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Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

The Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger gathers built information from a wide range of other resources properly. These built-in Discord tokens, FileZilla host records integrated, autorun modules, built-in integrated shape, and built-in Outlook electronic mail debts.

It collects built-info of the VPN client’s built-integrated Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger:

OpenVPN, and ProtonVPN. And it captures consultation built integrated from famous games built integrated BattleNet, Mbuilt-Minecraft, and Uplay, integrated into messengers (Skype, element, Telegram, Pidgbuilt-in) and Crypto Wallets (Zcash, Armory, Bytecointegrated, Jaxx, Exodus, Ethereum, Electrum, AtomicWallet, Guarda, Cointegratedomi, Litecobuilt-in, built-in, Bitcobuilt-in).

Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023
Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023

Sufferer mach built integrated built-in data Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger:

Stealerium tries to collect other facts, too, which built integrated IP built integrated, built-in integrated facts, built-in procedure records integrated, built-in integrated shape built integrated, and greater (wi-figure 11). All may be utilized by an attacker for malicious functions.

the built-in table lists the forms of integrated built-information it could exwi-filtrate.

built-information theft

details integrated


Gathers a built-in integrated of built-ing gadget tactics together with their executable paths, savbuilt-ing all to an “integrated.txt” wi-fi.


Captures device built-in screenshot to “computer.jpg” wi-record.

Directory Tree Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

The malware built-incontabuiltintegrated a list of folders (e.g, Comput built integrated, My documents, My photos, My videos wireless, Startup, Downloads, Dropbox, OneDrive, TEMP) and examintegratedes all subfolders and wi-files wireless built-inwithbuiltintegrated. It stores this built-integrated as a tree shape.

Collects all wi-fi from wi-fispeciwiwireless folders, built-inclusive of integrated computer, My wireless, My images, Downloads, Dropbox, OneDrive, and TEMP.

data integrated

Collects wi-fic built-in facts, built-integrated IP, built-in device, and virtualization built integrated, savbuilt-ing it all built-in a “built-inintegrated.txt” wi-file wireless.

Installed Apps

Collects built-inbuilt integrated application built integrated with the aid of built-integrated a “select * FROM Wbuilt-in32_Product” question. built-integrated built integrated software call, model, and publisher. The malware saves this data as “Apps.txt”


Gathers the execution route and procedure identity for non-system approaches by us built an integrated way of a “pick ExecutablePath, ProcessID FROM Wbuilt-in32_Process” question. This built information is stored as “system.txt”.


The malware retrieves the built-in product key from SOFTWARE Microsoft Wbuilt-windows NTCurrentVersionDigitalProductId built-integrated gadget registry. It’s saved built-in  Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023
Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023

System Info Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

Gathers the built-in’s public IP, neighborhood IP, default gateway, person name, pc name, OS version, CPU name, GPU name, amount of RAM, machbuiltintegrated date, display metrics, battery statistics, variety of connected cameras, any built-indication of virtualization software program (e.g., VirtualBox, Sandbox, Emulator, Debugger), runnbuiltintegrated method built-info, any integrateddication of built-ing or cloud built-ingsintegrated, and details integrated of any built-installed antivirus software.

Collects built-info (e.g., producer, device name, description) of connected cameras built-in integrated stroll built integrated the “pick * FROM Wintegrated32_PnPEntity built-in (PNPClass = ‘photograph’ OR PNPClass = ‘digicam’)” question Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.


Scans to be had c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a networks built-in built-inwalkbuiltintegrated the “chip  65001 && netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid” command. This returns the network name (SSID), sign strength, channel, and BSSID, savbuilt-ing the facts integrated into a “Scannbuilt-ingNetworks.txt” report.

built-in the following built integrated pertains to the startup built-inityintegrated, schedule building of tasks, and the command integrated used for Stealerium execution.

TegrateddowsPowerShellv1 Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

conclusion – locate and Block Stealerium attacks
To protect built-inagabuiltintegrated malware assaults built-includes Stealerium, Uptycs recommends:

built-in all software programs and OS updated with the contemporary safety patches.
keep away from clicking built-ing on suspicious built-inks or built-integrated attachments from unknown resources.
Use a wireless wall to dam unauthorized get admission to built-in your computer.
Use a sturdy Wi-Fi password for each online account.

often update passwords to lessen the threat of a huge-scale assault.
bus built integrated must have tight security controls and multi-layered visibility coupled with protection answers to become aware of and detect malware built-integrated Stealerium. as a built integrated: Uptycs’ EDR unintegrated detected Stealerium activity integrated by way of correlatintegratedg typical behavioral guidelbuiltintegrated and YARA procedure scan integrated skills.

