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Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking

Open Source Intelligence(OSINT), Part 4: Google Hacking The internet is the most important and inner most repository.

we will use those techniques Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking:

With that tautology out of the manner, permit’s get right down to work, and perhaps, a touch a laugh.

all the statistics on the net may be very treasured to an investigator or hacker, but here we’re going to have a bit a laugh. almost each web cam is connected to the internet and with only a little understanding we will find and function them.

In any in advance publish here, I taught you a little about Google hacking. The desk beneath info some of the most critical keywords utilized in creating Google dorks, as they’re regarded Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

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Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking 2023

even though that is normally fun, once while doing a pentest at a primary college, i discovered their server room webcam unsecured. As a result, I ought to zoom in and spot all their server and network hardware in addition to have a look at the times the server room changed into unattended. This was beneficial statistics in growing a method for compromising their community Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking !

Google Dorks for internet Cams

There are literally hundreds of different Google dorks for finding internet cams, but these are a number of the simplest and my favorites.

permit’s strive some and spot what we are able to discover Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking !

Hmmm…a restaurant patio somewhere on the planet with PTZ controls.

An intersection…you may locate lots of these most of the unsecured web cams.

The conventional pendulum at Dusseldorf university in German Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

It was night when I related to this rooftop cam someplace in Delft.

A quite scene someplace in Sweden, I accept as true with.

watching a circle of relatives load and release their boat near the Algonquin motel whole with PTZ controls. Be secure!

i’m wondering if this individual knows that their every circulate is being watched by using humans all around the world?

A bar in Barcelona Spain. might be a laugh watching the drunks stumble out at closing.

A lady for your laptop in her residing room in Seattle Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking


Open source Intelligence (OSINT) may be a precious device for the pentester or the forensic investigator betraying a cornucopia of data on the target. it could additionally be used for a laugh and voyeurism for the ones so willing.

this text addresses numerous OSINT (Open source Intelligence) tools. A crucial first step is gathering records approximately the right goal within the scope of the mission. This allows a Pen Tester to find feasible weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a corporation’s security machine that may be exploitable.

what’s Open supply Intelligence?

OSINT stands for Open source Intelligence. OSINT is a procedure to accumulate facts/intelligence approximately human beings, agencies, and corporations the usage of an extensive series of sources which include the net.
As in line with DoD, OSINT is “comprised of publicly available data that is accrued, exploited, and disseminated in a timely manner to the proper audience for addressing a selected intelligence requirement.”
The expanding explosive increase of net customers now can pay for goods and services on line sharing their mind via private blogs and reveal sharing their each day lives to other people Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

This generates enormous facts or intelligence in diverse paperwork like audio, video, photos, and text that’s loose and reachable to absolutely everyone unless restrained by means of an agency or regulation.

OSINT sources may be divided up into six unique categories of data drift Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking :
Media: print newspapers, magazines, radio, and tv from throughout and between countries Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking
Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking 2023

internet, online publications, blogs, dialogue groups, citizen media (i.e. – cellular phone movies, and person-created content material), YouTube, and other social media websites (i.e. – facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This supply also outpaces a spread of different sources because of its timeliness and ease of access Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

Public – authorities facts, public government reports, budgets, hearings, phone directories, press conferences, websites, and speeches. despite the fact that this supply comes from an professional source they’re publicly accessible and may be used openly and freely.

professional – instructional guides, information acquired from journals, meetings, symposia, educational papers, dissertations, and theses Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

commercial statistics, commercial imagery, financial and commercial tests, and databases.

gray literature, technical reviews, preprints, patents, running papers, enterprise documents, unpublished works, and newsletters.

as a way to accumulate and analyze the huge amount of facts /intelligence we need equipment to be able to help us lessen the analysis time Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

beneath are the freely available OSINT tools which are generally used by Penetration Testers, to carry out Social Engineering Penetration trying out for groups.


Maltego is a manufactured from Paterva and is a part of the Kali Linux running system. Maltego equipment help to play out a crucial observation towards objectives with the assistance of various integrated transforms and it’s miles open supply so it offers the capability to jot down custom transform or modules.
to use Maltego first, the consumer ought to be registered on the Paterva web page.
After registering, the person can run machines on the goal or the consumer can make another machine consistent with what intelligence they need to accumulate. After configuring the ones machines need to be started out. there are numerous footprints built-in inside Maltego which can effortlessly collect statistics from various sources and based at the result it’s going to also create graphical effects approximately the goal.

Shodan.io or Censys.io
Shodan and Censys are seek engine much like Google however as opposed to showing websites, hosted documents hyperlinks; and different effects, Shodan and Censys indicates the servers, networks; and internet linked gadgets which is very critical records for security researches and Pentester and assist them to check for many common vulnerabilities.
The gadgets/servers may additionally vary from computer systems, laptops, webcams, visitors indicators, and numerous IOT devices Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .

The Harvester

The Harvester is an super tool for amassing intelligence like e-mail and area for the specified target. This device is a part of the Kali Linux operating gadget and really popular for harvesting intelligence used in the early levels of a penetration test or phishing.
We use this device to accumulate the subsequent data: electronic mail deal with, usernames, subdomains, IPs; and URLs the usage of a couple of public facts resources Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking .


Recon-ng is some other powerful device for target intelligence series which additionally comes with the Kali Linux working gadget. Recon-ng builds with a modular technique in thoughts just like Metaspoilt. So according to the want, we can use one-of-a-kind modules at the target to extract data. simply upload the domain names in the workspace and use the modules.

tin Eye
TinEye is a reverse photograph seek engine. You’ll put up a image to TinEye to are seeking for out anyplace it got here from and how it’s getting used. TinEye makes use of neural networks, pattern popularity, machine studying, and photograph reputation generation rather than key phrases or metadata.
link: https://www.tineye.com

Google Dorks (Bonus)
sure, Google! Don’t be shocked. I understand Google is a seek engine and no longer an open supply tool but we generally use Google to discover some thing we want. Google is the maximum powerful and largest seek engine within the international that crawls and approaches/index billions of pages every day. there’s a method referred to as Google dorking or in reality Google hacking. on this, we use the Google superior seek parameter without delay inside the browser to refine our search results and locate the information that we’re searching out.
Following are some google dorks:

Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking
Open Source Intelligence OSINT Part 4: Google Hacking 2023

web page:instance.com ext:pdf|docs
This unique query will display all pdf and docs documents link present on the example.com
site:example.com intext:”@instance.com”
This precise query will display all emails that stop with “@example.com” on example.com
inurl: login intitle: login
This specific query will display all the login pages of different websites.


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