you have PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 got picks while putting in place the whole lot for ewhoring. you can ewhore for your laptop/pc, or on your telephone.

Whoring is an PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

look at it. each E-Whore learns, even the most skilled ones. E-Whoring is the art work of pretending to be a female to sell your frame. Making your sufferer/consumer agree with which you are real, to make him buy your images.

Rules of E-Whoringt here aren’t any “rules” in e-whoring. but a few “policies” are essential to decorate profits for all people. the primary rule that every slightly skilled e-whore will in no way do, is scamming. Don’t scam, virtually don’t. You wouldn’t like to get your money stolen.

in a store each. provide what they paid for, so everyone is glad. Rule range 2; in no way, I repeat, in no manner, deliver a nude preview. There are alot of humans available that look for ewhores such as you to simply get a freebie(free nude) PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

Make your customers want you, don’t deliver out what your looking to sell. And rule quantity 3; Milk all of your clients as a great deal as possible.

Get each closing dime out of them, with out scamming ofcrouse. And at the same time as your completed, start over with a brand new account and message that identical man, and milk him over again! circulate for it.


There are several strategies wherein you can follow e-whoring. The maximum used one is kik. Kik is a messenger on iOS and android. Strangers can request to talk to you every time they want, in order that’s in which we strike. a modern day upcoming type is snapchat PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

It’s a bit more complex in comparison to kik, however i’m effective it’ll come up with an extraordinary paycheck! And one of the most “antique” techniques is camming. Going into a chatroom with a vcw, pretending to be the female at the back of the webcam It’s difficult to discover a suitable percent turning into the profile, but if it does, oh guy. $$ allow’s skip in extra depth for each approach.

The kik approach, the method certainly anyone is the use of proper now. the usage of this approach is visitors the maximum vital. You create a profile on kik, satisfactory profile image of your ewhore, located your names on some websites, and watch for the flood of determined PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

men wanting your pictures. You’re going to encounter alot of timewasters, don’t positioned it gradual in it, block and do away with. look for the massive fishes. The “sugar daddies”. in case you locate this type of, you’re set. they may offer you with cash on every occasion you need it, or they want it. Aslong as you provide. They most likely will ask for a preview in advance than shopping for, PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

don’t send a nude as said above. ship a percent that shows alot of pores and pores and skin, no boobs, no vaggy. cowl them up, ship one in a sexy bikini or covering the entirety along with your arm, and motive them to need you.

The snapchat technique. it’s turning into more popular those time due to kik having greater safety against fakecam. And it’s less complicated to “show” that you’re real. because absolutely everyone thinks, if it’s a snap, it wishes to be live right? properly, take advantage of that PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

Use it to benefit buyers, sugar daddies. in my opinion, I didn’t ewhore alot on snapchat, but it gave me some cash surely. The simplest element you want is a outstanding percent., with alot of normal photographs, pictures from google, and acceptable website online traffic PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 placed up each day snaps on your tale, makes you extra “real”. after which start selling, easy peasy.

The camhore method, i’ve in no manner accomplished this, so not an expert. but i’ve take a look at alot approximately it, wich makes enjoy. This technique is a bit more sensitive. You want an amazing vcw with a exceptional %, and continually be alert. A vcw is a utility that would manage sure movies to effortlessly bridge over each other. as an example, your girl is just sitting there, looking round, you may make her wave(when you have the specified movies of it of course) PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

putting in your workspace I for my part ewhore on the telephone, it’s less complicated for me. I handiest use my laptop to send live pics to my ewhore account to beforehand it. Now, in case you wanna ewhore on laptop, you’ll want an emulator. pleasant options are bluestacks or MEmu PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

I for my part use bluestacks, less difficult to setup. as soon as you’ve got that, it’s time to put in the desired apps, which includes kik, fakecamera and/or snapchat. in case you wanna ewhore in your smartphone it’s kinda the identical, kinda. in case you are the usage of iOS PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

you’ll need to send the faux live images on your ewhore account thru your computer. additionally, in case you wanna ewhore on snapchat, you’ll need to down load the tutu app, wich will then be used to down load snapchat++. Android is similar to computer, you’ll need kik, fakecamera and/or snapchat/phantom. as soon as you have got were given all of that, it’s time for the subsequent step.