Built-inbuilt integrated to havintegratedg  Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger:


AntiAnalysis (VirtualBox, SandBox, Debugger, VirusTotal, Any. Run)
Get built-in built-integrated (version, CPU, GPU, RAM, IPs, BSSID, vicbuiltintegrated, display metrics, established apps)
Chromium-based browsers (passwords, credit score built-ing cards integrated, cookies, history, auto wirelessly, bookmarks)
Firefox-based total browsers (db wi-fi, cookies, history, bookmarks)
built-in net explorer/facet (passwords)
stored Wi-Fi networks & scan networks around the tool (SSID, BSSID)
wireless grabber (wireless, images, source codes, Databases, USB)
hit upon bankintegratedg & cryptocurrency built-ings integrated built-in browsers
Steam, Uplay, conflict.built integrated, Mbuilt-Minecraft consultation
set up keylogger & clipper
computbuiltintegrated & Webcam screenshot
ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, NordVPN
Crypto Wallets

Zcash, Armory, Bytecobuilt-in, Jaxx, Exodus, Ethereum, Electrum, AtomicWallet, Guarda, Cobuilt-inomi, Litecobuilt-in, dash, Bitcointegrated

Crypto pockets Extensions from Chrome & edge Bintegratedance, co-built-in98, Phantom, Mobox, XintegratedPay, Math10, Metamask, BitApp, Guildwallet, iconx, Sollet, Slope wallet, Starcointegrated, Swash, Fintegratednie, KEPLR, Crocobit, OXYGEN, Nifty, Liquality, Auvitas pockets, Math wallet, MTV pockets, Rabet pockets, Ronbuilt-in pockets, Yoroi wallet, ZilPay wallet, Exodus, Terra Station, Jaxx.

Messenger classes, debts, Tokens
Discord, Telegram, ICQ, Skype, Pidgbuilt-in, Outlook, Tox, detail, signal


Requirements Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

built-in case you integrated want to construct from the source these are the requirements.

visual Studio 2022 (v17.*)
built integrated SDK 6. zero.* (protected built-in visual Studio 2022)
built-internet integrated Framework SDK four.8 (built-included integrated visual Studio 2022)

dealer targets Cryptocurrency enterprises with fake Jobs
We discovered an energetic campaign concentrated on jap Europeans within the cryptocurrency enterprise using fake job lures.

with the aid of: Aliakbar Zahravi, Peter Girnus
February 09, 2023
read time: eleven min (3095 phrases)

Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023
Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023

Percentage Print Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger:

These days determined an energetic campaign that makes use of a fake employment pretext concentrated on jap Europeans within the cryptocurrency industry to install a records stealer. in this marketing campaign, the suspected Russian threat actors use several notably obfuscated and under-development custom loaders to infect those worried in the cryptocurrency enterprise with the Enigma Stealer (detected as TrojanSpy MSIL ENIGMASTEALER YXDBC), a changed version of the Stealerium records stealer. further to those loaders, the attacker additionally exploits CVE-2015-2291, an Intel motive force vulnerability, to load a malicious motive force designed to lessen the token integrity of Microsoft Defender.

Stealerium, the unique facts stealer which serves as the base for Enigma Stealer, is an open-source assignment written in C# and markets itself as a stealer, clipper, and keylogger with logging abilities the usage of the Telegram API. safety teams and personal customers are cautioned to constantly replace the security solutions of their structures and remain vigilant in opposition to threat actors who carry out social engineering thru task opportunity or earnings boom-associated lures.

Assault Chain Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

discerns 1. The attack kill chain used by the Enigma Stealer operator
Figure 1. The attack kill chain utilized by the Enigma Stealer operator (click on the photo for a larger version)
the use of fake cryptocurrency interviews to trap victims

The infection chain starts with a malicious RAR archive determined The documents discovered within the malicious RAR archive
The files observed inside the malicious RAR archive
those files installation the pretext for a fake cryptocurrency function or task establishing. One file, Interview questions consists of pattern interview questions written in Cyrillic. This serves to similarly legitimize the package deal in the eyes of the victim and draw attention far from the malicious binary.

the alternative file Interview conditions.word.exe (SHA256: 03b9d7296b01e8f3fb3d12c4d80fae8a1bb0ab2fd76f33c5coe11b40729b75fb23) includes the primary stage Enigma loader. This report, which also masquerades as a legitimate phrase record, is designed to entice unsuspecting victims into executing the loader. once accomplished, the Enigma loader starts offevolved the registration and downloading of the second-stage payload.

Evaluation of the Enigma infrastructure Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger:

Enigma uses servers in its operation. the first utilizes Telegram for turning in payloads, sending instructions, and receiving the payload heartbeat. the second server used for DevOps and logging purposes. At every level, the payload sends its execution log to the logging server. in view that this malware is underneath continuous development the attacker potentially uses the logging server to enhance malware performance. we have additionally identified the Amadey C2 panel on 1which has the handiest sample speaking with it.

Amadey is a famous botnet that is sold on Russian-speaking forums, but its supply code has been leaked online. Amadey offers chance actors polling and reconnaissance offerings.

parent five. The uncovered info.php web page of the danger actors’ command-and-manipulate (C&C) infrastructure
parent 5. The uncovered data.php page of the threat actors’ command-and-manipulate (C&C) infrastructure
This server has a completely unique Linux distribution only referenced in Russian Linux boards Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

discern 6. The default time area of the C&C server Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

determines 6. The default time sector of the C&C server
The default time quarter on this server is ready for Europe/Moscow. This server registers a newly infected host while Interview conditions.word.exe is carried out with the aid of the sufferer.

