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Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT Download 2022

Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT

Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT

The description is not complete because the robot was completed by itself

Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT Features

 Send SMS – sends an SMS with the entered text to the number specified in the command;
Run USSD – make a USSD request;
Run application – starts the application specified in the command;
Replace URL Admin Panel / Forwarding – change the address of the control server;
Get all SMS – send copies of SMS stored in the device to the control server;
Get all installed apps – get information about installed apps;
Get all permissions – check the availability of additional permissions to work;
Get Logs Keylogger – start capturing keystrokes;


Display message window – displays a dialog box with the text entered in the command;
Show Push Notification – displays push notifications whose content is specified in the command;
Show Automatically Push Notification – display a push notification, the content of which is specified in the Trojan horse code;
Run Fake-Locker – blocking the device’s screen with a WebView window that displays the content of the web page specified by the server;
Get numbers from the phone book – transfer all numbers from the phone book to the server;
Sending SMS to your contacts – send SMS to all contacts from the phonebook;
Request Permission For Injection – request permission to access data;
Request Permission For Geolocation – ask for permission to determine the location of the device;
Start Accessibility Service – request access to accessibility features;
Permission to launch – request access to additional permissions;
Start call forwarding – starts call forwarding to the number specified by the attackers;
Stop Forward Calls – stop forwarding calls;
Open the link in the browser – open the specified link in the browser;
Open link in activity – opening a link to a web page in WebView;
CryptoLocker – encrypt files stored on the device and display a message with a ransom demand;
Decrypt File System – file decryption;


Record Sound – start recording the environment using the microphone built into the device;
Get IP Bot – determine the IP address of the device;
Kill Bot – Delete the Trojan’s configuration file and stop the malicious application.


Note :

Its For Educational Purpose Only We Are Not Responsible For Your Illegal Use


Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT Download Link : Download

Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT Download Link : Download

Kraken V2 Android Banking RAT Download Link : Download


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