How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022

How to become a hacker so A hacker is someone who finds vulnerabilities in a system, program, or network. Sometimes this can be very beneficial. For example, recently an anonymous hacker found a vulnerability on the Poly Network cryptocurrency platform and was able to transfer $611 million to his account. After that, he returned all the money and received a job offer at the company he hacked, and a reward of $500,000 How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022.

What are hackers

There are several types of hackers :

“White”, or ethical hackers. These are the ones who look for vulnerabilities and hack systems for good. After such a breach, the application or network can be improved and the vulnerability removed so that the data does not fall into the wrong hands. It happens that a “black” hacker breaks into the system of a company, and then gets a job in the information security department of this company and becomes “white”. Sometimes companies themselves ask hackers to “break” their systems – this is called a bug bounty. So, for example, they did it in ” Diya “.

  1. “Black” hackers. They hack into systems to get money, steal confidential data, or spread malware. This is dangerous and illegal.
  2. “Gray” hackers. They are somewhere between “white” and “black”. For example, they may find a vulnerability in some system and offer the company to fix it for some kind of payment. 
  3. “Green” hackers. This is the name of inexperienced specialists who are just learning to look for vulnerabilities and hack something.
  4. “Red” hackers. They are similar to ethical ones because their goal is to stop the attacks of black hat hackers. But, unlike ethical ones, “red” hackers can use illegal hacking methods.
  5. “Blue” hackers. These hackers are hacking something out for revenge. They leak data to ruin the reputation of a person or company How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022.

What a hacker should know and be able to do

Unauthorized hacking of systems and programs is punishable by the Criminal Code of Ukraine, so we will only talk about “white” hackers, that is, those who help find and fix vulnerabilities in networks and systems.

To qualitatively “break” systems, a hacker needs to know how they work, how they are created, and in what programming language they are written. Most often, a hacker needs:

  • be able to work with UNIX systems;
  • know the HTML markup language;
  • know several programming languages;
  • understand how networks work;
  • study cryptography.

Why be able to work with UNIX systems

UNIX is a family of operating systems (OS). The most popular ones are Linux, Ubuntu, and macOS. The main difference between such systems is that they are multi-user and multi-tasking. This means that in such a system, several users can simultaneously run many tasks that will use the resources of one computer. Another important difference between UNIX systems is that they can run on almost any microprocessor How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022.

How to become a hacker?

With a UNIX system, you often need to work through the terminal. This is a special program in which you can write commands for the system. We can say that the terminal connects the user and the operating system itself How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022.

UNIX systems are very often used for servers that run websites and applications. Therefore, to hack something, you need to study these systems and learn how to work with the terminal How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022.

Why Learn HTML

How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022 HTML – HyperText Markup Language is a hypertext markup language. It is used to view documents in a browser. When you open a website, your browser receives an HTML file from the server and turns the code into the interface you see. That is, HTML is useful for you to work with any web services.

What programming languages ​​does a hacker need?

The more programming languages ​​you know, the better. A hacker needs to understand how a system or application works and what mistakes the programmer might have made when writing them How to become a hacker: what you need to know Guide 2022.

For starters, you can learn the following languages:

  1. C and C++. They are object-oriented programming languages. They usually begin to study object-oriented programming (OOP) itself. Servers are often written in C++, so it will be useful for a hacker to know such a language. If you master C and C++, learning other object-oriented languages ​​will be much easier.
  2. Python. It is a high-level programming language. The backend part of projects is often written on it. Python is used to work with artificial intelligence and big data. Two large frameworks are also written on it ( software platforms. – Approx. ed. ), which are used by many websites and applications: Django and Flask.
  3. java. Another object-oriented language. It usually writes large and large-scale projects, such as Amazon, eBay, or LinkedIn.
  4. JavaScript. This language is used for many websites, so it is useful for finding vulnerabilities and checking the security of various Internet pages.
  5. SQL. This programming language is used to work with databases (DB). And in the database of the site or project, passwords and personal data are stored, which the hacker needs to crack.

Why Understand How Networks Work

For a site, application, or some system to work on the Internet, they need to be “placed” on the network. And for this, you need to know what the protocols are TCP / IP, HTTP / HTTPS, FTP, and others How to become a hacker.

A hacker needs to be able to distinguish one network from another, understand the characteristics of each, determine which network he is on, and know what vulnerabilities it may have. A good hacker is not only a programmer but also a bit of a DevOps engineer How to become a hacker.

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What is ‘Hacking’

Definition: Hacking is an attempt to exploit a computer system or a private network inside a computer. Simply put, it is the unauthorized access to or control over computer network security systems for some illicit purpose.

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