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Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023

In this articles we will discusses about Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023 here you can also download the latest hacking tools for free by blackhat pakistan.

 What is Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023?

This product is represented by way of the fine stability of price and pleasant; you have got by no means seen such capability at an cheap fee.

The product is applied in C / C ++. at some point of improvement, interest changed into targeted on most fault tolerance, availability and the vastness of the statistics accumulated. handy internet – Panel, designed specially for effective work with big quantities of information, allowing you to type your logs through a massive number of standards, acquiring the end result without any extraneous manipulations.

The private choices of every consumer were taken into consideration, the panel allows you to change the layout (darkish / mild) in order that it’d be greater cozy to paintings with the product. Stiller offers reliable operation on windows of any architecture, which include server versions. ready to answer your questions, contact Telegram @nexusMP

After buying our product – you get a ready-made device for paintings, cheap manuals will assist you get began at once.
Executable file weight ~ 460 KB (below UPX ~ three hundred KB)

Chrome v80 help
No downloads from the internet, because of this a superb jerk.
an in depth description of the functionality under:

collection of machine records, screenshots and geolocation facts (beneficial for spot processing of the client)
Grabber document
capacity to filter out CIS-Logs, repetition safety
there’s a Loader module with bendy parameters, the capability to specify more than one documents immediately and plenty of filters
A separate and handy seek page, with the potential to sort by a big quantity of criteria, which include cookies and passwords, which lets in you to automate the search for the vital records Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023.
The potential to trade the subject in one click on
View log information with out downloading (passwords, laptop facts)
Intuitive and on the same time lovely admin panel. capability to kind logs by means of consumer templates (Presets), the capability to create / edit / delete templates.
The capability to download or delete all the logs without delay in the panel (in a single click on)!
clever filtering of sparkling logs
Geostatistical information on the primary web page
normal updates consistent with the needs of customers. We usually try to implement what our users want Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023.

Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023
Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023

Nexus Stealr cracked download 2023 features:

All Browser
.dat files of cryptocurrency wallets
Internet Explorer & Edge
NordVPN & ProtonVPN
Text file grabber

Collecting OpenVPN Session and Authorization Data
Collection of detailed information about Steam (based on customer wishes)
WiFi Profile Data Collection
Collecting profiles from Credmanager
Saving cookies in .log and .txt formats (based on customer wishes)
Fixed error creating data directories
Chromium autocomplete collection fixed


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