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GX40 SENDER Download 2022


Gx40 sender is a premium sender and this sender hits all inbox to gain access. We can use this sender both for email spamming and sms spamming using the smtp to sms method.


  • Linux VPS/RDP – at least ubuntu 18 with php installed.
  • Filezilla to transfer files to your VPS
  • Valid SMTP


  • FUD Attachment
  • Random Features In Attachment
  • Clearing Server Automatic
  • Update ZeroFont
  • Update Exploit Office365
  • Email Hijacking
  • Letter Encrypter Unicode
  • Letter Encrypter ZeroFont
  • Source Letter Encrypter Base64
  • Source Letter Encrypter Quarted Printed
  • Subject Encrypter PunnyCode
  • Subject Encrypter Base64
  • Images Encrypter Unicode
  • Images Encrypter Punnycode
  • Url Encrypter Unicode
  • Url Encrypter UrlEncode
  • Multi Thread
  • Get Username Email
  • Get Domain Email
  • Support FUD
  • Supoprt Auto PunnyCode
  • Multi SMTP Sender
  • Random Country Tag
  • Random Country Capital Tag
  • Random Fake Email Tag
  • Random Apple Phone Tag
  • Random Apple Apps Tag
  • Random MacBook Tag
  • Random Android Version Tag
  • Random Android Browsers Tag
  • Random Windows Version Tag
  • Random Windows Browsers Tag
  • Random IP
  • Random UserAgent Tag
  • Random From Mail
  • Random From Name
  • Random Subject
  • Random File Name Attachment
  • Random Encoding and Charset
  • Support Emoji In Subject and Sender Name
  • Support Attachment (JPG, PNG, ICO, PDF, DOCS and Other File)

How smtp sender works?

What does SMTP mean? We’re glad you asked. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and is software used by mail servers to send, receive, and/or forward outgoing mail between email senders and recipients.

An SMTP email server can have a cope (or addresses) that can be set using the mail consumer or tool you are using, and is commonly formatted as for example, the SMTP server that Gmail uses is,

and Twilio SendGrid’s is you can normally find the address of the SMTP email server in the account section or settings of your mail client.

while you send an email, with an SMTP host like Gmail or AOL, the SMTP server processes your email, decides which server to send the message to, and forwards the message to that server. The recipient’s inbox service provider, which includes Gmail or AOL, will then download the message and place it in the recipient’s GX40 SENDER Download 2022 inbox.

more information about SMTP servers can be found on our GX40 SENDER Download 2022 documents page.

Technically yes. Like most servers, an SMTP server processes data to send to another server, but it has a very specific purpose to process data related to sending, receiving, and forwarding email. Also, the SMTP server does not necessarily need to be on the computer. It is an application that constantly runs in anticipation of sending new mail GX40 SENDER Download 2022.


Common SMTP server providers & settings

SMTP Provider URL SMTP Settings

Twilio SendGrid provides free accounts that don’t even require a credit card for authorization. With a free Twilio SendGrid account, we come with access to Twilio SendGrid’s SMTP server and allow you to send up to one hundred emails per day – effectively giving you an opt-out SMTP server.

Live clients with free accounts can use their account to send, view messages, and check email deliverability before upgrading and sending large amounts of email.

Do I need to install the Twilio SendGrid SMTP server before sending emails?
No way! All you need is a live Twilio SendGrid account and the ability to use basic username and password authentication in your email client or tool.

What SMTP server port do I need to connect to?
We support unencrypted and TLS encryption on ports 25, 587 and 2525. In case you would like to implement SSL encryption, use port 465.


If you have any problem to set up this Gx40 sender, please contact us in telegram or write us a letter with telegram username, it is better to contact you back.


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