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spamming in 4 chapter

chapter 1
what is leads and how to get target leads

1/ what the difference between target leads and non target leads

2/ how to get valid leads for paypal only

3/ how to get valid leads for amazon only

4/ how to get leads for chase bank

5/ how to get leads for blockchaince

6/ get leads easy secret method

7/ get leads by kali linx

8/ get leads by combo leccher

9/ get sms leads easy

chapter 2

Social engineering arts to penetrate a victim what

1/ what is social engineering and important for spammers

2/ why most people they don’t succeed in spam

3/ phishing attack 3 strategy

4/ how to get good idea scam page by social enginnering

5/ art of spamming in sms buy soical enginnering

6/ update 1 thing in scam page can you have khnow you spam cc balance

chapter 3 start of attack

1/ how to chcek sms valid leads

2/ how to check email valid leads

3/ what is smtp slove all proplems

4/ crack mass smtp and check it

5/ difference between phpmailer and mailer software

6/ best mailer for send sms

7/ how to send spam message in facebook

8/ promot scam page in instgram

9/ best company provid rdp in spam only

chapter 4 spam by Reverse Engineering

1/ what is Reverse Engineering

2/ important Reverse Engineering for spam

3/ how to edit any apk and steal cc

bouns method get a lot of cc without cvv

4/ method get free credit $50 to promot spam apk

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