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M Pesa by the Numbers 2023

A brand new look at seems into M Pesa by the Numbers enjoy in Kenya and Tanzania and examines the elements which have impacted the specific adoption charges.

Moreover, when M Pesa by the Numbers:

Service in those two international locations. It’s a topic that I realize is of hobby to many of you and i notion I’d proportion the brand new records.

M Pesa by the Numbers 2023
M Pesa by the Numbers 2023

Searching into M-Pesa’s early M Pesa by the Numbers 2023:

adopters in both countries, the authors have determined a commonality that came as a wonder to me. It turns out that M Pesa by the Numbers  provider that became designed on the whole to provide financial offerings to the unbanked — needed to first win over purchasers who were already “banked”, before it could win the consider of those outdoor of the conventional financial machine.

Banked consumers, we study, M Pesa by the Numbers generally tend to have better earning than their unbanked opposite numbers, and so can more easily afford to threat attempting a brand new monetary carrier. permit’s take a better take a look at the paper.


M Pesa by the Numbers adoption price has been an awful lot higher in Kenya than in Tanzania. The authors tell us that 14 months after its launch, M-Pesa had 2.7 million, however handiest 280,000 in Tanzania. but why had been Tanzanians slower to absorb the brand new provider than their northern neighbors? The have a look at cautiously opinions a bunch of things, however permit me spotlight the ones that jumped out at me the maximum.

Urbanization. The authors start M Pesa by the Numbers:

their contrast by using looking into the two nations’ urbanization degree. Kenya’s percentage of the urban population is higher than Tanzania’s: 41 percent vs. 30 percent. people residing in higher-income city facilities maintain ties with family inside the countryside, M Pesa by the Numbers which “has led to a dominant city to rural remittance hall in Kenya, accounting for up to 70% of all home remittances”. one of these pattern did now not exist in Tanzania, we analyze M Pesa by the Numbers.


Monetary improvement. Kenya has a GDP of $890 consistent with capita, at the same time as Tanzania has $520, a enormous difference. more importantly, Kenya also has a better evolved economic machine, with 1.38 bank branches in keeping with 100,000 population, in comparison to simplest zero.57 in Tanzania M Pesa by the Numbers.

three. economic get admission to. 38 percent of adult Kenyans didn’t use any form of financial carrier previous to the launch of M-Pesa. In Tanzania the ratio become 54 percent. The take a look at cites a 2006 Finscope survey, which located that “[m]ore than half the overall populace [in Tanzania] has never heard of a debit card, an ATM machine or even a present day account” (see chart beneath) M Pesa by the Numbers.

Why is this vital? properly, in keeping with any other survey, referred to within the one beneath discussion, early adopters in each countries have been more likely to be banked than unbanked. And as the percentage of banked customers in Kenya became extensively M Pesa by the Numbers better, so became M-Pesa’s charge of adoption in that united states of america.four.

M Pesa by the Numbers preceding . on this metric, the difference between the two international locations is less suggested than it is on any of the preceding ones. the proportion of Kenyans sending cash inside their united states prior to M Pesa by the Numbers  release changed into 17 percent, in comparison to thirteen percentage in Tanzania. In both nations, the favored approach of sending money to others changed into via friends or own family participants. right here is the total photo in Kenya:

M Pesa by the Numbers 2023
M Pesa by the Numbers 2023

M Pesa by the Numbers by means of the Numbers:

And here is how Kenyans were sending cash after the launch of M-Pesa M-Pesa by the Numbers cell smartphone possession. This one is possibly the most huge difference between the two countries. The authors have found that 27 percent of Kenya’s adults owned a cellular telephone prior to the launch of M-Pesa; the corresponding parent for Tanzania turned into just 15 percent. moreover, 28 percent of Kenyans used someone else’s phone, compared to 14 percentage of Tanzanians M Pesa by the Numbers

That distinction on my own goes an extended manner in the direction of explaining the slower take-up of the new money transfer service in Tanzania. in spite of everything, if you don’t have get entry to to a mobile telephone, you may’t use methods of money transfer.

