till we’ve got all the Unions sorted from the errors.

Get your own Combo Lists 2023
Get your own Combo Lists 2023

click The [+] container in the backside left corner of the dumper Get your own Combo Lists .

test 2 packing containers out of 4. Write in what you need your combolists to be approximately. I used username and password due to the fact i want my combolists to be of usernames and passwords. you may also have 1 container checked. you may also write in whatever you need, inclusive of e mail and password, name and lastname, credit score card name and credit card quantity, etc

. additionally make sure modern DB is checked and Collumns as default.
Step 10:
pick out all the Unions with the SHIFT button and click on begin. a new window will pop-up. look forward to the technique to finish. Don’t close this window. EVER.

Step eleven:
Scroll down till you discover a database with a good wide variety of Username or Password rows. If each Username and Password have the equal range, its perfect. in case you best see Username or Password, its adequate too, but the database might not have correct combinations. Its all approximately luck here. pick out a database with extra than 5k rows.

after you found what database you want to crack, choose the Get your own Combo Lists

URL’s name and click on go to Dumper > Dumper form.

that is the time in which you want to guess. click on a column you believe you studied the combolists will be at and press Get Columns Get your own Combo Lists.

i discovered mine, so now i click on on what i want to unload. In this case i only need to sell off usernames and passwords. test on something you want to sell off and press unload statistics. in case you had a large range of rows, that is gonna take some time to finish. additionally, if the Dumper crashes here, i experience sorry for you son, you cant do something positive about that, you want to restart dumping the information from the beginning.

As you could see, i were given very shit mixtures. in case you get terrible combos too, press X that is underneath Schema tab and look for a new URL Get your own Combo Lists

after you dumped your statistics, press Export statistics. a brand new window will pop up, simply ensure it’s far as mine. Press start whilst you are accomplished.

click keep and discover Get your own Combo Lists:

the textual content report you simply stored. check the Sandboxie area if you cant discover in which you saved it. Open the textual content document and do away with the primary lines until you only have your combos in there.
if your passwords are not encrypted, you may bypass chapter three and you may go directly to bankruptcy four
. in case your passwords have a weird layout like mine, we need to discover which kind of Hash it’s far and we need to dehash it.

Dumping statistics from a database is all about good fortune in case your SQLi Dumper continues crashing, you may dump databases with SQLMap, that in no way crashes (i can not publish the way to do it due to the fact SQLMap maintains updating and the commands keep changing all of the time. you may search on google or youtube how to deploy SQLMap and the way to use it. i am presently the use of it on Kali Linux 2016 on VMWare computing device

you may either get proper combos or you’ll get shit. just in no way give up, and usually keep attempting. you may additionally shop your Trashed URL’s to generate new combinations with JohnDoe’s generator.

chapter three: Dehashing the passwords from a combolist.

Open ORHT ad click good enough. when you have opened ORHT and you cant find the window or you minimized it by accident, you can find it inside the tray menu Get your own Combo Lists.

click primary Menu > start From record, and load the combination you dumped. My hash encyption become MD5, so i’ve checked MD5 as Hash kind on the window.

make certain your ORHT seems like mine click ok and after a while, a message will pop up pronouncing what number of hashes have been decrypted. click on good enough again.

visit major Menu > keep to record and ensure your OHRT looks precisely as mine. click adequate and look forward to the system to complete. A message will pop up with the intention to say sucess. click on ok and save your DEHASHED basically thats it, in case you dumped 100k combos, its maximum possibly that 30% of it to be dehashed, however thats on luck once more Get your own Combo Lists.

bankruptcy four: Checking the combinations Get your own Combo Lists.

before we start checking the combinations with sentry, we need a few proxies.
Step 1:
Make a new text record and name it proxies. Then open collect Proxy and go to the development tab and trade the settings equal to mine.

Step 2:
visit collect Proxy tab and press start and watch for this system to finish. After its performed, press SHIFT to choose all mixtures and copy and paste them on your proxies textual content report.

Step three:
Open Sentry MBA and go to Settings > preferred > Load Settings from Snap Shot and load the config of the site you need to test your combinations. In my case, i could be using the NA League of Legends server because my database become from a site from the usa Get your own Combo Lists.

. in the .zip file i’ve all the League of Legends configs. in case you dont want to test your combinations for league or if you your combolist is email and password (e mail:pass) shape, you can discover all of the configs you want here from Nulled. i will now not be posting them here.

go to Lists > Proxylist > clear list and then Load the proxies from the textual content report you made in advance.

go to Lists > Wordlist and press clean combination if the higher left box isn’t always clear. Press Open a Combolist and choose the combolist we dehashed some time in the past.

visit development Get your own Combo Lists:

set the bots to a high number (i am going for about ninety-a hundred and ten), click start and
anticipate the program to complete, whilst all combos were checked as we are able to see from the bottom of the window, we will click stop. Press SHIFT and pick all of the contents from the Hits tab and right click and keep them to clipboard. Make a new textual content document and paste them there. Congratulations, you have your equipped mixtures that work for that precise internet site/recreation, and many others

In my event it become for League of  The complete process is similar to the oil system. We take all of the shit we can locate and we filter out it to an awesome end result. if you read carefully this complete tutorial, you have now learned to Get your own Combo Lists.

Get your own Combo Lists 2023
Get your own Combo Lists 2023

The relaxation is paranoia, although it is by no means superfluous. In topics of protection, as in subjects of faith – all people chooses for himself the most that he desires Get your own Combo Lists..



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