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Hashcat is a password recovery tool. It had a proprietary code base until 2015, but was then released as open source software. Versions are available for Linux, OS X, and Windows. Examples of hash-cat-supported hashing algorithms are LM hashes, MD4, MD5, SHA-family and Unix Crypt formats as well as algorithms used in MySQL and Cisco PIX.

Hash-cat has been publicly noticed because of its optimizations; partly based on flaws in other software discovered by the creator of hashcat. An example was a flaw in 1Password’s password manager hashing scheme. It has also been compared to similar software in a Usenix publication and been described on Ars technica.

Hashcat Variants:

Previously, two variants of hash-Cat existed:

  • Its- CPU-based password recovery tool
  • oclHash-cat/cudaHashcat – GPU-accelerated tool (OpenCL or CUDA)

With the release of hash-cat v3.00, the GPU and CPU tools were merged into a single tool called hash-cat. The CPU-only version became hash-cat-legacy.[4] Both CPU and GPU now require OpenCL.

Many of the algorithms supported by hash-cat-legacy (such as MD5, SHA1, and others) can be cracked in a shorter time with the GPU-based hash-cat.[5] However, not all algorithms can be accelerated by GPUs. Bcrypt is an example of this. Due to factors such as data-dependent branching, serialization, and memory (and more), oclHash-cat/cudaHash-cat weren’t catchall replacements for hash-cat-legacy.

hash-Cat-legacy is available for Linux, OSX and Windows. hash-cat is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux with GPU, CPU and generic OpenCL support which allows for FPGAs and other accelerator cards.


  • Straight *
  • Combination
  • Brute-force
  • Hybrid dict + mask
  • Hybrid mask + dict
  • Association *


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