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ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023

This Article is All about ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023 That how you can download the updted and the latest software and botnet for android 2023 free of cost by blackhat pakistan.


these days, Android stands out amongst the most famous and a ways accomplishing smartphones’ running systems. It has millions of packages which are allotted at both accepted or casual shops. Botnet programs are classified as malwares that may be distributed by way of utilizing those shops and downloaded by way of the unlucky customers on their smartphones. This paintings investigates Android botnets using static analysis to extract feasible features from the programs source code after being opposite engineered ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023. The functions are then used to broaden effective gadget getting to know fashions to stumble on such malicious packages. additionally, ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023 the examine proposes a brand new set of features related to getting access to assets at the goal cellular. The capabilities are extracted from 1928 Android botnet packages (ISCX dataset) and 2224 of Android benign programs (downloaded and scanned with the aid of special tools advanced as a part of this work). The extracted functions are classified into six agencies of capabilities similarly to a set that consists of all the extracted features. every organization of functions undergoes schooling and trying out processes the usage of four popular ML classifiers (i.e. Random woodland, Multi-Layer Perceptron neural networks, choice trees, and Naive Bayes). After evaluating the consequences and appearing functions importance analysis, it is able to be stated that the URL set of features play the key function inside the Android botnet detection problem and the Random forest classifier obtains the exceptional outcomes primarily based on all sets of features ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023.

ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023
ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023

ROGUE V6.2 ANDROID BOTNET Free Download 2023 Features:

• Mass Command Execution – Executes command on all bots at once !

• Anti Guard – Restricts/Blocks access to the all Antivirus applications on the Device & on Playstore !

• App Blocker – Restricts access to applications that user adds to the database !

• Command History – Displays Past Executed Commands !

• Anti Doze Mode – Protects itself from being killed by the system when phone was locked to sleep !

• Encryption/Decryption – Encrypts/Decrypts files of all types with a Password !

• Low Orbit Cannon – A handy tool to test your website with a flood of traffic !

• Self Destructive Mode – Wipes and Deletes all files and folders on the phone !

• Screen Logger – Records and logs the screen in the Background !

• KeyLogger – Records and streams the Keystrokes to the server ! MISCELLANEOUS

• Contacts.

• Call Logs.

• Stealth.

• GPS Monitor.

• Take Pictures.

• Records Audio.

• Inbox Messages.

• Device Information.

• Wipes Inbox SMS.

• Send Notifications.

• Fake Alert Dialogs.

• Runs on Device Boot up.

• Execute Shell Commands.

• Enable/Disable Wireless/Bluetooth.

• Default SMS App Switcher.

• Screenshot Grabber (Root Required).

• Makes itself as System App (Root Required).

• Request Device Administrator Access/Root Access. CUSTOMIZATION

• Anti Guard – Ability to Add Custom Antivirus Apps/Other Applications to Block.

• Encryption/Decryption – Encrypts/Decrypts a Specific File/File Type/All Files !


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