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Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox 2023

Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBoxOpen source Intelligence or OSINT gives some of the satisfactory ways to tune actual-time crises around the sector.

Many have called this nation-backed plane piracy Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox:

ultimate night time (may additionally 23, 2021), Belarus pressured a Ryanair flight headed to Vilnius, Lithuania to land in Minsk, so they might arrest the dissident journalist, Roman Protasevich Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

and the european has strongly condemned this movement by way of the Belarus dictator, Alexander Lukashenko. All european-primarily based flight at the moment are being diverted round Belarus Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

we are able to track exactly what passed off and what’s happening on that flight with open supply flight monitoring site, Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox

Step #1: Open RadarBox

the first step is to open the opensource flight tracking software for your browser.

Step #2: search Flight 4978

Now with RadarBox open, we are able to look for the flight from Athens, Greece to Vilnius, Lithuania with the dissident journalist aboard, namely flight FR4978. click on the history tab at the top-center and a pull-down menu seems. click on FLIGHTS Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

Now, enter the RyanAir flight quantity, FR4978 Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

ep #3: music the Flight

while you click on at the flight, it opens a web page showing all of the key information about this flight such as it path path Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

we can zoom in and view the exact path of the flight as it become diverted to Minsk by agents of the Belarus dictator Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

we will even play back the flight through clicking inside the PLAY button near the bottom left.


The crisis gambling out between the european and Belarus is one extra instance of ways OSINT techniques can provide the real-time information, if investigators recognize wherein and how to look. further, you may intercept pilot-to-tower communique using SDR proven right here.

For more on actual-time OSINT monitoring techniques, see our submit on the Suez Canal disaster right here. For extra on OSINT strategies, see our OSINT training page here Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

This week, numerous airlines around the world suspended their flights to Ukraine, with a few airways avoiding Ukrainian airspace altogether due to escalating tensions with Russia. approximately 10 airlines including KLM and Lufthansa have suspended flights amid the warnings of an forthcoming assault on Ukraine Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

in step with the Ukrainian government, Ukraine’s airspace is running generally. last Monday (21), Lufthansa suspended flights to Ukraine, joining KLM, which had suspended flights to the japanese eu u . s . days in the past. Lufthansa’s suspension remains in vicinity till the give up of this month. Lufthansa organization flights to Lviv, placed in western Ukraine, will hold as normal Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

“The safety of our passengers and crew contributors is our top priority at all times. because of the modern state of affairs in Ukraine, Lufthansa group airlines are postponing their ordinary flights to Kyiv and Odesa,” said Lufthansa group in a announcement Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

a few charter airways like Ukrainian SkyUp rerouted flights because of the leasing organization’s issues. PQ902 of SkyUp airlines had to divert to Chisinau the previous day due to leasing and insurance groups taking flight their protections amid tensions in Ukraine (via Aviation supply)

SkyUp airways PQ902 Flight path furnished via AirNav RadarBox

The multi-countrywide Scandinavian airline, SAS, and Air France have additionally decided to suspend their flights to Ukraine. All flights from France to Ukraine operated through Air France had been canceled closing Tuesday (22). no matter the suspension of flights with the aid of several airways, some others are persevering with their every day operations Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

Boryspil global Airport arrivals and departures statistics provided with the aid of AirNav RadarBox indicates that numerous airways which include Uganda airlines, SkyUp airlines, CSA Czech airways, Qatar airways and Turkish airways, Ryanair, and FlyDubai maintain to operate flights to the us of a Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

Arrivals and departures from Boryspil worldwide Airport

a few airlines like Air India have operated and are anticipated to operate 3 flights to repatriate Indian residents presently in Ukraine. Pegasus airlines, among different airlines, operated flights to Ukraine’s largest airport last Tuesday (22). The Latvian-primarily based air provider AirBaltic additionally announced that it was postponing night time flights to and from Ukraine until the give up of February.

Arrivals and departures from Boryspil global Airport Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox

Air India evacuation flight from Kyiv to Delhi with 241 passengers on board Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

but, as per RadarBox flight facts, Boryspil international Airport has been experiencing a drop within the wide variety of flights, a median of 241 daily flights to 209 recorded ultimate Sunday (20), with days registering 159 flights consistent with day. between February thirteen and February 19, 1302 flights had been recorded in comparison to 1652 recorded in 2020 (pre-pandemic ranges).

