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PEUNION Crypter 2023

PEUNION Crypter bundles more than one executables (or some other report type) right into a unmarried report. each document may be configured in my view to be compressed, encrypted, and many others. in addition, an URL may be supplied for a down load to be performed.

Stubs are available to pick out from each of which paintings in a comparable manner.

Neighborhood: Written in assembly (FASM) PEUNION Crypter:

Key feature examine
Emulator detection
Low-entropy packing scheme
-layer execution structure
Code obfuscation
document compression
Binder (integrate a couple of documents) PEUNION Crypter.

PEUNION Crypter 2023
PEUNION Crypter 2023

The ensuing binary is compiled from PEUNION Crypter:

dynamically generated C# code. No resources are exposed that can be harvested the use of tools like useful resource Hacker. PEunion does not use controlled sources either. documents are saved in byte[] code definitions and while encryption and compression is implemented, documents emerge as as obscure as they can get.

And on top of that, obfuscation is applied to a maximal volume! Variable names are obfuscated using slightly distinguishable Unicode characters. String literals for each strings that you offer, in addition to consistent string literals are encrypted PEUNION Crypter.

PEunion may be both used as a binder for more than one files, as a PEUNION Crypterfor a unmarried report, or as a downloader.

That is the software interface. First, you add the files to your task PEUNION Crypter.

every document may be configured individually. Default settings already consist of obfuscation, compression and encryption. relevant settings are more often than not: where to drop the document, the usage of what name and whether or not or no longer to execute it and so on PEUNION Crypter.

The mission may be stored right into a .peu document, which includes all task records. Paths to your files are relative if they may be placed inside the same listing or a sub directory.


PEunion can also be used as a downloader. really specify a URL and offer drop & execution parameters. Of route, bundled documents and URL downloads can be jumbled in any constellation.


Code this is generated, compiler PEUNION Crypter:

settings may be configured right here. generally, you may be trying to alternate the icon and assembly info:


the next pages encompass settings for obfuscation and startup parameters. Default obfuscation settings are at maximum, however they may be changed, if required.


finally, the undertaking is compiled into a single executable report. similarly, generating just the code will collect the .cs report, however now not the binary.


And any errors that creep in will either prevent building or show a warning PEUNION Crypter.

There are extra equipment and utilities. presently, there may be handiest one, but more will comply with, including an exe to docx “converter”, and many others.

A lesser-regarded ~~trojan horse~~ feature: right to left override. via the usage of the U+202e unicode person, file name strings may be reversed, yielding extra obscurity.

example: colorful A[U+202E]gpj.scr will be displayed as colourful Arcs.jpg in report Explorer. on the grounds that “scr” (for screensaver) effortlessly is going unseen, it could be superior over “exe”. With the matching icon carried out, the file may additionally look just like an picture or file report:


PEUNION Crypter 2023
PEUNION Crypter 2023

Starting right here, an array with all the PEUNION Crypter:

Is asserted. that is the definition of all documents, what to do with them and the byte[] literal carries the encrypted and compressed file:


image names for variables, strategies and training are obfuscated the use of slightly readable characters. this is the difference:


some variables do not require obfuscation. this is due to the fact the C# compiler does not assign names to variables scoped internal a method. when decompiled, variables will appear like str1, str2, str3…

And String Encryption!
however wait! what is this orange text “DecryptString(…)”?

String literals are encrypted the use of a easy 8-bit XOR. This will increase reverse engineering attempt even in addition. test this very simple line of code:


in addition to the “runas” boolean variable being obfuscated, the string literal “runas” is encrypted, too PEUNION Crypter.


Sophisticated reverse engineers PEUNION Crypter:

will speedy assume that this means ProcessStartInfo.Verb = “runas”. but, considering the quantity of code that is generated, with clearly meaningless variable names, and no seen strings in any respect – reading this binary turns into a task! And to absolutely everyone unfamiliar, a document like that is absolutely incomprehensive.

and actually, decompilation would require a few attempt to discern out the payloads of the binary. needless to say, that that is no “protection” of the content material, which can be nevertheless decrypted by way of debugging PEUNION Crypter.

RunPE (system hollowing)
In-memory invocation of .net executables
Drop files to disk
melt (self-deleting stub)
EOF resource
Specify icon, version information & take vicinity
properly-designed UI
Commandline compiler
a couple of documents may be compiled into the stub. A file can both be embedded inside the compiled executable, or the stub downloads the record at runtime.

normally, an executable is decrypted and done in-reminiscence via the stub. If the executable is a local PE file, RunPE (procedure hollowing) is used. For .internet executables, the .net stub uses Invoke. valid files without a seemed signatures can be written to the disk.

