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NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023

Whether you’re an aspiring NMAP Scanning and Reconmaster hacker, community engineer or security engineer, there may be one tool that each of the jobs need to be acquainted.

A simple, modest, port-scanning NMAP Scanning and Recon :

tool using the capability to send TCP, UDP or ICMP packets to a host and port to elicit a response to determine whether the port is open. over the years, it has advanced to come to be a effective scanning tool with even a few exploitation capabilities.

NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023
NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023

Service and model detection NMAP Scanning and Recon:

Decide the OS uptime,  avoid firewalls, do DNS queries and subdomain seek conduct a Denial of provider  assault,  experiment for vulnerabilities and a whole host of other reconnaissance responsibilities the usage of scripts NMAP Scanning and Recon.

The Matrix fanatics right here NMAP Scanning and Recon :

(who isn’t always a Matrix fan?) may additionally do not forget in Matrix Reloaded that Trinity used nmap to discover TCP port 22 open on the power plant’s laptop system (SCADA) and cracking the password to offer Neo physical get right of entry to NMAP Scanning and Recon .

sure, it is our beloved NMAP Scanning and Recon  under in a scene from the Matrix Reloaded with Trinity on the keyboard.

Many infosec researchers have not noted nmap in favor of extra current equipment, however best at their peril. This tool has turn out to be a flexible reconnaissance tool with scripting competencies.


This series, i will stroll you through the numerous talents of NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023 scripts.

History of NMAP Scanning and Recon:

nmap turned into advanced in 1997 and launched via Gordon Lyon (aka Fyodor Vaskovich) as a loose and open-source port and network scanner in Phrack magazine. nmap has long past thru numerous updates and enhancements with the contemporary version 7.7 having been released about twelve months in the past. firstly, developed for Linux, nmap has been ported to windows, MacOS and BSD NMAP Scanning and Recon .


nmap is orginally a command line device, however numerous GUI’s were advanced to be used by way of the command line challenged. This encompass;

This collection, we are able to be working with out a internet. the whole thing will be from the command line nmap, however everything we be relevant to any of the nmap GUI’s.

After having access to a wi-fi, Ethernet, or faraway network, the first step for most hackers is to behavior recon to discover the network and analyze more about any available objectives. you will be acquainted with a few gadgets that announce themselves on a community, like other computers advertising record sharing. while that is a beneficial way of coming across gadgets on the equal community as you, maximum devices do now not market it their presence on the network in this obvious of a style NMAP Scanning and Recon .

the solution to the hassle of exploring a network is network scanning, made viable by packages like Nmap and arp-scan. we’re only inquisitive about the former right here, which permits for extraordinarily specific exploration and mapping of local and far off networks, although we will use Nmap to perform an ARP test as you may see later on. With Nmap, you could see who’s on the network, what programs or working system a target is running, and what the to be had attack surface is NMAP Scanning and Recon .

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using Nmap for neighborhood Networks strolling an Nmap test is frequently the best way to discover the size of the network and the wide variety of devices which can be connected to it. running a “speedy” Nmap scan (-F) on a community range can produce a list of all the IP addresses belonging to lively hosts on the community, plus a few extra records.


starting Nmap 7.70 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2018-eleven-10 22:55 PST
Nmap experiment file for 192.168.zero.1
Host is up (zero.048s latency).
not proven: ninety six closed ports
PORT nation provider
80/tcp open http
443/tcp open https
5000/tcp open upnp
8081/tcp filtered blackice-icecap
MAC cope with: AC:EC:eighty:00:EA:17 (Arris institution)

NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023
NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023

Experiment document for NMAP Scanning and Recon:

Nmap experiment document for 192.168.zero.232
Host is up (zero.032s latency).
All one hundred scanned ports on are closed
MAC address: 60:A3:7D:30:24:60 (Apple)
The records provided, mixed with a few basic statistics approximately offerings a device is going for walks, may be utilized by itself as a list of targets for different hacking gear, however the competencies of Nmap move a long way beyond simple host discovery.

the quantity of data on a nearby community an Nmap scan can acquire is astonishing, together with the MAC cope with and manufacturer of connected gadgets, the operating device a tool is the use of, and the model of any services which are going for walks at the tool. once you know what number of devices are on the network and kind of what they are, the subsequent step is to scan and have a look at devices of interest on the community NMAP Scanning and Recon .