6. Agent network. on this measure, M Pesa by the Numbers benefit is once again quite great. 14 months after its release, M-Pesa had nearly three,000 retailers in Kenya, but most effective 1,000 in Tanzania. here is how methods of money transfer agent network in Kenya grew within the first 22 months after the release of the carrier M Pesa by the Numbers

M-Pesa by using the Numbers

Methods of money transfer charge structure in Kenya is barely distinct from Tanzania’s and it’s tough to make a direct contrast, but we are instructed that “[f]or the maximum popular amount sent, which is set US $20 in both international locations, Safaricom [M Pesa by the Numbers ] prices 3.6% and Vodacom [Tanzania] four.5% of the amount despatched.” The authors’ conclusion is that the fee of moving money in the two nations is “extensively similar and notably lower than different alternatives M Pesa by the Numbers.


So here is the have a look at’s end methods of money transfer:

that become maximum surprising to men M-PESA became designed as a service for the unbanked in rising markets. however, the service cannot feature with out the presence of the formal financial region. bank branches are a essential part of the cash control operation of an M Pesa by the Numbers  agent. Secondly, the early adopters of the carrier in Kenya and Tanzania have been much more methods of money transfer.

likely to be banked than non customers. better profits people are in a better role to threat trying a brand new service. Having a larger percentage of the M Pesa by the Numbers population the use of formal or semi formal monetary services may additionally mean a larger pool of early adopters methods of money transfer.

M-PESA is Africa’s maximum a hit cellular money provider and the vicinity’s biggest fintech platform. M-PESA is the favored manner to make payments throughout the continent both for the banked and unbanked due to its protection and unmatched convenience.

It additionally affords financial offerings to millions of humans who’ve cell phones, but do no longer have bank debts, or handiest have restrained get admission to to banking services. Now, M-PESA affords more than fifty one million clients throughout M Pesa by the Numbers seven countries in methods of money transfer.

Africa with a safe, at ease and affordable way to ship M Pesa by the Numbers and receive money, pinnacle-up airtime, make bill bills, get hold of salaries, get quick-term loans and much more methods of money transfer.

mounted on 6th March 2007 by Vodafone’s Kenyan accomplice, Safaricom, M-PESA is Africa’s leading cellular cash carrier with greater than 604,000 energetic marketers working throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Mozambique and methods of money transfer.

Our fifty one million customers are making M Pesa by the Numbers over $314 billion in transactions in keeping with 12 months through M-PESA
In early 2020, Vodacom & Safaricom finished the acquisition of the M-PESA logo from Vodafone institution through a newly created joint mission.

The joint undertaking will boost up the increase of M-PESA via Africa with the aid of giving both Vodacom and Safaricom complete manipulate of the M-PESA logo, product development and guide services as well as the opportunity to expand M-PESA into new African markets M Pesa by the Numbers.

M Pesa by the Numbers 2023
M Pesa by the Numbers 2023

The way it works methods of money transfer:

clients register for the carrier at accepted sellers – frequently small mobile smartphone stores or other outlets such as barbers, butchers, bakers, and so on. – and then deposit cash in alternate for digital cash. clients can then send money to their family or buddies in the course of the u . s . a methods of money transfer.

when they have registered, all transactions are finished securely by using coming into a PIN number and both parties acquire an SMS confirming the quantity that has been transferred. The recipient gets the digital money in real-time and then redeems it for coins by journeying another agent. rather, they could spend it at an M-PESA service provider.

M Pesa by the Numbers (M for cell, PESA is Swahili for cash) is a cell telephone-based money switch carrier, payments and micro-financing carrier, launched in 2007 via Vodafone and Safaricom, the biggest mobile network operator in Kenya.[1] It has due to the fact M Pesa by the Numbers expanded to Tanzania, Mozambique, DRC, Lesotho, Ghana, Egypt, Afghanistan, and South Africa. The rollouts in India, Romania, and Albania have been terminated amid low market uptake. M-Pesa lets in customers to deposit, withdraw, switch cash, pay for goods and offerings (Lipa na M-Pesa), access credit score and financial savings, all with a cell device.

