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  1. Habib1

    Loki RAT (PHP RAT)

  2. Habib1

    Anubis Crypter FUD

    New Now Update Try +Refud +bug fixed + Design changed, app starts much faster now + Today im publishing DataAnubis version with updates. Source Code will be incluided in link below. Program options: Assembly and icon cloner File Binder Fake msg box Advanced USG download linking -...
  3. Habib1

    Loki RAT (PHP RAT)

    see key try key head post i edit now to add.
  4. Habib1

    BTI Cpanel Bruteforcer v1

    BTI Cpanel Bruteforcer v1 is simple software which crack any kind of cpanel Download linking - support me check profile thanking
  5. Habib1

    Loki RAT (PHP RAT)

    Loki RAT is a php RAT that means no port forwarding is needed for this RAT for more help contact me. Download Linking - try key - 12horse34 settymaket adrikadi Check me profile support me post
  6. Habib1

    Kripto Clipper

    A crypto clipper is a type of malware or malicious software designed to steal cryptocurrency from victims by manipulating their clipboard. Here’s how it typically works: Clipboard Monitoring: Crypto clippers operate by monitoring the clipboard of an infected device. When you copy a...
  7. Habib1

    Feeel free 2 support my post BTC MONERO ETH USDT Accept

    Feeel free 2 support my post BTC MONERO ETH USDT Accept
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