Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

Pubg Uc Carding Method 2022 Today I will Tell You the Pubg UC carding Method which is still working in 2022 Pubg UC carding full process is explained. make sure you have a Live Credit card Non-VBV with Good Balance Then You Can Card Anything.

Pubg Uc Carding Method 2022 Today I will Tell You Pubg UC carding Method which is still working in 2022. make sure you have a Live Credit card Non-VBV with Good Balance Then You Can Card Anything.

From previous few days i were given so many messages like – How to buy pubg uc via carding? Which cc need to apply for pubg carding and so forth. but it’s not possible to answer one after the other and that is why i shared this trick for all of you.

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As you all recognize PUBG cell one of the maximum famous sport within the world due to the fact that is the primary cell shooting game that have very good images as well as design even i like this sport too.

Amazon Carding Trick
Flipkart Carding method
agree with me if you play one time this recreation you may certainly cherished it. just attempt as soon as in case you had never played. you may additionally earn lots of money if you could play like a pro.

nicely this submit is not for folks who even doesn’t recognise what is pubg, this best for folks who are aware of it very well and additionally recognize the price of pubg cellular uc (unown cash)

earlier than i proportion the trick i’m hoping you all recognize approximately UC (Unknosn coins) if you don’t then maintain analyzing till quit.


What is PUBG mobile UC

UC (Unknown Cash) is a type of virtual cash for purchasing outfit and shopping in pubg mobile game. You can buy anything in pubg mobile with exchange of unknown cash.

I do not need to say much info about uc as you already know the value of it if you are a pubg player. This is just for those reader who doesn’t even know about pubg.

Now let’s come to the main topic. If you really want to hack pubg mobile UC then you must need to have some knowledge about carding. If you are a new in this field then just read my previous article.

Requirements for UC Carding of PUBG Mobile

  • CC – Credit card – Buy CC from here
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network – use HMA
  • iOs Device – iPhone or iPad
  • PUBG Mobile App – AndroidIos
  • Pubg Account
  • Apple ID
  • Knowledge of Online Purchase.

You can buy cc from us at 55$ per cc or you can buy from any dark web site such as unicc with the exchange of BTC. But this will cost you more.

Or you can buy cc from us at Rs.4000 / USD $55 to Rs Rs.6000 / USD $80 and you can buy upto 32,400 UC with one cc. Contact via Whatsapp  or Telegram for more details.

Please note: You can also use playstore instead of apple store but sometimes you will get error messages like ‘Your transaction can not be successful‘ so in this case you have to change your Gmail ID.

PUBG Mobile UC Carding Method & Trick

Now let’s start main method of PUBG mobile UC Carding before that a little warning for everyone who want to apply this trick.

Please note: Carding is a cybercrime and it’s highly illegal in india and others country too, so please try to use this trick in as safe as possible way.

Here is simple steps for PUBG Carding:

  • Get a live cc with good BIN
  • Take your device
  • Add card details in apple id or playstore.
  • Verify the card by making a small purchase.
  • Open PUBG and click on buy uc
  • Select how much you wish to buy
  • Make payment through apple id or playstore.
  • That’s it. You have successfully carded UC Pubg UC Carding Method 2022.

UC Carding Method with iPhone

first of all purchase a live cc from us cc cost simplest 4000Rs / USD fifty five$ to 6000Rs /USD eighty$ (advocated fullz cc which value 6000Rs / eighty$)

if you have out of indian cc like us, united kingdom or anywere else then use vpn with equal country as cc or in case you are the usage of indian cc then vpn not required.

Then take your ios tool and open settings > apple id > view apple identity price delivery

Then click on on ‘upload payment approach‘ alternative and input cc info which you purchased

you have to input Card number, Expiry Date, CVV and name in addition to deal with too.

after you add all information cautiously simply recheck them and click on achieved.

Now comeback to homepage and restart your iPhone or iPad

Goto itune keep and dowmload some paid songs or movies. After that close itune store and wait upto 4 hour.

After four hour open pubg mobile and start shopping uc from the app (you could do transaction upto 1 to 5 in in keeping with cc)

Thats all approximately PUBG cellular UC Carding method with ios device guys. you may get 40k plus uc at simply 4k / 55$ so exceptional of success.

word every now and then you may get declined message if your card details isn’t legitimate or the card is not to be had for worldwide buy so in this example you need to pick out precise BIN that’s unlocked for worldwide purchase.

UC Carding with Android device
this is additionally very smooth trick or even you dont need to root your device for this method. simply need to have a cc with top playstore bin and you’re ready to move.

So initially simply buy a non vbv cc from any cc save or you can additionally buy from us (The BIN is mystery only buyers will get bin. contact us through whatsapp +1-213-822-3267 if you want to buy cc)

So if you buy any international bin including America then you need to use vpn so open play store and down load Zenmate or HMA vpn (you may use any vpn but these is high speed vpn)

Then open settings for your telephone and go to google money owed then dispose of all the money owed from there.

