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Metasploit Module Types 2023

In my first article on this Metasploit Module Types collection, I delivered you to a number of the important thing instructions you want to recognize before using Metasploit. on this second article inside the series, i need to introduce.

the exclusive types of modules observed in Metasploit Module Types:

while you begin Metasploit into the msfconsole, you’re greeted through an opening splash display similar to that under.
word near the lowest the display screen that the interactive console opens with an msf > and barely above there, Metasploit lists the number of modules with the aid of type. Metasploit has seven (7) kinds of modules. these are Metasploit Module Types.

we can take a look at each of those types of modules so that we would higher make use of them in our Metasploit pen-testing/hacking.

The higher you recognize Metasploit Module Types:

, the extra products you may be with it. although it is without a doubt useless to understand the internal architecture of this effective tool to get commenced, as you increase this expertise might end up more and more beneficial Metasploit  Module Types.


The diagram underneath visually depicts the structure of Metasploit. For now, be aware of the Interfaces to the right and the modules along the bottom Metasploit Module Types.

earlier than getting into the msfconsole, we can view the architecture of Metasploit from the command line in our BASH shell. let’s visit Metasploit’s listing in Kali by typing protracted listing on that listing.


As you can see above, this listing has several sub-directories, but let’s deal with the modules directory for now. Navigate to it and do a long list.

As you may see in the screenshot above, the modules directory consists of the six sub-directories with every one containing a separate form of a module. we are able to open each of those directories to find each of the man or woman module kinds Metasploit Module Types.

permit begins with exploits as they essentially outline this “exploitation” framework. these modules are code that became advanced to take advantage or “take advantage of” a flaw or vulnerability in a machine. we are able to view the exploits by means of navigating to the exploits directory and doing a long listing of its contents.


As you can see above, these exploits are subdivided into Metasploit Module Types:

into sub-directories, by the operating machine they are designed to target

subsequent are “payloads”. those are what we depart behind on the exploited machine that allows us to hook up with or “own” the system. In different environments that is probably called listeners or in a few instances, rootkits (rootkits are a special sort of payload. no longer all payloads are rootkits).


allow’s to navigate to that listing and list its contents you can see above that the payloads are subdivided into three kinds of singles stagers ranges In my subsequent education on this series, i can element the differences in every of those forms of payloads, however, for now, we can say that singles are small self-contained code designed to take a few unmarried actions, stagers put in force a conversation channel that can be used to deliver another payload that can used to manipulate the goal machine and in the end, tiers are larger payloads that provide management of the target which includes the Meterpreter and VNC. we will offer extra detail in the 0.33 installment of this Metasploit collection.



Auxiliary of Metasploit Module Types”


Auxiliary modules are modules that provide some different functionality that don’t without difficulty match into the alternative categories. those consist of such things as scanners, fuzzers, DoS, and many others. modules. this is without difficulty the quickest developing set of modules as Metasploit continues to enlarge into a full-scale exploitation framework that enables the hacker/pentester A-Z functionality.


right here we are able to see that the auxiliary modules are subdivided by way of their reason and goal. note the analyze, the scanner and the dos directories. these modules are used to investigate target structures, scan the target device, and DoS the goal structures, respectively.


a number of these modules are categorized by their goal, including the Metasploit Module Types.


The encoder modules are designed to re-encode payloads and exploit to enable them to get beyond safety protection systems such as AV and IDSs.


let’s navigate to that listing and consider its contents with a long listing of Metasploit Module Types.


The encoders are subdivided by using a kind of CPU which includes x64, x86, sparc, p.c, and mips and additionally via sort of code such a cmd and Hypertext Preprocessor. glaringly, we want to use the precise encoder based totally upon the target system Metasploit Module Types.


put up is short for publish-exploitation. those are modules that can be used after the exploitation of a gadget. these modules are regularly used after the device has been “owned” and has the Meterpreter going for walks on the system. these can consist of such modules as keyloggers, privilege escalation, permitting the internet cam or microphone, and many others. See component 15 of this series for greater on publish-exploitation  Metasploit Module Types.


allow’s navigate to the submit directory and do a protracted listing of its contents  Metasploit Module Types.