So, you’re completed putting in the whole lot had to begin ewhoring? Are you prepared to move now? simply no longer. You’ll want a percent, identity and some social engineering skills(PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023) allow’s start from the start.

those are the maximum crucial stuff you’ll need to recognize. constantly use the equal info, as some humans will be inclined to test you with a 2d account PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023Get it regular on your thoughts before beginning out.

A photograph p.c. can be very essential. using saturated packs is proper to begin mastering your SE skills. gaining knowledge of the way it really works and the manner to understand timewasters. whilst you’re via all of that, it’s time for the actual thing. A pinnacle charge %, you could buy one right here at the forums or make one your self, however that’s a piece harder in case you don’t recognise in which to start. i’ve sold a % from Oedipus, he has exquisite packs, check them out. Ofcourse there are alot PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

of various sellers on here, wich all sell exceptional packs. The issue that you’ll be looking for in a % is verifications. Alot. numerous pics, beginning from preserving up palms, to paper verifications.

5.three Social Engineering (SE’ing) PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023
that is an art work. The paintings of manipulating human beings for your decide upon. Getting out of each tight sittuation. springing up with straight away up solutions on things, imagination. this could’t be tought, this ought to be located.


web page site visitors website online site visitors is the only difficulty so one can get the buyers to you. you have were given 2 forms of site visitors, saturated and unsaturated web page visitors. Saturated website online traffic may be positioned anywhere, they’ll get you clients, due to the fact there will continually be new human beings joining them who don’t have a clue how matters artwork PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

on kik or those apps/web sites. The unsaturated traffic acquired’t be effortlessly observed. no one on HF will supply our there source of HQ website online visitors. You’ll want to find it for your self. It’s most of the time a goldmine, however you’ll probable want a custom %. for it, but it’s simply really worth it. A short seek at the appstore or net will give you lots of web sites and apps to put up on.

these are used to receives a commission. To earn the money. Paypal and amazon are the maximum well-known rate techniques. however be careful for paypal, after they’re in the mood, they’ll take everythig you’ve got were given from you. I recommend you purchase a established paypal PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

to send all the coins to after earning it on each different paypal. I’m not encouraging this, because it’s against paypals TOS. Amazon is a specific story. You get paid with giftcards, wich may be used by you on amazon, or sold on right right here for paypal or bitcoin. I nevertheless select bitcoin over paypal. Altough paypal is simple for getting matters on-line, they’ll fugg you. choose accurately how you will take the cash.

First rule on this, don’t overreact PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 Don’t be like “Im horny child xxxxxxx <three<three<3<3”. you spot that for yourself, you wouldn’t accept as true with that both. I’ve never visible a lady communicate like this. girls are shy, pleasant. They received’t act like this. Have a ordinary communique. you could take over a “talkstyle” of a girl you know, learn how they talk. simply, don’t overreact.

So, you’ve conviced your sufferer to buy your pix, you proceed to the price. You ask him, “How would you like to pay? I take delivery of paypal and amazon”, for instance. He choses the charge technique, he will pay. Don’t send something before you’ve checked your balance. by no means. They’re attempting out new matters each day by way of pretending they have got paid, through showing you a PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

screenshot of a faux electronic mail from paypal or amazon. Don’t agree with it untill you notice it for your self PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 Then proceed to asking how he would love to get the pix. I maximum of the time send them a link to a dropboxlink or just sending the pictures to his e-mail. smooth peasy! Don’t rip-off!

So, both are glad. you bought your cash to spend, he has images to jerk off too. perfectly. Don’t simply block him, what alot of people do. Write his call in an excel file, the amount he paid, in which he got here from (wich app or website) and his username. tell him after the deal; “Hmu whilst you need greater”, and he’ll if he likes the pictures. you can delete the chat and you may nevertheless test your excel document if the man that’s texting you has bought or not.
I, , will be with you for the next few hours, teaching you how to easily make up to
$800+ a week, and it’s practically autopilot! If you stick with me today, you will master the
method explained and will be making money in no time.