PEUNION Crypter 2023
PEUNION Crypter 2023

Implementation & execution float PEUNION Crypter:

Obfuscation and evasive skills are fundamental to the layout of PEunion and do not need further configuration. the precise implementation is fantastic tuned to lower detection and is concern to change in destiny releases PEUNION Crypter.

This graph illustrates the execution glide of the local stub decrypting and executing a PE report. The .internet stub works further.


The crucial idea is that the stub only includes code to come across emulators and to decrypt and skip execution to the subsequent layer. the second level is characteristic independent shellcode that retrieves characteristic suggestions from the PEB and handles the payload. To mitigate AV detections, best the stub requires modifications. stage 2 consists of all the “suspicious” code that is not readable at scantime and now not decrypted, if an emulator is detected PEUNION Crypter.

The shellcode is encrypted the usage of a proprietary four-byte XOR circulate cipher. To lower entropy, the encrypted shellcode is intermingled with null-bytes at randomized offsets. due to the reality the ensuing records has no repeating styles, it is impossible to choose out this specific encoding and infer YARA regulations from it. for that reason, AV detection is confined to the stub itself.

meeting code is obfuscated by way of manner of nop-like instructions intermingled with the actual code, along side an increment determined by means of way of a decrement. Strings aren’t stored inside the records phase, however rather built on the stack the use of mov-opcodes.

The obfuscator replaces picture names PEUNION Crypter:

with slightly distinguishable Unicode characters. every string and integer literals are decrypted at runtimet he Unicode character U+202e permits to create a filename that masquerades the actual extension of a report PEUNION Crypter.

it’s miles a simple renaming technique, wherein all characters followed by means of manner of U+202e are displayed in reversed order. This manner, an executable may be crafted in this kind of manner that it looks as if a JPEG document PEUNION Crypter.


Target audience in order to use this utility, you want to be familiar with crypters and the fundamental idea of what a PEUNION Crypter does have a primary information of in-reminiscence execution and evasion techniques
acknowledge that uploading the stub to VirusTotal will decrease the time that the stub stays FUD
I do not take any obligation for all people who uses PEunion in illegal malware campaigns. this is an academic undertaking PEUNION Crypter.

This task is FUD at the day of release (September 2021). A crypter this is unfastened, publicly available, and open supply will no longer remain undetected for a long term. Adjusting the stub so it does now not get detected is a frightening mission and all efforts are in vain numerous days later. therefore, there may be no updates to healing detection issues.

rather, PEunion offers a very practical implementation that is straightforward to adjust and extend. if you want PEUNION Crypter to be FUD, please get acquainted with the code of the stub and adjust it till you’re satisfied with the result.

PEUNION Crypter 2023
PEUNION Crypter 2023

Additional evasion techniques may PEUNION Crypter:

Be implemented in future releases to enhance the baseline format PEUNION Crypter

A crypter is a kind of software program that could encrypt, obfuscate, and manage malware, to make it more difficult to discover by way of safety programs. it’s miles utilized by cybercriminals to create malware which could pass safety applications by means of supplying itself as a innocent program until it gets hooked up.

types of crypters

A crypter consists of a crypter stub, or a code used to encrypt and decrypt malicious code. relying on the kind of stub they use, crypters may be categorised as both static/statistical or polymorphic.

Static/statistical crypters use one-of-a-kind stubs to make every encrypted record unique. Having a separate stub for every client makes it easier for malicious actors to modify or, in hacking terms, “smooth” a stub once it’s been detected by means of a security software.
Polymorphic crypters are taken into consideration greater advanced. They use modern day algorithms that make use of random variables, data, keys, decoders, and so on. As such, one input source record in no way produces an output report that is same to the output of any other supply report.
Cybercriminal underground fees

Crypters abound in the cybercriminal underground marketplace and are generally provided with the subsequent pricing schemes:

PEUNION Cryptere assaults towards organization objectives are getting increasingly more not unusual:

with extra than 230 million such attacks suggested within the first half of 2022. however as corporations continue to shore up their defenses towards ransomware and other forms of cyber attacks, cybercriminals are deploying new gear and techniques to save you goals from detecting the malicious programs used to penetrate enterprise networks PEUNION Crypter.

in this week’s blog, we’re taking a more in-depth study simply any such equipment: crypting. You’ll find out what crypting is, the way it enables cybercriminals penetrate company networks with malicious code, and the way you may protect your organisation against threat actors who use encryption to spread malicious code.

