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Gray Keylogger v3 Net Source free download 2023

In this articles we will discusses about Gray Keylogger v3.  here you can also download the latest hacking tools for free by blackhat pakistan.

What is Gray Keylogger v3 Net Source free download 2023?

A keylogger, every so often referred to as a keystroke logger or keyboard capture, is a type of surveillance generation used to screen and report each keystroke on a selected pc. Keylogger software program is likewise available to be used on smartphones, along with the Apple iPhone and Android gadgets.Keyloggers are regularly used as a adware device through cybercriminals to thieve in my view identifiable statistics (PII), login credentials and touchy corporation facts.

a few uses of keyloggers can be considered ethical or appropriate in varying degrees. Keylogger recorders may also be utilized by:

Gray Keylogger v3 Net Source free

employers to take a look at employees’ computer activities;
mother and father to oversee their children’s net utilization;
tool owners to song viable unauthorized pastime on their gadgets; or
regulation enforcement organizations to research incidents concerning pc use.A hardware-based totally keylogger is a small tool that serves as a connector between the keyboard and the laptop. The device is designed to resemble an ordinary keyboard ps/2 connector, part of the computer cabling or a USB adaptor, making it relatively clean for someone who wants to display a consumer’s behavior to cover the device.

A keylogging software application does no longer require bodily get right of entry to to the consumer’s computer for installation. it could be purposefully downloaded through a person who desires to screen pastime on a specific computer, or it could be malware downloaded unwittingly and carried out as a part of a rootkit or faraway management Trojan (RAT). The rootkit can launch and operate stealthily to avoid guide detection or antivirus scans.

Gray Keylogger v3 Net Source free download 2023
Gray Keylogger v3 Net Source free download 2023

Gray Keylogger v3 Net Source free download 2023 features:

Gray Windows Keylogger – Written every line of code with hands Capture keystrokes and save it in file
Installs 7zip CLI on victims computer and compress the keylog files.
It encrypt compressed file into aes-encryption
After it sends files to gmail
Fully undetectable untill 20/NOV/2019 now
Selects .NET Framwork version
Delay start will help bypass antiviruses.
Detect sandbox
Run only when any keyboard key is pressed


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