Make sure you read through the
entire e-book first before starting the method so that you have a broad understanding of
what’s going on PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

Although the main method in this eBook can be considered blackhat based, everything
that can be found throughout this eBook is strictly for educational purposes. I am not
responsible for any charges you may incur while going through this eBook. Upon reading
further you agree to this terms and conditions.

Ever wondered how people get there hands on bank logs, PayPal accounts, CC ,Email addresses, and all sorts online accounts? Wonder no More, I will briefly explain PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

and give you hints on how to become a pro at SPAMMING and start making some real cash. I have a master class tutorial at the end of this and you can choose whichever fits you. Its in 3 different packages that you can chose from. I promise 100% Results when you purchase any of the 3 packages.

First of we will see what do we mean by term spamming. Wikipedia definition:

Email spam, also known as unsolicited bulk Email (UBE), junk mail, or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), is the practice of sending unwanted email messages, frequently with commercial content, in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients. In simple language spamming means to send bulk mails to people in order to flood there mails or to make them fool and make some real [email protected]^.


To get Accounts like paypals,dating sites etc.

To spread our malware like zeus, keyloggers etc

There are endless reasons to spam but these were some of common reasons for spamming

Now we learned what is spamming and why we spam or for what purpose we spam lets learn how to spam

Before we learn how to spam we need to know the meaning of general terms:

1.Leads: Leads is the term used to refer to email list, it’s basically another name for the common term email list. Leads aka email list is list of email addresses of people we are going to spam.

AMS(Advanced Mass Sender): It is a windows based tool which we used to spam, here we add our SMTP, load our email list aka leads, add email from which mail will be delivered for example if we are spamming chase bank we add email of chase bank like no- [email protected] and add our scam letter.

Scam Pages: Scam pages is another name of the Phishing page, its basically a replication of the original page. Its used to get logs from our victims.


Scam letter: Scam letter aka fake mail is the name given to a email which is replica of original mail, here we tweak the original mail and edit asking victim to login to our scam page and we will get his logs.

PHP mailer: PHP mailer is a script which is used to spam our leads, this is another method of spamming. In this we don’t use AMS tool, we spam via this PHP script.

Cpanel: Cpanel is is the hosting panel of a website, in simple language it’s a panel from where a admin of a particular site manages his/her website. We use cpanel to host our scam page. Now question arises why we don’t used our own cpanel host to host our scam page? The answer is simple hosting websites don’t allow scam pages on their servers so we used hacked cpanels to host our pages

SMTP (Simple mail Transfer Protocol): SMTP is generally an application which runs on a server which is used to transmit and receive emails, in simple language we use SMTP to send our mails to our victims

Methods of PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023:

Spamming Via SMTP and AMS.
Spamming Via PHP Mailer.

This method is divided into 2 parts.

First part is scam page uploading via cpanel.

Second part is loading leads to AMS, adding SMTP and start our spam

PART1: scam page uploading via cpanel

First of login to Cpanel

You Will See this type of screen:

Now click on file manager and you will get screen like this:

Now click on new folder and make a new folder named site and double click on the dir created site you will see something like this:

Now PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 Click on upload:

Now make a Zip File of your scampage and upload via this uploader.
Now go back to your main cpanel page and refresh page and select file and click extract:

Now we need to edit a php file where we need to enter our email id where scam page will send logs, its different in all case in my case its l0gx.php (Select file and click edit):

At the place of $send = “[email protected]”; Add your mail. Now after you have followed all the steps we will check that our page is working or not. If your cpanel website is then you will access scam page from

We successfully uploaded our scam page, now PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023

we will move on to second part of this method PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

We successfully uploaded our scam page, now we will move on to second part of this method.

loading leads to AMS, adding SMTP and start our Spam: NOTE: Spamming is illegal as per laws so we should not spam from our own system

For spamming we should use RDP.

First connect to your RDP for that go PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 to Start All packagesPRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.


you’ll see container asking username and password, input your username and password and you’ll get access to RDP.
Now open AMS, if you have rdp with out AMS then you may installation AMS yourself on PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023.

First we are able to upload account on AMS PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023 After this click on go back to main window.

Now add subject of your rip-off letter, assume we’re spamming chase then add subject of chase spam letter.
upload your scam letter into msg body and select html from message type.
Now click send PRO EWHORING METHOD 2023




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