Flight records for Boryspil worldwide Airport Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox

Boryspil international Airport path Heatmap Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox

right here are the top 10 maximum popular destinations:

1st – Antalya Intl. Airport (AYT / LTAI) – Avg. movements/Week: 122.four (10.four%)

2d Istanbul New Airport (IST / LTFM) – Avg. movements/Week: fifty eight.4 (5.0%)

3rd Dnipropetrovsk Intl. Airport (DNK / UKDD) – Avg. movements/Week: 50.9 (four.3%)

4th Dubai Intl. Airport (DXB / OMDB) – Avg. actions/Week: 50.2 (4.3%)

fifth Lviv Intl. Airport (LWO / UKLL) | Avg. movements/Week: forty three.five (3.7%)

sixth Odessa Intl. Airport (ODS / UKOO) – Avg. actions/Week: (3.4%)

7th Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS / EHAM) – Avg. movements/Week: 35.2 (3.0%)

eighth Kharkiv Intl. Airport (HRK / UKHH) – Avg. movements/Week: 33.0 (2.eight%)

9th Ben Gurion Intl. Airport (TLV / LLBG) – Avg. moves/Week: 31.7 (2.7%)

tenth Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW / EPWA) – Avg. moves/Week: 30.3 (2.6%)

USAF & RAF Flights

USAF worldwide Hawk FORTE12 monitoring jap Ukraine

Amid Ukraine’s tension with Russia, the united states and united kingdom Air pressure army aircraft were accomplishing surveillance flights over Ukraine’s airspace close to the Belarussian border (thru R7) Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

Ryanair Flight 4978 became a regularly scheduled global passenger flight from Athens global Airport, Greece, to Vilnius Airport, Lithuania, operated through the Polish subsidiary Buzz. On 23 may additionally 2021, while in Belarusian airspace, it was diverted via the Belarusian authorities to Minsk national Airport, wherein two of its passengers, competition activist and journalist Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega, were arrested by means of authorities. The plane became allowed to leave after seven hours, reaching Vilnius 8 and a half of hours delayed Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

The act turned into condemned by using the eu Union (ecu), NATO, the United Kingdom, and america, amongst others

, and by way of a few civil aviation authorities, at the same time as Russian officers backed Belarus. the ecu and the european Union Aviation safety company issued directives halting eu airways from flying over Belarusian airspace Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

The aircraft involved was a four-yr-antique Boeing 737-800, registered in Poland, registration SP-RSM.[1] The plane entered carrier with Ryanair in may 2017, registered EI-FZX in ireland, and in November 2019 changed into transferred to Ryanair sun (now Buzz) as SP-RSM on the Polish plane registry.[2]

Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Approximate route of the flight, displaying its diversion towards Minsk
On 23 might also 2021, Ryanair Flight 4978 (Athens–Vilnius),[3] operated by means of the Polish subsidiary Buzz,[4] a Boeing 737-800 wearing 6 team individuals and 126 passengers,[5] changed into diverted to Minsk country wide Airport after ground government mentioned a bomb on board, at the same time as the aircraft became forty five nautical miles (eighty three km; fifty two mi) south of Vilnius and ninety nautical miles (170 km; 100 mi) west of Minsk, but still in Belarusian airspace.[6][5][7]

The branch of Aviation of Belarus claimed that an email turned into acquired inside the well-known mailbox [email protected] containing the following textual content at 09:25 UTC (12:25 neighborhood Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox):[8]

“We, Hamas squaddies, demand that Israel stop fire within the Gaza Strip. We demand that the eu Union abandon its assist for Israel in this war. We understand that the contributors of Delphi economic forum are returning home on can also 23 through flight FR4978. A bomb became planted onto this plane. if you don’t meet our demands the bomb will explode on might also 23 over Vilnius. Allahu Akbar.”[8]

The statistics later acquired from the email server by means of the truth-finding investigation crew of the international Civil Aviation company confirmed that such an e-mail were despatched to Minsk Airport at 09:fifty six (12:fifty six nearby).[9] Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