Every other key feature of Nmap is to permit for port scanning of either character devices or tiers of IP addresses such as many devices. This lets in an attacker to study the minute info of a device they have observed on a community, inclusive of facts about ports open and services running. Ports are gateways that any other device can connect via, so locating a bunch of offerings running on open ports can be a big benefit to a hacker, in particular if one in every of them has a version that is obsolete and inclined NMAP Scanning and Recon .

The usage of Nmap for far off Networks NMAP Scanning and Recon:

further to scanning neighborhood networks, Nmap can also display information approximately remote networks as properly. In truth, you could run Nmap towards a website you want to look at, and it’ll parse it and retrieve the IP deal with related to that web area.

Nmap performed: 1 IP deal with (1 host up) scanned in three.21 seconds
After grabbing the IP cope with and paying attention to the port numbers which are open, in addition Nmap scans can reveal the operating machine (-O) being used to host a far off website.


OS detection finished. Please file any incorrect outcomes at https://nmap.org/post/ .
Nmap finished: 1 IP cope with (1 host up) scanned in eight.69 seconds
eventually, we can even find out about the versions of software strolling at the ports we discover open. If we see one this is liable to a recognized attack, this may make our task at the community a good deal less complicated. using the IP address we determined earlier, we will run another scan with -sV that reveals that httpd 2.0 is getting used at the target device.


service detection achieved. Please record any incorrect consequences at https://nmap.org/post/ .
Nmap achieved: 1 IP deal with (1 host up) scanned in 29.27 seconds
these info mixed — the IP cope with of a faraway internet site or server, the working system jogging on the device, and the version of any application strolling on open ports we discover — is the whole thing a hacker desires to get started out attacking devices on a community.

NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023
NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023

What you will want NMAP Scanning and Recon :

to apply Nmap, you may need a device that supports it. thankfully, Nmap is move-platform and works on windows, Linux, and macOS, and springs NMAP Scanning and Recon  preinstalled on many systems. if you don’t have it, it’s easy to install.

you’ll additionally want a community to connect with and scan to attempt these strategies, but be conscious that scanning is frequently seen as a prelude to an attack and can be met with improved scrutiny. What this indicates is that when you have a task that monitors suspicious conduct, scanning their entire network is a extremely good manner to advantage attention NMAP Scanning and Recon .

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Step 1Configure Nmap to scan a single goal
To run a fundamental test, we can become aware of an IP deal with of hobby to run the test in opposition to. one of the most primary however informative scans is to run Nmap, specify a goal IP address, after which type -A to permit OS detection, model detection, script scanning, and traceroute.

sudo nmap -A

beginning Nmap 7.70 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2018-eleven-10 23:12 PST
Nmap experiment document for wonderhowto.com (
Host is up (zero.038s latency).
not proven: 998 closed ports
PORT kingdom service model
80/tcp open http Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.zero (SSDP/UPnP)
|_http-server-header: WonderHowTo
|_http-name: Did now not follow redirect to https://wonderhowto.com/
443/tcp open ssl/http Microsoft HTTPAPI httpd 2.0 (SSDP/UPnP)
|_http-server-header: WonderHowTo
|_http-title: Did no longer follow redirect to https://www.wonderhowto.com/
| ssl-cert: subject: commonName=wonderhowto.com
| situation opportunity call: DNS:wonderhowto.com, DNS:*.driverless.id, DNS:*.gadgethacks.com, DNS:*.invisiverse.com, DNS:*.null-byte.com, DNS:*.truth.news, DNS:*.wonderhowto.com, DNS:driverless.id, DNS:gadgethacks.com, DNS:invisiverse.com, DNS:null-byte.com, DNS:fact.information
| no longer valid earlier than: 2017-01-25T00:00:00
|_Not valid after: 2019-01-25T23:59:fifty nine
|_ssl-date: 2018-eleven-11T07:12:53+00:00; 0s from scanner time.
device type: load balancer NMAP Scanning and Recon
walking (simply GUESSING): Citrix embedded (ninety%)
competitive OS guesses: Citrix NetScaler load balancer (ninety%), Citrix NetScaler VPX load balancer (88%)
No exact OS suits for host (test conditions non-best).
network Distance: 17 hops

NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023
NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023

Carrier detection NMAP Scanning and Recon :

accomplished. Please file any incorrect outcomes at https://nmap.org/submit/ .
Nmap finished: 1 IP cope with (1 host up) scanned in 38.60 seconds
Even against a unmarried target, a simple scan can yield plenty of facts. here, we clearly ran the experiment at the IP cope with for WonderHowTo.com. this can be run against a device in your nearby network, like a router, or a faraway server, like the one website hosting NMAP Scanning and Recon.