The service permits users to deposit cash into an account stored on their mobile phones, to ship balances the use of PIN-secured SMS text messages to different customers, such as sellers of goods and services, and to redeem deposits for regular money. customers are charged a small M Pesa by the Numbers charge for sending and retreating cash the usage of the service.[3]

M-Pesa is a branchless banking provider; M-Pesa customers can deposit and withdraw money from a network of dealers that consists of airtime resellers and retail outlets acting as banking marketers.

M-Pesa spread quick, and via 2010 had end up the maximum a hit cell-smartphone-based totally economic service in the developing global.[4] with the aid of 2012, a M Pesa by the Numbers inventory of about 17 million M-Pesa money owed had been registered in Kenya. through June 2016, a M Pesa by the Numbers total of seven million M-Pesa debts have been opened in Tanzania via Vodacom. The service has been lauded for giving tens of millions of humans access to the formal economic machine and for decreasing crime in otherwise largely coins-based societies.[5] however, the close to-monopolistic vendors of the M-Pesa provider are every so often criticized for the excessive cost that the carrier imposes on its frequently bad customers.

Records M Pesa by the Numbers

M-Pesa kiosk in Nairobi, Kenya in 2016.
Safaricom and Vodafone released M-PESA, a cellular-based fee carrier concentrated on the un-banked, pre-pay cellular subscribers in Kenya on a pilot foundation M Pesa by the Numbers in October 2005.[6] It changed into started out as a public/personal quarter initiative after Vodafone was a success in triumphing finances from the economic Deepening task Fund competition established with the aid of the United Kingdom government’s department for global development to inspire private quarter businesses to interact in innovative tasks which will deepen the availability of economic services in rising economies M Pesa by the Numbers.

The preliminary obstacle within the pilot turned into gaining the agent’s accept as true with and encouraging them to process coins withdrawals and agent education.[8] but, once Vodafone brought the capability to buy airtime using M-PESA, the transaction extent extended M Pesa by the Numbers rapidly. A 5% discount become offered on any airtime purchased via M-PESA and this served as an powerful incentive. with the aid of 1 March 2006, KSh.50.7 million/= were transferred via the system. The a success operation of M Pesa by the Numbers.

the pilot became a key issue in Vodafone and Safaricom’s decision to take the product complete scale. The getting to know from the pilot helped to confirm the market need for the service and even though it mainly revolved round facilitating loan payments and M Pesa by the Numbers disbursements for Faulu clients, it additionally examined functions including airtime buy and country wide remittance. the total business launch became initiated in M Pesa by the Numbers.

A photo of the market then depicted that best a small percent of people in Kenya used traditional banking offerings. There were low levels of bank income, high financial institution fees incurred and charged; maximum of the offerings were out of geographical attain to the rural Kenyan M Pesa by the Numbers.[9] notably, a high level of mobile penetration become evident throughout the united states of america making the adoption of cellular payments a feasible opportunity to the traditional banking channels. in line with a survey accomplished by way of CBS in 2005, Kenya then had over five,970,600 people hired in the casual sector. This informal sector constituted ninety eight%.