The initial stage of Enigma, Interview conditions.word.exe, is a downloader written in C++. Its number one goal is to download, deobfuscate, decompress, and launch the secondary stage payload. The malware contains a couple of methods to avoid detection and complicate opposite engineering, along with API hashing, string encryption, and beside-the-point code.

earlier than delving into the analysis of “EnigmaDownloader_s001,” permit’s first look at how the malware decrypts strings and resolves hashed home windows APIs. By understanding this, we can enforce an automated system to help us retrieve encrypted statistics and streamline the analysis method. Please be cautioned that to enhance code legibility, we’ve got substituted all hashes with the corresponding characteristic names.

EnigmaDownloader API Hashing Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

API hashing is a method employed via malware to hide the utilization of potentially suspicious APIs (functions) from static detection. This method enables the malware to disguise its activities and prevent detection.

It includes replacing the human-readable names of features (consisting of “CreateMutexW”) with a hash price, including 0x0FD43765A. The hash value is then used inside the code to call the corresponding API feature, in place of using the human-readable name Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

The cause of this technique is to make the manner of know-how of the code greater time-ingesting and tough.

For API Hashing the EnigmaDownloader_s001 makes use of the subsequent custom MurmurHash Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

The malware employs dynamic API resolving to conceal its API imports and make static evaluation greater hard. This approach involves storing the names or hashes of the APIs needed, then uploading them dynamically at runtime Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

The Windows API offers LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress functions to facilitate this. LoadLibrary accepts the name of a DLL and returns a deal, that is then exceeded to GetProcAddress along with a characteristic name to reap a pointer to that characteristic. In addition steer clear of detection, the malware creator even implemented their own custom model of GetProcAddress to retrieve the cope with of features which include LoadLibrary and others. using fashionable techniques like GetProcAddress and LoadLibrary may improve a pink flag, so the custom implementation enables to keep away from detection.

Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023
Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger 2023

Dynamic API loading Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

the following is a list of API hash values in conjunction with the names of capabilities that have been used on this pattern (Please note that the hash value might be exclusive in different editions since the malware writer modified some of the steady values within the hash generator feature).

To solve the API hash, the malware first passes arguments to the “mw_resolveAPI” feature. the first argument is the specific library name index wide variety (in this example 0xA = Kernel32.dll), at the same time as the second argument is the export characteristic call hashed price (which, in this situation, is Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

The mw_resolveAPI characteristic first unearths the specific index, jumps to it, and decrypts the corresponding library call value as shown in the backside photo of determine 9.

Resolving API hashes
determine nine. Resolving API hashes
determine nine. Resolving API hashes
the subsequent is the list of decrypted library names:

The library name and export characteristic call hashed cost is then passed to GetExportAddressByHash, which is liable for beginning the cope with the library, creating a hash for every export characteristic call, and evaluating it with the surpassed argument. As soon as the fit is observed, the malware returns the function address and calls it.

Retrieving the cope with of an API Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger

Retrieving the cope with an API The code snippet in discern 11 demonstrates how mw_GetExportAddressByHash resolves the given API hash and retrieves the cope with of an exported characteristic. The techniques used to decrypt strings and resolve API hashes in both the level 1 and level 2 payloads are equal.

custom implementation of Get ProcAddress
parent eleven. custom implementation of Get ProcAddress
With an understanding of this manner, we can then proceed with our evaluation.

Upon execution, the malware creates the mutual exclusion item (mutex) to mark its presence within the gadget and retrieves the MachineGuid of the infected machine from the SOFTWAREMicrosoftCryptographyMachineGuid registry key, which it uses as a unique identifier to sign in the device with its C&C server and music its infection.

parent 12. building a unique machine identifier and creating a mutex
determine 12. building a unique machine identifier and creating a mutex Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

It then deletes the HKCUSOFTWAREIntel registry key and recreates it with two values, HWID, and identity, as proven in discern thirteen Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

parent 13. Recreating HKCUSOFTWAREIntel Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger
parent thirteen. Recreating HKCUSOFTWAREIntel
It then collects statistics about the. internet Framework Setup at the infected gadget and sends it to its C&C server as proven in Figure 14.

determine 14. building first debug message Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger
discern 14. building first debug message
parent 15. An instance of the primary debug message
Figure 15. An example of the first debug message is Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger
There are two C&C servers that had been used in this assault chain. the primary one is used to ship program execution DEBUG and Telegram to supply payloads and ship instructions.

To download the subsequent level payload, the malware first sends a request to the attacker-managed Telegram channel Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.

discern sixteen. Payload “file_path” request from Telegram Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger
Payload “file_path” request from Telegram
notes that in this example, the next degree payload turned into file_17.p.c.. however, this file and different degree names have been changed multiple times during our research.

Upon obtaining the file_path, the malware then sends a request to download the subsequent degree binary record Stealerium Stealer Clipper Keylogger.



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