Crypting is the practice of growing, purchasing, or the usage of a specialized software application (on occasion called a crypter) to encrypt, obfuscate, or adjust a regarded malware software which will stay away from signature detection by means of antivirus and different protection packages PEUNION Crypter.

As digital threat actors create or collect malware applications and use them in cyber attacks, the builders of antivirus software program look into the ones packages and update their merchandise to make certain that new and rising malware attacks can be detected. PEUNION Crypter allows digital adversaries to modify the code of acknowledged malware programs to avoid detection through antivirus programs, letting them efficaciously penetrate agency networks and harm vital systems or scouse borrow and ransom information.

The time period “Malware” describes a software program application, script, or a chunk of malicious code utilized by digital adversaries to damage, infect, or compromise a targeted gadget or community. Ransomware, computer viruses and trojans, worms, keyloggers, adware, and rootkits are all examples of malware. Malware is a portmanteau of the phrases “malicious” and “software program PEUNION Crypter.

PEUNION Crypter 2023
PEUNION Crypter 2023

Crypting lets in digital adversaries to spread malicious PEUNION Crypter:

obtaining a Malware software – The crypting manner starts with a digital adversary acquiring a malicious software program program that can be used to harm or infect a target community.
getting access to a Crypter – digital adversaries can get right of entry to crypters by way of shopping them in illicit marketplaces on the deep and dark web. some adversaries with programming capabilities can construct their own crypting software program for encrypting PEUNION Crypter.

Encrypting the Malware – After gaining access to a crypter, the digital adversary makes use of it to encrypt or adjust the malware, changing its signature and decreasing its vulnerability to detection through antivirus software. The encrypted code may be reassembled right into a running program to similarly masks its identification PEUNION Crypter.

dispensing the Encrypted Malware – A virtual adversary armed with encrypted malware can start taking steps to distribute the payload. Malware assaults can be delivered thru phishing or compromised web sites, spammed messages on social media or business collaboration software, with an impersonation assault, or thru a spoofed PEUNION Crypter.

Penetrating the goal network – whilst a target unknowingly downloads and executes the virtual adversary’s encrypted malware, the bug will decrypt itself and begin the procedure of infecting the target community or gadget.

What does a crypter do PEUNION Crypter.

Crypters observe an obfuscation technique onto a malware record that adjustments its signature and decreases or gets rid of the opportunity of detection by antivirus software. the consequent output is a seemingly harmless document called a stub that can be dispensed by using virtual adversaries to unknowing sufferers.

similarly to hiding the malware supply code from antivirus, PEUNION Crypter also upload a few code to decrypt the malware whilst the record is opened. whilst an unknowing goal opens the stub report, the malware record is mechanically decrypted and done at the goal’s device.

What are the specific sorts of PEUNION Crypter the crypters utilized by digital adversaries can be classified primarily based on their functionality and the extent to which they allow malware files to evade antivirus detection.

the 2 main kinds of crypters are scantime crypters and runtime PEUNION Crypter.

the key distinction among these styles of crypters is that scantime crypters may most effective decrypt a malware document saved on a disk earlier than it is finished, while runtime crypters can decrypt a malware software at the same time as it is jogging.

while a scantime crypter is used, antivirus detection can best be refrained from while the malware is saved as an idle report on disk. A scantime crypter can conceal malware from an antivirus while the report is scanned, but the requirement to decrypt the file earlier than execution method that the malware may be detected by antivirus even as it is jogging.

A runtime crypter can be even greater sneaky, allowing the malware to prevent antivirus detection while this system is administered. instead of decrypting the malware document before execution, a runtime crypter exploits the home windows API in a manner that allows the malware file to be decrypted and loaded into memory as a separate technique earlier than it is finished at the target’s system.

This method allows the malware to run at the PEUNION Crypter:

device while evading antivirus detection, and the malware may additionally also be re-encrypted before the document is closed to keep away from rousing suspicion. virtual adversaries aim to build runtime crypters that are completely undetectable (sometimes abbreviated as FUD), which means that the malware can’t ever be detected through antivirus.

Crypting vs. encryption: what’s the PEUNION Crypter data encryption is a method that transforms human-readable information right into a seemingly random string of characters which could best be decoded by way of an authorized person with access to the correct cryptographic key.

while encryption is often utilized by white-hat protection experts to guard sensitive information against robbery or misuse by using malicious actors, those identical actors can also use encryption techniques to hide malicious software program payloads or to encrypt the target’s own records as a part of a ransomware attack.

Crypting specially refers to the use of information encryption with the aid of digital adversaries to hide malware in opposition to signature detection by means of antivirus software program applications PEUNION Crypter.