This message turned into sent to a total of six recipients in separate emails to the airports of Lithuania, Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Kyiv and Minsk, with the primary five sent whilst FR4978 turned into flying over Ukrainian airspace, at once previous to entering Belarusian airspace.[10]

in line with the airline, its pilots were notified through Belarusian government of “a ability safety threat on board” and had been instructed to land the aircraft in Minsk.[11][12] The plane had entered Belarusian airspace at 12:30, and the “bomb threat” was handed on by using Belarusian air traffic manage (ATC) at once afterwards. At 12:33, air visitors manage cited an electronic mail from terrorists despatched to the Minsk airport.[13][14]

in step with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary, the pilots had been advised via Belarusian ATC that there has been a bomb on board which would be detonated if the plane entered Lithuanian airspace, hence the need to divert to Minsk. O’Leary stated that the pilots attempted to are seeking for advice from Ryanair however have been lied to through Belarusian ATC, who informed them business enterprise representatives were not answering the telephone Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[15]

in keeping with his press provider, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko individually ordered that the flight be re-directed to Minsk with a Belarusian Air pressure MiG-29 fighter escort.[6][16][17] however, the ICAO fact-finding project force later decided the MiG-29 was tasked with communications back-up and to defend Minsk, and did now not approach nor escort FR4978.[18] The Belarusian government news organisation BelTA stated that the pilots had asked to land in Minsk.[19][20] each Ryanair and Belarusian law enforcement stated that no bombs had been determined on board.[11][12]

The flight direction of FR4978 over Belarus became unusual even before making the U-turn. based totally on Flightradar24 uncooked statistics, it became mentioned that the plane did not begin to descend over Belarus, even though that is typically performed in preparation for touchdown in Vilnius Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[21][22]


Roman Protasevich, the journalist and activist, was arrested after the pressured landing in Minsk.

Upon touchdown in Minsk, the Belarusian opposition activist Roman Protasevich turned into eliminated from the plane and arrested on the grounds that he became indexed on a Belarusian wanted listing.[6][23] His female friend, Sofia Sapega, a Russian citizen, was also removed and detained without explanation.[24] the ecu Humanities college in Vilnius confirmed she became detained and demanded her launch.[25] Sapega faced three criminal costs “every of which deliver sentences of among 3 and 15 years in prison”[26][27] and turned into subsequently sentenced to 6 years in prison for “inciting social enmity and discord” and “illegally accumulating and disseminating information about the non-public lifestyles of an unnamed individual with out his consent Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox”.[28]

Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya referred to as for an research of the incident by using the worldwide Civil Aviation company (ICAO).[29] Belarus had placed Protasevich on a listing of “individuals worried in terrorist interest” the preceding year for his position in anti-authorities protests. opposition chief Pavel Latushko claimed that Belarusian ATC threatened to shoot down the passenger aircraft if it did now not make an emergency landing in Minsk.[30] consistent with some passengers Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox, Protasevich requested the cabin group for refuge, however turned into refused due to Ryanair prison agreements.[31][32] As he left the aircraft, Protasevich independently told every other passenger that “the death penalty awaits me here”.[33] some other source stated that Protasevich confronted 15 years’ imprisonment for his guide of “terrorist organizations” in Belarus Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[24]

in line with resources close to Tsikhanouskaya, Protasevich observed that he turned into under surveillance at the Athens airport. In his messages, he said that a person next to him at the road and the checkpoint tried to take pix of his journey files.[34] additionally, Tadeusz Giczan, a member of the Nexta Telegram channel, which became formerly edited by means of Protasevich, stated that officials of the KGB have been on the flight and had “initiated a combat with the Ryanair crew”, insisting that there was a bomb on board the aircraft.[35][7] Lina Beišinė, spokeswoman for the Lithuanian Airports nation organization, told AFP that Minsk countrywide Airport had said the flight become diverted “because of a battle between a member of the group and the passengers”.[36]

further to Roman Protasevich and Sofia Sapega, three passengers disembarked in Minsk, including two Belarusians and one Greek citizen.[37] Following hypothesis that the passengers were members of the Belarusian KGB, Belarusian state tv aired a video of 3 people announcing that they’d selected to live in Minsk; one become a Greek man, who stated he turned into journeying to Minsk anyway and might have otherwise taken a connecting flight from Vilnius to Minsk.[38] A Greek authorities authentic stated that an investigation had not indicated a connection between the Greek national and the incident.[37] the opposite passengers also said that they wanted to disembark in Minsk Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[39]

