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The best hacking software and security checks in 2022

Cybercriminals don’t just use hacking and cracking software for criminal activities. Ethical hackers and security professionals also use it to identify and report network vulnerabilities. Now we are talking about the best security and hacking software of 2020 that these professionals usually use.

There are hacking programs on the internet that are paid and free. One of the techniques that a system administrator can use is to test the security of the network from the perspective of cybercriminals. This allows them to find security holes and fix them before attackers can exploit them. Now it’s time to talk about the best security and hacking software of 2020.


The goal of  Likely is to search the web for vulnerabilities, helping security professionals identify the critical ones so they can fix them in time.

Probably, with the help of the main panel, we have a broad view of the security of our targets. Thus, we can identify the vulnerabilities that occur most often and how long it takes to fix them. This way, we know what to focus on when training developers.

It should also be noted that it integrates with popular tools like Slack and JIRA. In addition, anything that can be done with a web application can also be done directly through the API. The intrusion detection mechanism is a bonus along with its comprehensive online reporting. We can scan our production environment with non-intrusive or intrusive and comprehensive scans.


is an AI-based platform that automates real-time application security and website or cloud security testing.v

In its operation, it has AI behavioral analysis that works together to ensure safety:

  • Real-time protection with hybrid architecture.
  • Threat authentication. Wallarm Cloud Scanner replays hacker attacks to check your network.
  • Machine learning.


One of the best hacking and security software of 2020 Network Parquet, another vulnerability assessment tool.

We find a platform to solve network security needs in an integrated, multi-user, and scalable environment. It also allows you to fully automate your online security process. With that in mind, you can perform an automated vulnerability assessment to help us prioritize our work to fix issues. Vulnerabilities you find are automatically assigned a severity level to highlight the potential damage and the urgency with which we need to fix it. In addition, we can use it with Jira, Github, Jenkins, TeamCity, or Bambu.


is ​​one of the best software for security professionals. It’s a tool that scans for network vulnerabilities to protect your websites, web applications, and APIs.

Acunetix is ​​a comprehensive web application security solution that helps you address critical website vulnerabilities. It has a scanner that lets you scan everything from simple pages to password-protected areas and multi-level forms with advanced tracking technology.

Acunetix validates the classification by creating which vulnerabilities are real and not false positives. It prevents vulnerabilities by performing quick or deep scans depending on your needs.

Angry IP Scanner

is a cross-platform open source software that is very useful for checking which hosts we have connected to the same LAN. It provides us with a large amount of information about hosts and which ports are open.

With this program we can:

  • Scan local networks and the Internet, both IPs and ports.
  • Export results in many formats.
  • We have a command line interface.

Angry IP Scanner can be defined as a versatile and open source network scanner designed to be fast and easy to use.

Burp Suite

is excellent web application hacking and security software for security testing.v

This tool is the right package for penetration testing devices. BurpSuite features automated scanning methods, vulnerability management frameworks, and comprehensive compliance reports. In addition, it has a detailed scanning method that offers several possibilities.


 is a password cracker that helps recover forgotten passwords and review password history for audits and reports.

It is open source and cross-platform, it also has a built-in benchmarking system and supports decentralized crack networks.

With this, we end up with the best security and hacking software. Thanks to the software we talked about earlier, you help security professionals test their environment and build their defenses even more effectively. We recommend that you read our guide to the best vulnerability scanners to hack, and also the best tools to respond to security breaches.

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