As you may see these modules are subdivided via goal OS.





In system language, a NOP is brief for “no operation”. This causes the device’s CPU to do nothing for a clock cycle. frequently, NOP’s are essential for buying a system to run remote code after a buffer overflow make the most. these are frequently referred to as “NOP sleds”. these modules are used in the main to create NOP sleds.


allow’s navigate to the nops directory and do a long listing of its contents.


we are able to see above that they’re subdivided by target OS.

within the subsequent academic on this collection, we will more closely look at the payloads protected in Metasploit.

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The entire outline of the path follows beneath.

Metasploit fundamentals for Hackers cover 4.pn
Metasploit fundamentals for Hackers

direction outline


I. advent to Metasploit


II. Metasploit fundamentals

a. The internal architecture

b. key phrases

c. approaches of gaining access to Metasploit

d. Metasploit payloads


III. Vulnerability Scanning

a. Scanning with Nexpose

b. web App scanning

c. nmap scanning
due to the severa instances of cyber insecurity, corporations have now adopted hiring hackers and safety experts to check their structures for vulnerabilities. Hackers, therefore, carry out a penetration test on the systems via use of various equipment, one of which is usually used is Metasploit Framework.

The Metasploit Framework is a powerful penetration-checking out tool utilized by ethical hackers and cybercriminals to observe a machine’s vulnerability to the network.

it’s miles taken into consideration the most useful security auditing tool because it contains data-collecting equipment, internet vulnerability plugins, modules, and an take advantage of improvement surroundings.

in this academic, we are able to discover ways to install Metasploit Framework to your gadget and additionally run some predominant instructions. but before strolling any command on Metasploit, one ought to first test the network for vulnerabilities and gather the essential statistics to carry out an take advantage of.

go through the creation to Nmap academic to discover ways to experiment with your targets.

Disclaimer: This academic is meant for educational purposes handiest and for this example, I could be exploiting my very own neighborhood device.

for your case, it is endorsed that you use Metasploitable 2 as a target to exploit, that’s an intentionally vulnerable device that offers a relaxed environment to analyze penetration trying out.

click here to download Metasploitable 2.

putting in the Metasploit Framework
In most instances, the Metasploit Framework is pre-set up in Kali Linux (the maximum recommended OS for penetration trying out). For cases in which it’s far missing, comply with through for a a successful installation.

First, start the terminal and run the command below.

Enter your password while triggering  Metasploit Module Types:

$ sudo apt installation metasploit-framework After correctly going for walks the command, you must have Metasploit Framework for your system.

beginning Metasploit Framework  Metasploit Module TypesTo run Metasploit faster, you have to first start the Postgresql database through going for walks the command beneath. The command returns nothing Metasploit  Module Types.

$ sudo provider postgresql start
word: For the trendy version of Kali Linux (2020), you must precede instructions that require root privileges with the keyword sudo.

in case you are launching Metasploit Framework, you have to initialize its database by strolling the command below:

$ sudo mfsdb init
you’re now equipped to start your Metasploit Framework.

start Metasploit by way of strolling the command below  Metasploit Module Types.

$ msfconsole
starting Metasploit can also take a while because it has hundreds of everything in RAM. So be affected person.

Metasploit started out

Hurrah! you have successfully started your Metasploit-Framework.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look identical to Metasploit Module Types.

predominant keywords
The Metasploit Framework incorporates a piece of software known as a module that plays responsibilities along with scanning and exploiting targets.

Modules are the main components of the Metasploit Framework and are broken down into 7 sorts:

Exploits in modules take advantage of a device vulnerability through regularly the usage of simple scripts known as payloads.

some other modules that are not exploited are auxiliary modules. they have fascinating capabilities that permit them to do more than just exploiting.

main instructions
1. assist
to begin, kind within the help command to look the various instructions you’re most likely to engage with.

msf5 > assist
2. seek
For beginners, the search command can be the most useful. With heaps of modules to be had, finding a specific module might be elaborate and therefore the hunt command comes to the rescue.

