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ICG Auto Exploiter BoT Free Download 2022

ICG Auto Exploiter BoT Free Download 2022:


ICG Auto Exploiter BoT Free Download 2022


ICG Auto Exploiter BoT:

OsCommerce Exploits :

– OsCommerce 2.x Core RCE

Drupal Exploits:

– Drupal Add admin
– Drupal BruteForcer
– Drupal Geddon2 Exploit – Upload shell + Index

Joomla Exploits:

– Joomla BruteForcer
– RCE joomla 1.x < 3.x
– Add Admin joomla 0day 3.x
– JCE Index + upload Shell Priv8
– jdownloads index + shell priv8
– com_media Index
– Com_fabrik index + Shell priv8
– com_alberghi Index
– Com_AdsManager index + Shell priv8 Method
– Com_MyBlog Index
– Com_CCkJseblod Config Download
– Com_Macgallery Config Download
– Com_Joomanager Config download
– Com_Hdflvplayer Config Download
– Com_s5_media_player Config Download
– Com_FoxContact UploadShell + Index
– Com_Jbcatalog Upload Index & Shell
– Com_SexyContactform Upload Index & Shell
– Com_rokdownloads Upload Index & Shell
– Com_extplorer Upload Index & Shell
– Com_jwallpapers Upload Index & Shell
– Com_facileforms Upload Index & Shell

WordPress Exploits:

– Wp 4.7 Content Injection
– Revslider css Index + Config + Shell Upload
– wp-user-frontend Exploit
– gravity-forms Exploit
– HD-webplayer Exploit
– wysija Exploit
– pagelines Exploit
– Headwaytheme Exploit
– addblockblocker Exploit
– cherry-plugin Exploit
– formcraft Exploit
– userpro take ADmin panel wordpress [priv8] Exploit
– wp-mobile-detector Exploit
– wp-job-manager Exploit
– woocomerce Exploit
– viral-optins Exploit
– WordPress Downloads-Manager Exploit Upload shell + Index
– WordPress Category-Page-icons Exploit
– wp_support_plus_responsive_ticket_system Download Config
– wp_miniaudioplayer Download Config
– eshop_magic Download Config
– ungallery Download Config
– barclaycart Upload Index & Shell

Prestashop Exploits:

– lib Prestashop Module Exploit
– psmodthemeoptionpanel Prestashop Module Exploit
– tdpsthemeoptionpanel Prestashop Module Exploit
– megamenu Prestashop Module Exploit
– nvn_export_orders Prestashop Module Exploit
– pk_flexmenu Prestashop Module Exploit
– wdoptionpanel Prestashop Module Exploit
– fieldvmegamenu Prestashop Module Exploit
– wg24themeadministration Prestashop Module Exploit
– videostab Prestashop Module Exploit
– cartabandonmentproOld Prestashop Module Exploit
– cartabandonmentpro Prestashop Module Exploit
– advancedslider Prestashop Module Exploit
– attributewizardpro_x Prestashop Module Exploit
– attributewizardpro3 Prestashop Module Exploit
– attributewizardpro2 Prestashop Module Exploit
– attributewizardpro Prestashop Module Exploit
– jro_homepageadvertise Prestashop Module Exploit
– homepageadvertise2 Prestashop Module Exploit
– homepageadvertise Prestashop Module Exploit
– productpageadverts Prestashop Module Exploit
– simpleslideshow Prestashop Module Exploit
– vtermslideshow Prestashop Module Exploit
– soopabanners Prestashop Module Exploit
– soopamobile Prestashop Module Exploit
– columnadverts Prestashop Module Exploit

Opencart Exploits:

– Opencart BruteForce




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