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The Art of Network Vulnerability Assessment 2023

In this article we will learn about The Art of Network Vulnerability Assessment.

Information about The Art of Network Vulnerability Assessment:

This ebook covers the concept, setup, and implementation of a successful vulnerability assessment on any network using Nessus. You will get the opportunity to learn the practical steps that should be taken when conducting an assessment, you will also learn how an assessment is based and how it differs from penetration testing.

The e-book is divided into several chapters and topics for you to understand the entire process. The vulnerability assessment approach and workflow is also included.

Some important topics:

  • Network vulnerability assessment concept
  • Vulnerability assessment process and approach
  • Nessus installation and configuration
  • Creation of basic policy
  • Factors to be seen while making preliminary policies
  • Creating a web application testing policy in Nessus
  • Efficient scan launch
  • Interpretation of results

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