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and modern-day generation merchandise. We stand out among all in terms of providing the maximum reliable, short and operative internet and community safety solutions. With notable vulnerability detection, hazard reputation and threat management, we are simply the quality on the subject of securing your community. Our committed and professional body of STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.



knowledgeable and has years of experience in special IT industries. They go away no possible course in delivering the great to their clients.

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We at CODEC Networks are proud to serve the most important industries like authorities protection, finance, telecom, healthcare, e-commerce, schooling and crucial infrastructure. We analyze the network layout and shape of the organization to tailor down the most superior security solutions for them. We customise most subtle and eternal answers according with the state-of-the-art technologies to healthy STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS 2023.

all your protection needs and necessities. Be it internet software safety, community protection, chance control, vulnerability evaluation, intrusion prevention or data leakage safety, CODEC Networks have to be your primary priority.
CODEC Networks is emphatically reputed to give the maximum gifted trainings inside the industry. they’re renowned to create the most skilled and knowledgeable security and networking professional. They specialize in:


– EC Council trainings
– Websense trainings
– Juniper training
– Checkpoint trainings.

All their trainings are of great first-class and rather favored many of the groups. they also provide specialised protection education, specialised improvement trainings, different workshops and boot camps. Their entire trained college is conspicuously expert and experienced within the fields of security and networking. Their method of teaching is precise and pleasant to benefit their college students in the high-quality possible way.
CODEC Networks specializes in robust protection solutions, expert trainings and latest generation products. you may constantly contact our friendly team of workers to speak about your requirements wish us. we’d be glad to speak about and proportion all possible answers for that is our number one intention.

In todays international, cyber protection is as vital as ever. With ever growing threats to businesses, having a strong safety solution is in reality essential.

We’ve all heard of organisations paying massive fines or maybe going out of enterprise because of a easy hack to their structures. There are definitely far too many threats obtainable to ignore the dangers – from ransomware to phishing, it could value you your livelihood. Prevention is prime and in this newsletter we’ll display you 10 methods to save you Cyber assaults and how to safeguard your commercial enterprise correctly.


what is a Cyber attack?
A cyber assault is a deliberate exploitation of your structures and/or network. Cyber attacks use malicious code to compromise your pc, good judgment or facts and steal, leak or hold your information hostage. Cyber attack prevention is essential for each business and business enterprise.

right here are some examples of common cyber attacks and sorts of data breaches:

identity theft, fraud, extortion
Malware, phishing, spamming, spoofing, adware, trojans and viruses
Stolen hardware, which includes laptops or cellular gadgets
Denial-of-carrier and dispensed denial-of-service attacks
Breach of get right of entry to
Password sniffing
gadget infiltration
internet site defacement
non-public and public net browser exploits
on the spot messaging abuse
intellectual belongings (IP) theft or unauthorized access


1. teach your personnel.
one of the maximum commonplace ways cyber criminals get get entry to for your statistics is thru your employees. They’ll ship fraudulent emails impersonating someone on your employer and could either ask for personal details or for access to certain documents. links regularly seem legitimate to an untrained eye and it’s smooth to fall into the entice. that is why employee attention is vital.

one of the maximum efficient approaches to guard against cyber attacks and all types of information breaches is to educate your personnel on cyber assault prevention and tell them of present day cyber assaults.


whether or not you had been raised on generation, or just hyper diligent, you likely assume you’re quite cyber savvy. but most people have unknowingly had our cyber safety threatened.

Did you realize that during 2022, Australians have already lost greater than $336 million to online scams(external hyperlink)?

Your private statistics may be destroyed – or you could lose your financial savings, identity, livelihood or worse.

the good news is, you can beat the scammers at their very own game! comply with those 5 short, clean steps and guard your self nowadays.

five easy tips TO guard yourself – today
Use your smarts, and generation, to be cyber-relaxed – at home, at paintings, at uni or out within the global.

1. test in case you’VE ALREADY BEEN concerned IN A facts BREACH
go to haveibeenpwned.com(external hyperlink) and exchange the ones passwords for any money owed that it suggests can also were compromised.

2. check THE power OF YOUR PASSWORDS
test the electricity of your passwords at howsecureismypassword.internet(external link) (use something just like your original password to test its energy).

when selecting a password, keep in mind: the longer it’s miles, the more potent it is. A sturdy password is at the least 12 characters lengthy and tough to bet.

the usage of a sentence is a excellent manner to create an extended password which you’ll in no way forget about.

three. avoid those PASSWORDS
the following passwords are considered the most common and easiest to crack – so in case you’ve were given any of these or similar variations, you need to significantly thinking about converting them – fast!

learn how PurpleSec can help mitigate the today’s cyber assaults and improve protection ROI.

writer: Michael Swanagan, CISSP, CISA, CISM / closing updated: 10/sixteen/22

Reviewed by way of: wealthy Selvidge, CISSP, Josh Allen, Seth Kimmel, OSCP, & Jason Firch, MBA

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table Of Contents
Cyber attacks may be prevented through being aware about the numerous forms of protocols, exploits, tools, and resources utilized by malicious actors. similarly, understanding in which and the way to anticipate assaults make certain you’re growing preventative measures to defend your systems.