Now create a brand new Gmail identity with cc holder name and affirm it.


How to Do Carding in Midasbuy

Well, if you have little knowledge of carding then this trick will be very easy and simple to use fo you! But if you are new then it might become little hard.

Ok! So, i hope you have all the materials which i have mentioned, if have then OK!

Simple steps for Carding on Midasbuy:

  • Just get a non vbv cc with balance.
  • Make account with cc owner name.
  • Select PUBG Mobile UC amount.
  • Select ‘Credit Card’ as payment mode.
  • Add card details and pay the amount.
  • That’s all, UC will be added to your PUBGM account.

RequirementA Working CC

1. Remove All Mails In Your Mobile.
2. Clear Given App Data: – VPN, Play Store, Google Chrome
3. Connect Your Vpn CC Holder Country.
4. Open Chrome And Go To And Add Your CC
5. Check Your Card. – Open Play Store. – Go To Payment Methods – Buy $5 Google Gift Card First If This Gift Card Buy Successful Means Your Cc Is live
6. Now Open Pubg Mobile Go To UC Section
7. Buy This Packages – ₹3999 – ₹799 – ₹79 (change to US dollars or your local currency)
8. After Purchase Clear This Apps Data – play Store – Chrome [ Dont Disconnect Your VPN ]
9. Now Reboot Your Device After That Start Your Phone So Wait Until 5 mint After That Disconnect Your Vpn
10. All Process Done.

Pubg UC Carding Method 2022


1 – Android
2 – Live CC
3 – 1 Month Old Gmail Account

after Buying CC
Go In Play Store And Click On Payment Methods And Click On Add Credit Or Debit Card Just Add The CC If The CC Add Then Wooh!

Fill Your Card Details Like This
Full Name Of CC Owner
Address – random
Cc Details (Pubg UC Carding Method 2022)

If Card Added Then Card Is Live Don’t Buy Another!
After Card Added Open Pubg Game
Open Pubg And Then Go Shopping Buy UC Pack Of 7900rs Pack 8100uc
If the payment is successful do again
If not then go lower amount (4,000rs)
After your start receiving msg
Couldn’t make purchases

It means the card is dead  Pubg UC Carding Method 2022
Go to settings and remove your cc Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

Why PUBG UC Carding Failed? Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

Your card is bad

The main issue could be the card you try is either dead or has no available balance. Your source of cards must be really high validity. Many sellers on market sell bogus cards. You have to go to high-end ones. Always check the BIN country is matching with the sellers given ( The site you card should be located in the same country as where your card was issued and also match with your IP.

Your IP is bad

You have to check if your IP has any open ports. If you have port 80 or 22 open, there is a high chance your carding will not be successful. You can check open ports on Also h you must be sure the IP is not a TOR exit node ( Your IP’s ISP should not contain the world datacenter or anything similar to that. Also, you have to flush DNS settings in your profile before you switch proxies or connect to a new one.

Your profile is bad Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

First of all your timezone should match with the cardholders and IP timezone. Do not ever install flash. It should match exactly with minutes too. I recommend tools as Anti detect, but it is pretty useless if you are familiar with Virtualbox cloned copies and can manage to work on VM’s.

The VM’s HTML5 canvas fingerprint can be recognized as you use the VM so I also recommend using the Firefox extension called CanvasBlocker. If you carding in the same country geographically as your cardholder, it’s better to get a burner phone (iOS recommended) and every time you turn on and off the mobile network you will have a fresh IP.

You can use different browsers in different versions and get geographically close located BINs. The success rate is really high Pubg UC Carding Method 2022. 

Your email is bad

Disposable e-mails? C’mon. Fake address? No way. They can verify it with a simple SMTP-MX lookup. Did custom set up domain names? Useless, they can easily check the whois creation and modification date.

Yahoo? They can check the creation date. Gmail? Better. Do not use the same email address ever. I personally like to go with because they can not check creation and easy to connect on thunderbolt with POP3 and SMTP to constantly monitor them.

Why Pubg Uc Carding Failed?  Behavioral issues Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

Do not order very high-value items from shops. Always match the average amount with the possible average amount of the shop you card. Do not try to make purchases with different cards from one account in one shop.

If it failed, you move on. Stay below the radar. There is MUCH more info on this topic.Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

That’s it in the first batch. I have about 50+ more issues you can make while you try to card. (Billing & Shipping info, browser/device fingerprint, carding techniques).Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

How do I know all this? I am a carder with 7+ years of experience and carded over 10 Million $. I know the mechanism of all fraud prevention systems like,,,,, etc. it’s pretty easy to card if you know what to do. Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

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Pubg UC Carding Method
Pubg UC Carding Method
Pubg UC Carding Method 2022
Pubg UC Carding Method 2022

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