Step 2Calculate the Subnet & experiment a range to discover devices
so that it will perceive other gadgets on a neighborhood network, it is useful to calculate the subnet range. that is the range of feasible IP addresses given out to devices on a network, and understanding it permits you to scan through all the possible IP addresses a tool at the community could have.

A on hand tool to do this for you is IPcalc. This tool will take your IP cope with (which is simple to discover by typing ifconfig or ip a in a terminal window) and calculate the subnet variety primarily based on it. Doing so will give you a variety of like “192.168.0.zero/24,” which specifies a range of IP addresses. In the instance below, the subnet is calculated as 127.zero.zero.0/24.

so as to run a test consisting of records about the offerings running on devices we find, we will open a terminal window and kind the subsequent command, including for your community variety wherein i exploit “172.sixteen.forty two.zero/24” for example. The experiment is a little slow, so you can also use an -F flag rather than the -A to do a quicker experiment of the maximum not unusual ports.


Nmap experiment document for 172.16.forty two.49
Host is up (zero.0063s latency).
All a thousand scanned ports on 172.sixteen.forty two.49 are closed


Nmap experiment report for 172.sixteen.42.fifty seven
Host is up (zero.013s latency).
All 1000 scanned ports on 172.sixteen.forty two.57 are closed

Nmap test record for 172.sixteen.forty two.63
Host is up (0.00020s latency).
All one thousand scanned ports on 172.16.forty two.63 are closed


NMAP Scanning and Recon  experiment report for 172.sixteen.42.119
Host is up (zero.012s latency).
not proven: 996 closed ports
PORT country provider model
898/tcp filtered sun-manageconsole
1862/tcp filtered mysql-cm-agent
1971/tcp filtered netop-school
62078/tcp open tcpwrapped

carrier detection accomplished. Please document any incorrect outcomes at https://nmap.org/publish/ .
Nmap completed: 256 IP addresses (10 hosts up) scanned in 219.68 seconds
we are basically running Nmap with no arguments besides the -A flag. We must expect to peer an output like above, displaying discovered devices and the offerings walking on them.

every other on hand device for network discovery is arp-experiment, which can now and again display gadgets that Nmap misses. we can use Nmap to conduct an ARP experiment with the -PR request, that’s pretty fast and aggressive at bringing lower back on-line hosts.

NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023
NMAP Scanning and Recon 2023

Now we are able to NMAP Scanning and Recon :

all the viable IP addresses at the nearby network and discover them either with a -F (speedy) experiment, by means of going for walks Nmap and not using a arguments however the -A flag for a slower scan with greater data, or with a -PR test able to fast sweeping a nearby community for active hosts NMAP Scanning and Recon .

ultimately, if you want to create a TXT report of hosts you found, you can use the command seen underneath to construct a listing to keep away from needing to scan the complete community whenever we run a next scan. for example, to experiment for devices with a port eighty open and keep them to a list, we can use some Linux equipment and the -oG “greppable output” flag NMAP Scanning and Recon  to help us cut through the output Nmap gives.

don’t omit: the way to conduct active Recon & DOS attacks with Nmap
by walking nmap -p eighty -oG – 192.168.zero.zero/24 — with the network variety substituted for yours — you may add | awk ‘/eighty/open/ {print $2}’ >> port80.txt to output the IP addresses belonging to discovered devices to a TXT file called “port80.txt.”

here, the awk command is seeking out lines containing the port wide variety and the end result “open,” with the second string in each line (in this situation, the IP cope with) stored through the cat command to a brand new record called port NMAP Scanning and Recon.

Step 4Identify the operating gadget on determined devices NMAP Scanning and Recon one of the most useful things to recognise about a tool we find out on a network is the operating gadget it is strolling. here, we will take the TXT target list we populated within the preceding step and run an running device scan, which requires root privileges. we are able to use the -O flag to run an working system scan, and the -iL flag to inform Nmap we want to study from a TXT document of target hosts NMAP Scanning and Recon .

sudo nmap -O -iL port80.txt



Community Distance NMAP Scanning and Recon :

Nmap scan file for 192.168.zero.2
Host is up (0.019s latency).
no longer shown: 997 closed ports
PORT country provider
53/tcp filtered area
80/tcp open http
8888/tcp open sun-answerbook
device type: widespread reason
strolling: Linux 2.6.X
OS CPE: cpe:/o:linux:linux_kernel:2.6
OS info: Linux 2.6.17 – 2.6.36
network Distance: 1 hop

