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High Risk Payment Gateway 2023

High Risk Payment Gateway As a company specializing in international card-not-present credit card processing at UniBul, we understand the importance of a reliable, high-risk, and reliable payment gateway.

A high-risk payment gateway for accepting payments online and over the phone High Risk Payment Gateway:

Every time a customer enters the checkout area of ​​your website, everything should work flawlessly because there is absolutely no room for error. Well, that’s why we’ve designed our trading accounts so that you never miss a sale. Our payment processing service just works every time! Contact us now and we’ll show you what we can do for you.

Once we receive your information, we’ll review it and get back to you within the same day with some details about a merchant account we can set up for you.

Depending on your particular circumstances, we may have more than one solution available, in which case we’ll explain what they are so you have all the facts to help you make your decision. Once we decide on a setup, we can get you up and running within days.

UniBul makes accepting credit card payments and electronic checks when needed easy, secure and affordable. Our high-risk payment gateway provides you with the infrastructure and security you need to transfer transaction data quickly, reliably and securely between your website and the Visa and MasterCard payment networks. Here are some of the features and benefits of our offer:

High Risk Payment Gateway
High Risk Payment Gateway

Accept credit cards and various other payment methods when needed.

Safe and secure transaction process — fully PCI compliant service.
Free 24/7 customer support.
Free fraud prevention tools.
Free website seal to increase shopper confidence and sales.
Automatic payments directly to your bank account.
Funds received in as little as 1-2 days (your funding plan will be determined during setup).
A solid acquirer who will represent your interests in transaction disputes and chargebacks.
Full control with a dedicated merchant account, not a shared one.
Additionally, our high-risk payment gateway and merchant accounts come with a powerful web-based reporting feature that gives you a detailed view of your credit card processing activity, including:

Customizable ranges of transaction data and the ability to export data for more detailed analysis.
Customizable product groups that allow you to analyze information by product type, division, partner, branch, etc.
Specialize by user type to tailor your reports to the specific needs of CFOs, chargeback managers, fraud analysts, etc.
Our high-risk payment gateway offers much more. Send us a message to get the details.

How online payments work

Now let’s look at where a high-risk payment gateway fits into the e-commerce transaction process. What happens from the moment a customer clicks “Place Order” at checkout on an e-commerce site until they receive confirmation:

The customer will provide their card account details for payment.
The information is SSL encrypted and sent to the merchant’s web server.
The payment gateway collects the data, SSL encrypts it once more and transfers it to the recipient’s server.
The acquirer, in turn, forwards the data to the Visa or MasterCard payment system (association).
The association forwards the data to the card issuer.
The issuer either approves or rejects the authorization of the transaction and sends its response back to the acquirer.

The acquirer sends the issuer’s response to the payment gateway.

The payment gateway sends the authorization response to the e-commerce website where it is displayed to the cardholder.
If the issuer has approved the authorization request, the transaction is complete. If declined, the procedures are different, but the customer should be asked for an alternative payment method. With Discover and American Express transactions, the process is much simpler because the issuer and acquirer are one and the same. In practice, this means that stages 4 to 6 from the above list would be combined into one High Risk Payment Gateway.

High Risk Payment Gateway
High Risk Payment Gateway 2023

How UniBul helps you succeed

When you set up a high-risk payment gateway and merchant account with UniBul, you’ll be able to receive payments online quickly and securely. Our solutions are designed to save time and money and come with a range of built-in features High Risk Payment Gateway:

1. Processing international payments:

All major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB, China UnionPay and more.

High risk payment gateway

Signature Debit Cards.
Electronic controls.
Accept international transactions from customers around the world.
Flexible settlement options. Our payment processing platform is designed to provide fast settlement in multiple currencies, some of which are listed below.

High risk payment gateway

Fast payout. Funding plans are determined on a case-by-case basis, but our high-risk payment gateway accounts typically come with weekly payouts, with daily funding available for some qualifying merchants.
2. Fraud prevention:

Identify and prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions with our customizable fraud prevention services.
Address Verification Service (AVS).
Card security code verification (CVV2, CVC 2 and CID).
Support for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode High Risk Payment Gateway.
3. Online account management:

View and manage transactions, configure account settings, view and download account statements and reports, and more through a password-protected merchant reporting website.
Get details of your processed transactions for reporting and reconciliation purposes.
Set up as many user accounts as you need with account access control permissions.
4. Data protection:

A high-risk payment gateway fully compliant with PCI-DSS for the secure processing of sensitive customer data.
With UniBul, your customers can rest assured that their data is safe.
5. Grow your business:

Place the free UniBul Verified Merchant Seal on your website for added credibility.
Accept credit cards through our high-risk payment gateway on your website and with a direct merchant account to reassure your customers that you are an established and well-run business.
Customize the look and feel of your checkout page to further strengthen your company’s brand, either on your own website or with your own hosted payment form High Risk Payment Gateway.
6. Free, round-the-clock client support:

Online client support center.
Free phone support.
Online chat.
Electronic ticket system.
Email support.
7. Recurring billing and subscriptions:

Charge repeat customers the fees you have on file for them.
Recurring billing for automatic processing of ongoing subscriptions High Risk Payment Gateway.
Dynamic recurring billing that allows you to bill customers for different amounts or on different days each month.
UniBul application process

Your request for a high-risk payment gateway will be processed once we receive all the necessary documentation, which consists of the following documents High Risk Payment Gateway:

Comparison of the top 5 riskiest payment gateways
Almost every business should be able to accept online payments. Finding a reliable payment service provider among so many financial institutions can be a daunting task. The process becomes more complex if you need a payment gateway for high-risk businesses High Risk Payment Gateway.

What is a high risk trader?
A high-risk merchant is a business that, for some reason, falls into a high-fraud category. This happens due to the specifics of the business itself, although if you have zero credit history, you are also a high-risk trader. In some cases, the same business sector may have different levels of risk for different internet payment providers.

Examples of high-risk businesses:

online dating;
Multi-level marketing;
Any subscription business;
Products for adults;
MO/TO transaction.
In addition, high-risk traders also include startups and companies with high transaction volumes.
The good news is that many high-risk merchant account providers offer quality payment processing at reasonable prices.
We suggest 5 popular payment providers that cover high-risk merchants High Risk Payment Gateway:

1. PayOp
payment processor
PayOp is a payment aggregator for different types of business. The company offers payment processing services for more than 170 countries with more than 300 payment methods, including local acquisition. An available payment method can be chosen through a personal account.
PayOp started operating in 2016 and is available to both legal entities and individuals. Technical support is available during working hours via e-mail, telegram, Skype, internal ticket system.
Fees. The transaction fee starts at 2.4% + $0.2 and depends on the volume of the transaction, the level of risk and the type of business.
Integration. The system can be connected within one business day using API, hosted payment page, server to server.
Competitive features High Risk Payment Gateway :

Safety. PCI DSS Level 1 compliance, tokenization of transactions, pre-installed fraud prevention software (Seon.io, Maxmind);
The presence of a significant number of payment methods (more than 300);
More than 10 selection methods available. Withdraw via bank transfers, Visa/Mastercard, Webmoney wallets, Paypal, Qiwi, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH, local bank transfers. Currency selection is possible to any country (except sanctioned ones);

Ability to work with high-risk industries;

Account registration is possible for residents of any country (except for sanctions);
Invoicing. The ability to accept payments for businesses that do not have a website.
More currencies. Currency conversion takes place in real time High Risk Payment Gateway.
Submit your documents for verification High Risk Payment Gateway.

2. Payment
payment payment gateway

Payssion is an international payment service provider.
The company has a variety of payment methods and successfully integrates them for business owners around the world. The company was founded in 2013.
Fees. A commission is charged for each successful transaction. The company does not charge integration fees and has no monthly commissions or other hidden fees. For more detailed information, contact the sales department.
Competitive features:

There is no risk of chargebacks when using alternative payment methods High Risk Payment Gateway;
The company covers all continents and provides more than 200 local payment methods;
More currencies. The ability to pay in the currency of your preferred country;
The customer can request a withdrawal at any time. Withdrawals are made by bank transfer High Risk Payment Gateway;
Mobile payments. Payments via SMS.
3. PaySpace
payspace payment gateway
PaySpace has been offering all types of payment processing features for over 10 years. PaySpace is a payment gateway that is suitable for medium to large enterprises, startups and companies looking for a high-risk payment provider.
Rates. The transaction fee starts at 1.2% + 0.3 USD per transaction and depends on the type of business, transaction volume and country of registration.
Integration. Integration is possible via API, hosted payment page, virtual terminal and plugins for all popular CMS.
Competitive Features:

Smart recurring billing;
130 supported countries;
It operates with both low and high risk industries;
Objection to chargeback. PaySpace has up to 90% of chargebacks resolved in favor of merchants;
Withdrawals can be made to the card of any bank in the world;
Effective fraud prevention and billing solutions + advanced reporting and alerts;
More than 150 alternative payment methods that allow your customers to choose the best payment method;
Dynamic currency conversion. The company provides any type of currency, including Bitcoin High Risk Payment Gateway.
4. Authorize.net
authorize the payment gateway
Authorize net is a company that allows merchants to accept credit card payments on the web using checks and contactless methods.
The commission plan is divided into two parts High Risk Payment Gateway:

For those customers who have their own trading account, the company offers a payment gateway separately for $25/month and also 10¢ per transaction + 10¢ daily batch fee High Risk Payment Gateway;
for other users, the commission for using the payment gateway is also $25/month and the transaction fee is 2.9% + 30¢.
Competitive features:

Advanced fraud detection and prevention. The payment system has a number of adjustable parameters that the merchant can link. These methods include tracking IP addresses, verifying transaction data, blacklisting fraudsters, etc.
A “buy” button that makes it easy to submit an order or donate online. It can be configured manually or use ready-made code;
Invoicing. Ability to invoice customers by email, set up emails and receive automatic notifications;
Recurring payments. Customers have the option to customize recurring payments. It is also possible to connect the automatic update service of the customer’s bank card data High Risk Payment Gateway.
5. PayKings
paykings payment gateway
PayKings is an international payment provider for high-risk industries. The company provides B2B solutions to companies, e-commerce companies, online retail businesses and high-risk companies.
The industries that PayKings provides solutions for include Adult, CBD, Dating, Debt, Debt Collection, Firearms, Nutraceuticals, Pawn Shops, Travel, Vape, etc.
Fees. Transaction fee starts at 2.49% and depends on processing history and business vertical.
Competitive Features High Risk Payment Gateway:

Transaction security. The company complies with PCI DSS certification and ensures a high level of data security. All banking information is encrypted and cannot be stolen;
Mobile Order/Telephone Order (MO/TO) transactions;
Multiple credit card processing methods (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3). The methods are divided according to the information needed to process the transaction;
ACH Payment Processing. Available for all shopping carts with free payment plugins;
Recurring payments;
Management of chargebacks.
Bottom Line
A large number of startups close within the first few years. This often happens because the payment provider cannot provide High Risk Payment Gateway .

A payment gateway has many advantages for your business. A payment gateway is a tool that approves or declines transactions through an online transfer sent to your business. Not only does it protect against credit card fraud and other malicious actors, it instantly verifies all customer information through a monitored card gateway, adding another layer of security.

There are two types of payment gateways that differ in risk level. A low-risk payment gateway is commonly known as a point of sale or physical credit card terminal. This type of payment gateway has less fraud and risk protection to alert the merchant of a suspicious transaction. A high-risk payment gateway is commonly used online for e-commerce businesses.

As the card is not present in the online checkout, a high-risk payment gateway is recommended to help mitigate fraud and prevent chargebacks. A merchant can choose between both types of gateway, but before making a decision, he must know his needs and what kind of risk is associated with his business.

Before we explain the benefits of using a high-risk payment gateway, let’s first define some critical terminology to understand these benefits High Risk Payment Gateway.

What is a high risk trader?
Most often, the high-risk categorization comes from banks grouping industries with the following industries:

Card not available (e-commerce)
High chargeback rates
Tall leaves
Reputational risks
There are many different types of high-risk traders, but one solid example of businesses requiring high-risk trading accounts are businesses in high-volume industries. Many companies are looking for high-volume merchant accounts, some of which are electronics, jewelry and ticket outlets. Because there is a lot of money involved, these industries need to take the necessary steps before things go wrong. If an item is lost or damaged, both the company and the financial institution must have procedures in place to protect themselves. Consequently, high-volume, high-ticket organizations are forced to source solutions from third-party processors rather than going directly to banks High Risk Payment Gateway.

Advantages of using a high-risk payment gateway
High-risk gateway merchant accounts have configurable fraud and risk settings to help verify cardholders and mitigate chargebacks. Advanced fraud tools may include IP address blocking, browser fingerprinting, historical card database checks, email matching, known historical cardholder fraud High Risk Payment Gateway.
The platform will allow users to pay for purchases online, in-store and use self-service options such as mobile phone. These gateways also support EMV (encryption multifunction chip) technology and contactless payment systems like Apple Pay, so you can pay on the go!
International payments
High-risk payment gateways are the best way to make international purchases easily and quickly. These services allow international customers to access products hassle-free and require much less involvement than other payment methods.
Account Termination
High chargebacks or an influx of transactions won’t put your account at risk of termination like it would with standard processors. The high-risk payment gateway is designed to handle higher volumes and has higher chargeback limits.
There are many advantages to processing payments through a high-risk payment gateway. Finally, if you want to stop focusing on fraud detection, worry about transaction processing and question the extent of your liability protection: a high-risk payment gateway is for you High Risk Payment Gateway.

High Risk Payment Gateway
High Risk Payment Gateway 2023

Choosing the right gateway for high-risk payments
Choosing the right risk trading account and its subsequent payment gateway should be determined by the credibility of the payment processor and the fees associated with the processing High Risk Payment Gateway.

When it comes time to decide which payment processor has the expertise and coverage your business needs to succeed, choose Seamless Chex.

At Seamless Chex, we specialize in:

eCommerce Payment Processing
ACH processing
Resolution of chargeback disputes
eCheck Processing Solutions
Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions
High volume payment solution
Check the verification
High volume payment solution
E-commerce processing
Online payment gateways
If you’re looking for a trusted, high-risk payment gateway and want your business to have all the above features, become a hassle-free merchant today. Contact one of our experts now and find out how our comprehensive solution can serve you!


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