HEART SENDER V-1.2 Free Download

HEART SENDER V-1.2 for Spamming Download 2022

Heart Sender For Spamming Download 2022 Free This tool send Email to worldwide to any mail id you can use it by spamming or any other purpose for email spamming tools free download 2022.

This tool useful for email spamming and as well as smtp to sms method and then use this tool in virtual environment only like vps/rdp, virtualbox, Vmware, etc.. Don’t use in your main PC.

This heart sender hits inbox like Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Office, etc…….

 HeartSenderV1.2 : Features :

– Letter Encrypter Unicode [ UPDATE ] – Letter Encrypter ZeroFont [ UPDATE ] – Source Letter Encrypter Base64 [ UPDATE ] – Source Letter Encrypter Quarted Printed [ UPDATE ] – Subject Encrypter PunnyCode [ UPDATE ] – Subject Encrypter Base64 [ UPDATE ] – Images Encrypter Unicode [ UPDATE ] – Images Encrypter Punnycode [ UPDATE ] – Url Encrypter Unicode [ UPDATE ] – Url Encrypter UrlEncode [ UPDATE ] – Multi Thread
– Get Username Email
– Get Domain Email
– Support FUD
– Supoprt Auto PunnyCode
– Multi SMTP Sender
– Random Country Tag
– Random Country Capital Tag
– Random Fake Email Tag
– Random Apple Phone Tag
– Random Apple Apps Tag
– Random MacBook Tag
– Random Android Version Tag
– Random Android Browsers Tag
– Random Windows Version Tag
– Random Windows Browsers Tag
– Random IP
– Random UserAgent Tag
– Random From Mail
– Random From Name
– Random Subject
– Random File Name Attachment
– Random Encoding and Charset
– Support Emoji In Subject and Sender Name
– Support Attachment (JPG, PNG, ICO, PDF, DOCS and Other File)


If you any problem in setup this Heart sender contact us in a telegram or write a letter to us with your telegram username its better to contact you back.

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Please run it in VMWare or virtual machine or RDP because we do not make these tools we just provide you for educational purposes from different sources.



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