Way to guard facts protection in opposition to PEUNION Crypter:

An correctly crypted malware report clearly can’t be detected by way of the antivirus software you trust to shield your community – so what alternatives are left? below, we spotlight three techniques that you can use to help guard your company data against crypting assaults.
Underground markets have been additionally determined advertising crypter-amendment schooling periods and lessons on growing crypters

website advertising a PEUNION Crypter -modification schooling


In a 2016 studies on cybercrime and the Deep web, trend Micro found that crypters may be sold in numerous underground markets worldwide. Crypters are available in the Russia, China, Germany, the U.S., and Brazil cybercrime underground markets.

PEUNION Crypter 2023
PEUNION Crypter 2023

How crypters spread malicious code PEUNION Crypter.

Cybercriminals create crypters or buy them on underground markets.
They use crypters to encrypt a worm then reassemble the code into an real operating software.
They send those packages as part of an attachment in spear phishing emails and spammed messages.
Unknowing customers open this system, for you to force the crypter to decrypt itself and then launch the malicious code.
Takedown of crypting offerings PEUNION Crypter.

Trend Micro works with public and personal establishments to take down sites that offer crypters and different malicious equipment. In November 2015, a partnership among the fashion Micro ahead-searching danger studies team and the national Crime agency of the UK [NCA] caused the shutdown of and Cryptex Reborn, famous assets of crypting offerings PEUNION Crypter.




PEunion encrypts executables, which are decrypted at runtime and executed in-memory.

Two stubs are available to choose from, both of which work in a similar way.

Native: Written in assembly (FASM)
.NET: Written in C#

Emulator detection
Low-entropy packing scheme
Two-layer execution architecture
Code obfuscation
File compression
Binder (combine multiple files)
RunPE (process hollowing)
In-memory invocation of .NET executables
Drop files to disk
Melt (self-deleting stub)
EOF support
Specify icon, version information & manifest
Well-designed UI
Commandline compiler
Multiple files can be compiled into the stub. A file can either be embedded within the compiled executable, or the stub downloads the file at runtime.

Typically, an executable is decrypted and executed in-memory by the stub. If the executable is a native PE file, RunPE (process hollowing) is used. For .NET executables, the .NET stub uses Invoke. Legitimate files with no known signatures can be written to the disk.

Obfuscation and evasive features are fundamental to the design of PEunion and do not need further configuration. The exact implementation is fine tuned to decrease detection and is subject to change in future releases.

This graph illustrates the execution flow of the native stub decrypting and executing a PE file. The .NET stub works similarly.

The fundamental concept is that the stub only contains code to detect emulators and to decrypt and pass execution to the next layer. The second stage is position independent shellcode that retrieves function pointers from the PEB and handles the payload. To mitigate AV detections, only the stub requires adjustments. Stage 2 contains all the “suspicious” code that is not readable at scantime and not decrypted, if an emulator is detected.

The shellcode is encrypted using a proprietary 4-byte XOR stream cipher. To decrease entropy, the encrypted shellcode is intermingled with null-bytes at randomized offsets. Because the resulting data has no repeating patterns, it is impossible to identify this particular encoding and infer YARA rules from it. Hence, AV detection is limited to the stub itself.

Assembly code is obfuscated by nop-like instructions intermingled with the actual code, such as an increment followed by a decrement. Strings are not stored in the data section, but instead constructed on the stack using mov-opcodes.

The C# obfuscator replaces symbol names with barely distinguishable Unicode characters. Both string and integer literals are decrypted at runtime.

The Unicode character U+202e allows to create a filename that masquerades the actual extension of a file.

It is a simple renaming technique, where all characters followed by U+202e are displayed in reversed order. This way, an executable can be crafted in such a way that it looks like a JPEG file.

In order to use this program, you should:

be familiar with crypters and the basic concept of what a crypter does
have a basic understanding of in-memory execution and evasion techniques
acknowledge that uploading the stub to VirusTotal will decrease the time that the stub remains FUD
I do not take any responsibility for anybody who uses PEunion in illegal malware campaigns. This is an educational project.

This project is FUD on the day of release. A crypter that is free, publicly available, and open source will not remain undetected for a long time. Adjusting the stub so it does not get detected is a daunting task and all efforts are in vain several days later. Therefore, there will be no updates to fix detection issues.

Rather, PEunion offers a fully functional implementation that is easy to modify and extend. If you want PEunion to be FUD, please get familiar with the code of the stub and adjust it until you are satisfied with the result.

However, additional evasion techniques may be implemented in future releases to improve the baseline design.


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