M Pesa by the Numbers 2023
M Pesa by the Numbers 2023

In 2002, researchers at Gamos M Pesa by the Numbers:

nd the Commonwealth Telecommunications agency, funded by means of the UK’s department for worldwide improvement (DFID), documented that in Uganda, Botswana and Ghana, humans have been spontaneously the usage of airtime as a proxy for cash switch.[10] Kenyans were shifting airtime to their relatives or pals who have been then the usage of it or reselling it. Gamos researchers approached MCel[11] in Mozambique, and in 2004 MCel delivered the primary permitted airtime credit score swapping – a precursor step in the direction of M-Pesa.[12] The idea changed into mentioned with the aid of the commission for Africa[13] and DFID added the researchers to Vodafone who have been discussing supporting microfinance and back workplace banking with cellular telephones. S. Batchelor (Gamos) and N. Hughes (Vodafone CSR) mentioned how a device of cash switch might be created in Kenya. DFID amended the phrases of reference for its supply to Vodafone, and piloting began in 2005. Safaricom released a brand new cellular telephone-primarily based price and money switch provider, referred to as M-Pesa.[4]

The initial work of growing the product become given to a product and era development corporation referred to as Sagentia.[14] improvement and 2d line help responsibilities have been transferred to IBM in September 2009, in which maximum of the unique Sagentia team transferred to.[15] Following a three-year migration venture to a new era stack, as of 26 February 2017, IBM’s obligations have been transferred to Huawei in all markets.[16]

Conceptof M Pesa by the Numbers:

picture displaying an individual the usage of the M-PESA cellular money switch.
The preliminary concept of M-Pesa turned into to create a provider which would permit microfinance borrowers to with ease acquire and pay off loans the use of the network of Safaricom airtime resellers.[17] this would allow microfinance establishments (MFIs) to provide greater aggressive mortgage charges to their customers, as prices are decrease than when dealing in coins. The customers of the provider would advantage thru being able to song their finances greater easily. when the service was piloted, clients followed the service for a selection of opportunity makes use of and complications arose with Faulu, the partnering MFI. In dialogue with different events, M-Pesa was re-centered and released with a unique value proposition: sending remittances domestic across the us of a and making payments.

Offerings M Pesa by the Numbers:

Safaricom’s M-Pesa provider display screen on a Nokia function cellphone.
M-Pesa is operated by means of Safaricom and Vodacom, cell community operators (MNO) not classed as deposit-taking institutions, together with a bank. M-Pesa customers can deposit and withdraw foreign money from a community of agents that consists of airtime resellers and retail outlets performing as banking marketers. The carrier permits its users to M Pesa by the Numbers.

deposit and withdraw local currency
switch currencies to other customers
pay bills
purchase airtime
store forex in a virtual account (Mshwari)[18][19]
transfer currencies between the carrier and, in some markets like Kenya, a financial institution account[20]
borrow money to complete a transaction when short on cash (Fuliza)[21]

M Pesa by the Numbers 2023
M Pesa by the Numbers 2023

M-Pesa App
cutting-edge information
Load extra
Key services M Pesa by the Numbers.















Case research & purchaser memories
international remittances
international remittances make contributions to attaining 12 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable improvement dreams. particularly it’s far confirmed a ten% boom in in line with capita remittances ends in a three.5% discount in poverty (United nations, 2020).

thru sturdy relationships with main money switch operators along with Western Union, MoneyGram, world Remit, Remitly and MFS Africa, M-PESA is the vacation spot for over US$1.5 billion remittances each yr, such as 60% of formal remittances into Kenya and 20% into Tanzania.

credit score: M-Shwari Kenya
launched in 2012, M-Shwari is the progressive carrier supplied in partnership with industrial financial institution of Africa (CBA) in Kenya, which permits M-PESA customers to instantly get right of entry to loans and make contributions to financial savings directly from their telephone. for plenty clients the usage of M-Shwari this become the first time they accessed formal credit score or benefitted from hobby incomes deposits. The fulfillment of M-Shwari is predicated on:

purchaser data: using telcom and M-PESA usage to help decide the customer’s credit score danger and affordability to approve loans;
safety: clients value being able to make monetary decisions confidentially, furnished via transacting securely over their cell smartphone; and
flexibility: allowing customers to apply savings to leverage credit score and earn hobby from depositing from as little as 1 Kenyan shilling.
in view that launching M-Shwari in Kenya, M-PESA has released similar offerings with other associate banks in Kenya and Tanzania. over the past year, M-PESA clients have accessed over €1 billion of credit throughout our lending offerings. M-PESA Africa continues to innovate in this location, seeking to help purchaser desire and operating difficult to train clients on the implications of access to credit.

