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Sniffing attack.The Most advance attack 2022



Sniffing attack in context of network security, corresponds to theft or interception of data by capturing the network traffic using a packet sniffer (an application aimed at capturing network packets). When data is transmitted across networks, if the data packets are not encrypted, the data within the network packet can be read using a sniffer.[1] Using a sniffer application, an attacker can analyze the network and gain information to eventually cause the network to crash or to become corrupted, or read the communications happening across the network.

What is Sniffer?

A sniffer is an application that can capture network packets. Sniffers are also known as network protocol analyzers. While protocol analyzers are really network troubleshooting tools, they are also used by hackers for hacking network. If the network packets are not encrypted, the data within the network packet can be read using a sniffer. Sniffing refers to the process used by attackers to capture network traffic using a sniffer. Once the packet is captured using a sniffer, the contents of packets can be analyzed. Sniffers are used by hackers to capture sensitive network information, such as passwords, account information etc.

Download Sniffers:

Many sniffers are available for free download. Leading packet sniffers are wireshark, Dsniff, Etherpeek, sniffit etc.


Wire-shark Download link

: Click Here


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