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Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023

this post aboutPony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023 have we can download fully updated version free of cost so feel free to download Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023 fully creaked version from blackhat Pakistan.

What is Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023?

This botnet is all inclusive! i have not modified any code itself besides update all Russian language in files with English. Now all panels, menus, and sure the HOWTO Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023  are translated into English. I experience operating the botnets without having to apply the pleasant google translator and i discern a number of you may experience the identical! a great deal more friendly for all my non-Russian audio system out there. i’m hoping this model allows you all in your endeavors Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023.
All documents are legit, DL and look for your self. OF course download right into a digital system to run, I ran the whole thing in virtual machines and it labored first-class. I launched mine from ubuntu and centos7 VMs. Your admin panel may be hosted on something so long as the admin panel is installed a on hand course, the payload has to be built in a windows environment Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023.

also! take into account to install the necessary personal home page extensions. it will bark at you in case you dont. Use the how to I translated covered in the admin panel Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023.
For all my area homies the Howto translated into English is placed in /panel/consists of/templates/assist.tpl

PM me if you run into problem. experience!

as far as the packer goes you can use the record thats protected for the packer but its most in all likelihood already compromised. this youtube video assist me determine out how to use the USG crypter Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023.

Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023
Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023

Pony 2.2 HTTP Botnet free download 2023 features:


Working on:

– Windows XP (x32 & x64)

– Windows Vista (x32 & x64)

– Windows 7 (x32 & x64)
– Windows 8 (x32 & x64)

– Windows 10 (x32 & x64)
Windows Server (x32 & x64)


– Collects FTP/HTTP passwords from 95+ FTP Clients.
– Collects Web-Browser passwords from popular browsers.
– Collects email passwords (POP3, IMAP, SMTP). (EMAILS CLIENT SPECIALLY CHINA)
– Collects RDP Passwords.
– Bot is on victims computer for limited time.
– Sends passwords to panel.
– Bitcoins Wallet Grabber (Optional)

What does it steal?:

– System Info
– FAR Manager
– Total Commander
– CuteFTP
– FlashFXP
– FileZilla
– FTP Commander
– BulletProof FTP
– SmartFTP
– TurboFTP
– CoffeeCup FTP / Sitemapper
– CoreFTP
– FTP Explorer
– Frigate3 FTP
– SecureFX
– UltraFXP
– FTPRush
– WebSitePublisher
– BitKinex
– ExpanDrive
– ClassicFTP
– Fling
– SoftX
– Directory Opus
– FreeFTP / DirectFTP
– LeapFTP
– WinSCP
– 32bit FTP
– NetDrive
– WebDrive
– FTP Control
– Opera
– WiseFTP
– FTP Voyager
– Firefox
– FireFTP
– SeaMonkey
– Flock
– Mozilla
– LeechFTP
– Odin Secure FTP Expert
– WinFTP
– FTP Surfer
– FTPGetter
– Internet Explorer
– Dreamweaver
– DeluxeFTP
– Google Chrome
– Chromium / SRWare Iron
– ChromePlus
– Bromium (Yandex Chrome)
– Nichrome
– Comodo Dragon
– RockMelt
– K-Meleon
– Epic
– LinasFTP
– Cyberduck
– Putty
– Notepad + +
– FTPInfo
– NexusFile
– FastStone Browser
– CoolNovo
– WinZip
– Yandex.Internet
– sherrod FTP
– NovaFTP
– Windows Mail
– Windows Live Mail
– Becky!
– Pocomail
– IncrediMail
– The Bat!
– Outlook
– Thunderbird
– FastTrack


– Updated components AlphaControls to v11.03

– Builded in Delphi XE8
– Grab passwords from Amigo, Orbitum, Vivaldi & Kriti
– Grab wallets from Dogecoin-qt, MultiDoge, Coinqwu (report come in the .dat, need rename to .wallet), Dash-qt, MultiBitHD
– More stable
– Updated Plugins
&Manymore Smile
Not the biggest update, but nice to upgrade your old panel & builder with this!
And you will see that he runs smootly af and you will get every password that’s stored or typed

Download Here

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