financial savings: M-Koba Tanzania
M-Koba is a service permitting clients to safely shop and manage budget within a collection. M-Koba turned into released in Tanzania in partnership with post bank. throughout Africa, it’s far very common for clients to form corporations as a mechanism for assisting to save and access funds. The approaches those organizations work vary, but they regularly offer extra motivation and rigour to place price range away, and through collecting across more than one human beings they could provide aid in accumulating lump sums.

whilst this technique has been very successful, groups nevertheless face many demanding situations – which digitisation with the use of M-Koba can cope with. for instance, M-Koba provides:

higher security: budget can simplest be accessed by a couple of approvals with their unique M-PESA PIN;
extra transparency: customers are notified real-time when any group transaction takes place; better flexibility, in case clients can not make a meeting in man or woman; and
more efficiency: mechanically keeping a trail of records and statistics, that’s then less complicated to use in making selections, for example to lend to a member.
commercial enterprise collections: M-KOPA solar, Kenya
In Kenya and Tanzania, M-KOPA sun has linked hundreds of heaps of off-grid houses to less costly solar powered electricity for lighting, cooking and charging their mobile phones. for the reason that initial outlay for the sun package is unaffordable for maximum families, through M-PESA customers make small day by day payments to M-KOPA, paying off the price of the kit over the route of a year. The sun device is then completely owned via the family who can hold to use it with out making any similarly payments.

“M-KOPA has brought the blessings of sun lighting fixtures to heaps of rural houses, allowing our kids to observe, relieving our moms from the burden of fetching firewood and burning kerosene overdue into the night”- President Kenyatta, July 2015

NGO disbursements: global meals Programme, Kenya
the sector meals Programme (WFP) changed into keen to stimulate the neighborhood financial system across the Dadaab and Kakuma refugee camps and decrease dependence on luxurious logistics to distribute meals aid flown in from abroad. To ensure the food resource vouchers they have been imparting to over half of a million human beings in 125,000 families were being spent as intended on meals and water, the WFP used the M-Pesa closed loop system which constrained to the spending of resource to particular service provider points.

Our partnership with WFP has actively stepped forward the livelihoods and financial independence of over half of 1,000,000 refugees and the nearby traders dwelling inside the Dadaab and Kakuma camps.

enterprise disbursements: G4S profits payments, DRC
inside the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), G4S struggled to pay its safety body of workers who were unfold around the u . s .. nearby supervisors could head to far flung areas to pay personnel with cash face-to-face, which became a huge security chance to them and their employees. M-PESA allowed G4S to pay its team of workers in bulk, directly to their mobile phones in an instantaneous.

service provider payments: Vivo Shell, Kenya
In Kenya, M-PESA tills had been set up across Vivo Shell gas stations, enabling customers to buy gas through cellular money. at the give up of the day, the fuel station supervisor should transfer the money the M-PESA till to a chosen bank account thru their cellular telephone or a web portal. This significantly decreased coins held at the fuel station and time taken to deposit cash on the financial institution, growing the safety and efficiency of the gas stations.

M-Pesa online
Pay through M-PESA is a provider that allows international and home traders to offer Africa’s main fee approach as a payment option at on-line checkouts. thru M-PESA, traders can get entry to over 40 million clients, most of the people of whom do no longer have get entry to to different on line charge techniques such credit or debit playing cards. Pay by using M-PESA gives a large suite of merchant APIs consisting of C2B payments, refunds, routine bills, dynamic foreign money conversion and agreement.

Over two hundred thousand African traders, including DSTV, Uber, Kenya airlines, and Jumia already be given Pay by way of M-PESA. Now, the focus is on bringing the carrier to international gamers to fulfil the high market demand.

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