Hacking tools: Web application hacking tools 2023

in this article we will learn about Web application hacking tools.

Some tools are necessary if you want to hack a web application. Knowledge is key in everything and that includes hacking. To hack websites and web applications, an individual needs knowledge of ASP, PHP and SQL among others. Knowing these languages ​​combined with access to some web application hacking tools will allow you to hack almost any website or web application with relative ease. Hacking tools make work easier for any hacker as they help automate related tasks. In addition, since hacking can be used both for malicious purposes and for finding flaws in the system, knowledge of existing flaws helps authorities better strengthen their defenses. With this in mind, the tools and scripts used in hacking are known to many hackers for different purposes.

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Powerful Web application hacking tools

These tools help hackers perform specific functions to allow them to exploit a user’s system (for unethical hackers) and against malicious users (for ethical hackers).

Kali Linux

This hacking tool was launched in August 2015. The application features distribution tools and interfaces aimed at providing improved hardware as well as support for a large number of desktop environments. It is a security-based operating system that can be booted from a USB drive, CD or anywhere. Its suite of security tools allows hackers to crack Wi-Fi passwords, generate fake networks, and additionally test for vulnerabilities.

Angry IP Scanner

This tool helps hackers scan IP addresses and ports to find a gateway to another user’s system. The software is open source and cross-platform, which makes it one of the most reliable hacking tools you will find on the market. The application is mostly used by network administrators and system engineers.

Cain and Abel

Cain & Abel is a tool used for password recovery and hacking mainly on Microsoft systems. It uses brute-force methods, such as the dictionary method, to crack encrypted passwords so that people can recover their passwords. The application also helps in recovering wireless network keys and recording VoIP conversations.


It is a very popular web application hacking tool. It can be used to hack a LAN by eavesdropping (man-in-the-middle attacks or Janus attacks). Using this application, hackers create a fake bridge connection with victims and transmit messages by believing that the connection is working as it should. The open source tool creates a fake connection with the victim and the router, then captures and sends the data to the destination. It detects active connections, filters content on the fly, and uses many other methods to trick unsuspecting victims.

Burp Suite

Arguably one of the most consistently high-quality web application hacking tools, Burp suite is an integrated platform that was developed to provide penetration testers with the means to test and assess the security of web applications. Moreover, since web application vulnerabilities pose a great risk to enterprise systems, this java-based software can be used to combine both automatic and manual testing techniques and includes various tools such as proxy server, scanner, web spider, repeater, tamper, decoder, sequencer, extender and associate. Burp Suite Spider is used to map and list various parameters and pages of websites by simply examining cookies and initiating connections with applications that are hosted on the website. Burp kit helps to quickly identify weak points of websites. That’s why many hackers use burp suite to find a suitable attack point.

John the Ripper

It is a password cracking software that runs on a large number of different platforms. It is among the most used password cracking tools because it combines various other password cracking tools into one package and includes several useful features such as automatic hash detection among others. Even more striking is the fact that it can be used to easily crack passwords. The tool uses a dictionary attack method, where distinct combinations of words are compared to an encrypted string to detect a hit. Adopts a brute force technique. However, its functionality depends on the strength of the password that the user chooses.


Metasploit allows users to hack like a pro. The application is a cryptographic tool that is popular among both black and white hackers. It provides them with knowledge of identified security vulnerabilities. Metasploit attacks pierce enterprise defenses because they are powerful. Because it is used to automate many steps of penetration testing, when new exploits are found, as they often are, they (exploits) are added to the catalog by the application administrator and users. After that happens, anyone using the software can use it to test the effectiveness of exploits against specific systems. When Metasploit identifies a vulnerability, it applies and provides an exploit and a report. Attackers can import these messages from a vulnerability scanner, and once they find the weak points, use an applicable exploit to compromise the system. This tool is also used to secure the enterprise by disabling certain system function to help prevent network abuse. The application can then be used to verify that the deactivation worked as expected. It also helps confirm whether security monitoring tools detect an exploit attempt.


As with any other security tool, web application hacking tools can be used for both good and bad. Malicious hackers use these applications against businesses to detect exploits that allow them to gain unauthorized access to applications, networks, and data. Applications like Metasploit help demonstrate the severity of the vulnerability by revealing how easy it is to exploit and completely compromise a system. It is therefore necessary that you exercise great care when handling this software.


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