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what’s A Cyber attack?

A cyber assault is carried out with malicious motive when a hazard actor attempts to take advantage of a vulnerability or weakness in a machine or people of an agency. these attacks threaten to scouse borrow, regulate, spoil, disable or gain get entry to to or employ an unauthorized asset.

Cyber assaults, threats, and vandalism are a dangerous and growing trouble for companies.


nearly all cutting-edge-day groups require a network of computer systems, servers, printers, switches, get admission to factors, and routers to perform STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS .


organizations also installation software program equipment to streamline capabilities, like QuickBooks for handling bookkeeping STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.


lamentably, while these devices and applications provide a massive advantage to the corporation, they also represent a risk.


All it takes is one worker to click on on a malicious link that then profits get entry to on your community and infects your structures.

How Do You prevent Cyber assaults?

preventing a breach of your network and its systems requires protection against a diffusion of cyber assaults. For each attack, the appropriate countermeasure ought to be deployed/used to deter it from exploiting a vulnerability or weakness STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.


ways To save you not unusual Cyber attacks STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

the primary line of protection for any organisation is to assess and enforce protection controls.


but, there are some of ways to save  STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS you cyber assaults which include:


developing a cyber protection method
growing cyber safety rules STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
undertaking a security chance assessment
Hiring a virtual CISO service
appearing vulnerability tests STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
engaging in employee phishing campaigns
imposing protection focus schooling
putting in spam filters and anti-malware software
Deploying next-era Firewalls (NGFW)
putting in endpoint detection & reaction (EDR)
the usage of a VPN or SD-WAN answer
enforcing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

remember the fact that this listing is the bare minimum needed to deter the modern day cyber attacks.

PurpleSec threat management platform

For A Maturing security software STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

large, or greater complicated, businesses with extra mature cyber security applications will require a protection crew, either in-house or outsourced, to manipulate protection software answers and behavior superior trying out of an agency’s environment.




common methods to prevent greater STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS superior cyber attacks encompass:


developing a vulnerability  STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS management application
accomplishing routine penetration testing
imposing safety facts and event control (SIEM)
Deploying intrusion detection & prevent software (IDS and IPS)
creating a facts loss prevention (DLP) program
acting static code analysis STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

For agency protection applications STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

organisation agencies frequently have sturdy security programs that undertake a non-stop approach to their cyber security. This constant and near real-time tracking ensures that cyber assaults are being avoided always.


not unusual methods businesses prevent STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS the maximum risky cyber attacks include:


appearing purple and blue group sports STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
Hiring a virtual security Operations center (SOC)
making an investment in a controlled Detection And reaction (MDR) service
imposing lively threat looking STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
purchasing internet utility firewalls (WAFs)
Deploying a 0 consider security architecture
constructing safety automation into methods
kinds of Cyber attacks & how to save you Them STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

The distinctive varieties of cyber attacks are STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS:


community assaults
wi-fi assaults
Malware attacks
Social engineering attacks STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

It’s important to notice that no device is 100% vulnerability free or “hacker-evidence”. If a hazard actor has enough time, sources, and manpower to launch an attack then possibilities are they will find a way in.


this is especially authentic of advanced chronic chance groups.


Cyber assaults come in all shapes and sizes from deploying an utility-precise attack in opposition to a database server to sending phishing emails with malicious attachments or URLs STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.


at the same time as knowing the purpose of a cyber assault can be beneficial it isn’t the main priority. What takes priority is understanding how the assault happened and a way to prevent them from succeeding within the future.


the next sections will pass in-depth at the exclusive styles of cyber assaults and threats and includes the steps you could take to prevent them from compromising your structures.

pattern vulnerability evaluation document for 2023


learn how to prevent community assaults.


A network assault is an try and exploit a vulnerability or weak point on a community or its structures together with servers, firewalls, computer systems, routers, switches, printers, and more.


The aim of a network assault can be to scouse borrow, adjust, or get rid of get admission to to precious data. Or, it can be to deliver down a community STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.


assaults on networks have emerge as extra commonplace in latest years in element because small and mid-sized businesses are not making investments into securing their structures speedy enough.


As a result, hackers target groups because their systems are often simpler to compromise.


different reasons encompass a upward thrust in hacktivism, bring your personal tool (BYOD) use, and cloud-based packages.



4. accept as true with nobody (ON EMAILS)
this will sound a chunk severe – but always be searching for deceitful emails and compromised net pages (unsolicited mail and phishing). Interacting with these places your statistics at chance and may down load viruses. recollect:

do not open e mail from unknown electronic mail addresses STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
trash attachments in unexpected emails
keep away from volatile clicks – as an alternative type the cope with into your browser.
five. secure YOUR device
if your cellular device is unsecured, misplaced or stolen, it can be used to get right of entry to your information, your cash or scouse borrow your identity and irreplaceable facts like pictures or messages. at ease your devices through:

putting in anti-virus software STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS
setting a password, gesture or fingerprint that should be entered to unencumber
putting the device to require a password before packages are hooked up
leaving Bluetooth hidden when no longer in use and disabling automated connection to networks
permitting far flung locking and/or wiping capabilities, if your device helps them.

preserve your gadgets at ease, specifically whilst you’re out and about.