Nmap test document for 192.168.zero.5
Host is up (zero.064s latency).
not shown: 993 filtered ports
PORT kingdom provider
80/tcp open http
8080/tcp open http-proxy
8085/tcp open unknown
8086/tcp open d-s-n
8087/tcp open simplifymedia
8088/tcp open radan-http
8089/tcp open unknown
caution: OSScan effects can be unreliable due to the fact we could not discover as a minimum 1 open and 1 closed port
tool type: general purpose
walking: Linux three.X
OS CPE: cpe:/o:linux:linux_kernel:three
OS info: Linux 3.2 – three.eight
network Distance: 1 hop

Detection finished Please  NMAP Scanning and Recon:

Nmap executed: 3 IP addresses (three hosts up) scanned in sixty seven.32 seconds
This tactic allows us to get as an awful lot facts as possible about the working system from something listing of targets we want to run it towards, whether or not internal network targets or a list of internet site IP addresses.

the following step is discovering the versions of the programs walking on open ports. this will show us a port that is strolling software program this is obsolete and has a acknowledged vulnerability. To run this experiment, you could use the -sV flag towards a goal NMAP Scanning and Recon.

MAC deal with: 83:23:98:forty three:23:three-D (Dobus global)

carrier detection done. Please report any wrong effects at https://nmap.org/submit/ .
Nmap completed: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 26.24 seconds
here, we’ve determined a few very precise data approximately our host, permitting us to probably pick out an attack against the software program listening behind the port NMAP Scanning and Recon .

Step 5Advanced Scans & Workarounds
There can be a few instances in which you’re having a tough time scanning a community because the ping sent via Nmap are dropped by means of a firewall at the router. this could make it seem like no devices are up, while you know they’re. To avoid this, you could include the -Pn flag, in order to drop the ping and every so often can help you connect immediately to gadgets and get a reaction.

if you’re scanning on a network you don’t want to be detected on, you can perform a decoy scan with the -D flag to make it greater difficult to detect who’s accomplishing the scan on the community. An example might appear like the command under, and calls for root privileges NMAP Scanning and Recon .

sudo nmap -sS 192.168.zero.2 -D,,192.168.zero.3


beginning Nmap 7.60 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2018-eleven-12 07:26 PST
Nmap test document for
Host is up (0.036s latency).
no longer proven: 997 closed ports
PORT kingdom service
fifty three/tcp filtered domain
eighty/tcp open http
8888/tcp open sun-answerbook
MAC deal with: eighty three:23:98:43:23:3D (Dobus global)

Nmap carried out: 1 IP deal with (1 host up) scanned in 5.16 seconds
if you need greater information approximately what is taking place, you may strike a key whilst the test is progressing to get a few statistics approximately how it’s proceeding or add a -v to increase the verbosity (how lots records the script gives). usually, you could keep including more v’s to the -v in line with how annoyed or irritated you get to learn extra information about what’s occurring.


PORT nation service cause NMAP Scanning and Recon :

Nmap lights Up the dark finding your way round a community for the first time can be a harrowing revel in for a amateur, whether you are learning about community exploitation for the first time or clearly trying to find your router NMAP Scanning and Recon .

hold in thoughts, at the same time as networks scans are quality (and a first-rate concept) to run for your personal network to see what is related, this type of test might not be welcome for your work network or every other community you do not personal. in case your company appears for suspicious conduct on their networks, extensively scanning can be without difficulty interpreted because the threatening behavior if you have no correct cause to be appearing the test.

one of the most effective matters approximately Nmap is that it is scriptable with alternatives like -oG and can be used to feed into different tools, so in case you’ve ever imagined constructing a tool that desires to be aware of different devices on the equal network, Nmap is probably simply what you’re searching out.

i’m hoping you enjoyed this guide to using Nmap to map and explore gadgets on a community! when you have any questions about this tutorial on community scanning or you’ve got a remark, sense unfastened to attain me on

the first step is to hearth up Kali and open a command spark off. Of course, you could use nmap in different versions of Linux and home windows, however our platform of choice is Kali Linux, in which it’s miles established by default.

subsequent, permit’s take a look at the nmap help file for a few clues on how to use nmap.

The help screen runs for nearly 3 pages. i’ve captured only the first web page because it has the crucial records we want here now.

note the usage assertion;

It is virtually pretty simple to run a nmap experiment no matter all the options that are to be had to us and we can address later in this series NMAP Scanning and Recon .