To slender down your seek, use a selected keyword as  Metasploit Module Types:

type – kingdom the sort of module you’re searching for. it could be take advantage of, payload, encoder, or put up.
Platform – this is the operating gadget for which the module turned into made for. you’re allowed to look for a module depending on the platform you’re approximately to exploit.
name – you could additionally kind in the module call itself to locate it.
seek syntax
type inside the search key-word accompanied by means of a colon after which specify the keyword said as proven under.

As you could see from the instance underneath, Metasploit returns modules becoming the quest parameters.

The use command stages an take advantage of and makes it to be had when an make the most is run.

Exploits may be staged as shown in the instance underneath:

msf5 > use take advantage of/multi/handler
If the module is effectively staged, Metasploit will reply by using displaying the form of exploit and abbreviates it in pink as shown beneath.

After staging an take advantage of, you can run the data command to retrieve records like the call, writer, and platform of the make the most.

Run the command as proven under:

After effectively staging an make the most, use the display command to look the available payloads, targets, or options corresponding with the staged make the most.

The 3 maximum used show commands are:

This command will supply a list of all the payloads well suited with the staged make the most. If the command is jogging before staging the make the most, it’ll supply a listing of all the payloads – which is usually a long list.

Run the subsequent command:

The command show goals, lists all of the goals at risk of the staged make the most. A goal’s vulnerability can vary relying at the running gadget, replace, language among others matters.

Run the command as shown below:


As you can see from the example above, we’ve got a goal prone to the exploit we used.

three. display alternatives
This command is often useful, as it indicates the alternatives yet to be set earlier than going for walks the take advantage of. alternatives to be set may also consist of RHOST, LHOST, path, LPORT, etc.

The command is run as shown below:

This command units an choice or overwrites an undesired option. The alternatives to be set depends at the staged module. alternatives to be set might also encompass RHOST, LHOST, route, and many others.

alternatives may be set as the following  Metasploit Module Types:


As you can now see from the display alternatives, the LHOST has been correctly set Metasploit Module Types.

once the take advantage of is staged and all the alternatives were set, you are now prepared to run the assault.

you may run the assault with the aid of using the take advantage of or run key-word as shown underneath:

This command takes us one step lower back. it’s miles applicable in cases when you need to make changes to the alternatives set.

Run the command as proven underneath:

This command exits the msfconsole and takes us returned to the terminal Metasploit Module Types:

I endorse you use Metasploitable 2 to practice your exploits since it affords a at ease surroundings to perform penetration testing and safety studies.

In this article, we have discovered the following  Metasploit Module Types:

We introduced the Metasploit Framework.
We established the Metasploit Framework.
covered important key phrases in Metasploit.
Staging and a way to run exploits.
further studying Metasploit Module Types
Reconnaissance – Nmap
Scanning and Enumeration – Nikto
Gaining get right of entry to – John the Ripper
overlaying tracks – the usage of ICMP Tunnels, Clearing event logs, and so forth.
satisfied mastering!
d. SCADA scanning

e. Database scanning

​IV. Exploitation

a. Exploitation approach

b. Attacking the OS Metasploit  Module Types

c. Attacking packages

V. The All-effective Meterpreter

a. what’s the Meterpreter

b. What can it do

VI. Encoders and heading off Detection

a. msfvenom

b. custom Payloads

c. Obfuscating the payload

d. the brand new Evasion Modules

VII. patron side assaults

a. Attacking the browser

b. Adobe assaults Metasploit Module Types

c. MS office attacks

d. Attacking different applications

e. Java attacks

f. PDF attacks

​VIII. other Hacking equipment with Metasploit

VIII. Auxiliary Modules

a. Scanning

b. Reconnaissance

IX. Social Engineering with Metasploit

a. Social engineering exploits

b. SET

X. Password Cracking with Metasploit

a. Metasploit integration with MiTM gear

b. Integration with password crackers

c. Psnuffle

d. seize Modules

XI. Hacking Android with Metasploit


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