Antivirus software program for college kids
find out IT networks and safety publications
Dashlane Password manager
want to enroll in THE CYBER REVOLUTION?
Did you know we’re inside the midst of a worldwide skills shortage in cyber protection? if you’re interested in IT or already working within the enterprise, bear in mind in addition studies and turn out to be a cyber crime-fighter.

VU’s Graduate certificates in Cyber protection and grasp of applied records generation have a arms-on technique in order to prepare you for senior roles in IT, with consciousness on cyber security, cloud computing, advanced programming, cell applications and software engineering.

VU’s groundbreaking Cybersecurity schooling Centre offers guides co-designed with the aid of cybersecurity experts, inclusive of the certificates IV in Cyber protection 22334VIC (and is a part of the unfastened TAFE application(outside link)).

take a look at out greater IT Networks and safety publications at VU STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.

take a look at links earlier than clicking them
check e-mail addresses from the obtained electronic mail (have a look here on how to test it)
Use not unusual sense earlier than sending sensitive data. If a request seems bizarre, it likely is. It’s better to
check through a telephone call with the character in question before actioning the “request”
Leaf can offer bespoke cyber awareness schooling for organizations of all sizes. touch us to discover greater.


2. keep your software and systems fully up to date STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.
often cyber attacks take place because your structures or software program aren’t absolutely updated, leaving weaknesses. So cybercriminals make the most these weaknesses to advantage get right of entry to for your community. once they’re in – it’s regularly too late to take preventative movement.

To counteract this, it’s smart to spend money on a patch management system with a purpose to manipulate all software program and device updates, maintaining your machine resilient and up to date.

Leaf offer patch management as part of their controlled protection solution.

laptop and accessories On table STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS

3. make sure Endpoint safety.
Endpoint safety protects networks which are remotely bridged to devices. cell devices, pills and laptops which might be related to company networks deliver get admission to paths to safety threats. those paths need covered with unique endpoint safety software program.


there are such a lot of exclusive forms of sophisticated records breaches and new ones surface each day and even make comebacks.

setting your community at the back of a firewall is one of the simplest approaches to protect your self from any cyber assault. A firewall device will block any brute pressure attacks made to your community and/or structures before it is able to do any harm, some thing we allow you to with.


5. Backup your facts.
in the event of a catastrophe (regularly a cyber attack) you need to have your information backed as much as avoid serious downtime, loss of statistics and serious monetary loss.


6. manage get entry to to your systems.
accept as true with it or not, one of the assaults that you could acquire to your structures may be physical, having control over who can get right of entry to your community is absolutely genuinely critical. any individual can in reality walk into your workplace or corporation and plug in a USB key containing inflamed documents into certainly one of your computers allowing them access to your complete community or infect it.

It’s important to manipulate who has access for your computer systems. Having a perimeter security system hooked up is a very good manner to stop cybercrime as a good deal as ruin ins!


7. Wifi security.
Who doesn’t have a wifi enabled tool in 2020? And that’s exactly the threat, any device can get inflamed by way of connecting to a community, if this inflamed tool then connects on your business community your entire system is at extreme hazard.

Securing your wifi networks and hiding them is one of the safest things you can do for you structures. With wireless generation developing increasingly more ordinary there’s hundreds of devices that can connect to your network and compromise you STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.

8. worker private accounts.
every employee needs their very own login for every application and application. several customers connecting underneath the same credentials can positioned your business at chance.

Having separate logins for every workforce member will help you reduce the range of attack fronts. customers most effective log in as soon as every day and could handiest use their personal set of logins. greater security isn’t the most effective gain, you’ll also get stepped forward usability.

character operating On laptop

9. get admission to control STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.
one of the risks as a commercial enterprise proprietor and having employees, is them installing software program on commercial enterprise owned devices that could compromise your structures.

Having controlled admin rights and blocking your workforce installing or maybe getting access to positive data for your community is beneficial for your security. It’s your business, shield it!

Ethernet Cable jogging thru Padlock

10. Passwords.
Having the same password setup for everything can be risky. as soon as a hacker figures out your password, they now have get right of entry to to the entirety to your machine and any utility you use.

Having distinctive passwords setup for every software you operate is a actual advantage on your protection, and changing them frequently will preserve a excessive degree of protection towards external and inner threats.

find out extra approximately true password exercise right here.

end: 10 ways to save you Cyber assaults.
it may be tough to recognise in which to start when it comes to shielding your business from cyber crime and cyber attacks. There’s a lot data out there that it is able to end up overwhelming, mainly whilst the information is conflicting STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.

You want an answer that’s right for your business and your employees. Get in touch with us nowadays for a no responsibility cyber safety assessment. we are able to help kickstart your adventure to becoming at ease.


In topics of protection, as in subjects of faith – all people chooses for himself the most that he STOP CYBER SECURITY SOLUTIONS.

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