The simplest, fastest and most reliable nmap experiment is the TCP experiment. It sends TCP packets to try a TCP 3-way handshake (SYN-SYN/ACK- ACK) on each port it scans. If the goal device completes the three-manner handshake, the port is considered open. the important thing nmap choice to do is -sT or test TCP.


We in reality add it as an option after the nmap command after which observed via the IP cope with.

After a few seconds, nmap offers output to the computer screen (stdout) that consists of each port that is has effects for, the protocol, the port state (open, closed, filtered) and the default provider walking in this port (please be aware that nmap is not telling you what carrier is strolling on the port, it is definitely telling you the default protocol for that port. most offerings can run on any port). From this scan , we are able to see that numerous ports and services are probable running on this machine (like every device, nmap isn’t always ideal. you could receive misguided reviews).


that is a incredible start to our reconnaissance of this machine. We now recognize we’ve severa offerings that can be prone to our assaults.


What we do now not understand consist of;


(1) What UDP ports are running;

(2) What running device is running;

(3) What actual services and variations are going for walks on the ones ports.


Now let’s have a look at if NMAP Scanning and Recon :

we can find the open UDP ports. The NMAP Scanning and Recon  command to find UDP ports is sort of equal, besides we replace the T inside the command with U (UDP) NMAP Scanning and Recon .

Now our UDP scan looks so;

typically, UDP scans take a whole lot longer than TCP scans because the mechanism that UDP makes use of for signaling a closed port is barely one-of-a-kind than TCP and more ambiguous. In my case, the TCP scan took 2.ninety seven seconds, at the same time as the UDP test took 1081.sixty three seconds, a thing of nearly 400x times longer NMAP Scanning and Recon .



In a few cases, we may also best want to recognize if a unmarried port is open. as an example, we may also thinking about using the EternalBlue make the most against this gadget and we understand that it exploits SMB on port 445. let’s examine whether this machine has port 445 open by means of truely including -p after the target IP address and the port range.

This command will exit and strive NMAP Scanning and Recon:

the 3-manner TCP handshake on port 445 and if it successful, it’s going to record the port open. As you could see, nmap found port 445 open and presumes there may be SMB strolling on that port NMAP Scanning and Recon.


If we desired to scan an entire subnet for port 445 and SMB, you could use CIDR notation for the subnet and depart the whole lot else similar to the previous command.

Now, nmap will experiment each device on that subnet (255) for port 445 and document again to us. As you could see above, it located severa hosts with port 445, some closed, some filtered and a few open.

At this point, we simplest recognize what UDP and TCP ports are open and the default protocols that run on them. We nevertheless do not know;

1. working gadget

2. The real services going for walks on those ports

3. The version of the offerings (special variations have specific vulnerabilities).

The -A switch in nmap can help us with the ones the ones questions.


this scan additionally takes longer to complete as it has an awful lot extra work to do than sincerely test for open ports–a totally deterministic system. right here, nmap might be probing into each open port with particularly crafted packets after which with the aid of gauging the variations inside the response, decide the carrier and its model. It makes use of a comparable much less-deterministic system for figuring NMAP Scanning and Recon .

Out the running device. As I outlined within the educational on p0f, every working machine TCP/IP stack places barely distinctive values in header fields. by means of studying the ones fields, we are able to make exceptionally accurate estimate of the underlying target running system.


As we will see above, NMAP Scanning and Recon went to each of the open ports, sent packet probes and makes a surprisingly reliable estimate of the carrier, the service model and different important information regarding the provider, including commands and even vulnerabilities. note the reaction for port 21 FTP above (going for walks vsftpd 2.3.4) and port 25 SMTP (jogging Postfix NMAP Scanning and Recon ).



As we scan down the consequences, we are able to see port 80 (running Apache httpd 2.2.8), port 3306 (jogging MySQL five.0.51a)…


…after which all the manner at close to the bottom we will see nmap’s estimate of the underlying operation gadget (Linux 2.6.x).


Wrap Up


With just a few NMAP Scanning and Recon  instructions we were capable of learn a superb quantity approximately the devices on our community including;


1. TCP ports

2. UDP ports

three. whether or not port 445 is open on our entire network

4. The operating device of the goal

5. Which offerings and their variations are walking on those ports.


pretty good for little paintings or expertise!


In similarly articles on this series, we are able to discover ways to run scans wherein a firewall or IDS can be blocking our attempts and use NMAP Scanning and Recon  scripts to elicit more records from the target device.



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