The plane was allowed to depart after 7 hours on the ground in Minsk,[31] achieving Vilnius eight.five hours overdue.[5] Passengers noted having to wait 2.five hours with out water, rest room breaks or telephone calls, at the same time as 50 to 60 Belarusian security officials at Minsk airport achieved a seek that covered checking the belly of the plane for bombs.[40]


Belarusian authorities
Following the incident, the Belarusian Ministry of shipping announced that it had installation a fee to analyze the pressured landing, pointing out that it would notify the ICAO and IATA approximately the investigation’s progress and put up a record rapidly thereafter Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[41][42]

On 24 may additionally 2021, the director of the branch of Aviation of the Ministry of transport of Belarus,

Artyom Sikorsky, study out an e-mail letter, which they stated was sent to Minsk airport on 23 may additionally. This message, signed by way of “Hamas squaddies”, protected needs to Israel to “end hearth within the Gaza strip” and for the european Union to give up its guide of Israel. If the demands were now not met, the Ryanair aircraft could be blown up over Vilnius, in line with the email.[43] Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel referred to as the Belarusian clarification “completely incredible”.[44] Hamas denied that it turned into in any way linked to the incident.[45][46] reporters found that the email published through Belarusian authorities were acquired at 12:fifty seven, 24 mins after Belarusian air visitors manage notified the Ryanair flight of the bomb hazard.[47]

On 25 may also 2021, the Belarusian branch of Aviation posted its transcription of radio communications between Belarusian air visitors manipulate and the FR4978 pilots.[48] in step with the transcript, the Belarusian flight operator initially informed the pilots that they “have records from special offerings” about the bomb on board, later claiming that the “airport protection stuff [sic] informed they obtained e mail”. when the pilot asked whether or not it changed into Vilnius airport that acquired the e-mail, or Athens Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox,

the flight operator stated that the bombing alert become obtained with the aid of “numerous airports”. when the pilot asked whose recommendation it were to land in Minsk, he changed into knowledgeable by using the flight operator that it turned into “our guidelines”. The transcript indicated that the pilot to start with decided to circle at his present role, then later decided to divert to Minsk airport on the recommendation.[49][50] As of 25 might also 2021, this transcript could not be showed through impartial events.[51] in line with The Wall street magazine, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary rejected the version of events made by using Belarusian authorities officers and known as the scenario a “premeditated hijacking” Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[52]

On 26 may additionally 2021, Lukashenko made his first remarks about the incident in a speech to the Belarusian parliament. He stated that he acted “legally” and claimed that “ill-wishers from out of doors the u . s . and from within the us of a modified their techniques of assault on the kingdom”, regarding it as “hybrid conflict”. He additionally accused Protasevich of making plans a “bloody rebel”, without giving details.[53][54] Lukashenko introduced that the bomb chance had come from Switzerland; but, the Swiss authorities said it had no know-how of any bomb hazard on the flight.[55]

european economic sanctions Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox

The Lithuanian cupboard banned all flights to and from Lithuania flying through Belarusian airspace, powerful 00:00 GMT, 25 may additionally (03:00 EEST).[56] British transport secretary supply Shapps advised the Civil Aviation Authority to request that British airways avoid Belarusian airspace. Belavia have been flying into Gatwick Airport previous to the incident.[57] Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky told the authorities to halt air site visitors with Belarus.[58]

the european held a meeting of leaders on 24 may also 2021 in Brussels, Belgium. before the assembly, Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda known as for the eu to impose sparkling economic sanctions on Belarus. Calls were made by eight nations for flights over and to Belarus to be banned. some other concept become that ground visitors be banned from entering the eu from Belarus.[59][60] on the meeting, it changed into agreed upon to restrict ecu-primarily based airways from flying through Belarusian airspace, ban Belarusian carriers from flying into european airspace, and to put into effect a clean spherical of sanctions Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[61]

On 26 might also 2021, the ecu Union and the eu Aviation safety employer issued directives officially halting eu airlines from flying over Belarusian airspace.[62] The U.S. and the eu announced plans to impose punitive sanctions targeting key members of Lukashenko’s government.[63] In early June, Germany briefly stopped issuing flight lets in to airways from Russia for flights to Germany, after two Lufthansa flights have been not issued permits to fly into Russia.[64]

On four June 2021, the eu Union banned Belarusian airways from its airspace in conjunction with different monetary sanctions.[65][66] On 9 June 2021, the united states government announced it might put in force new sanctions on Belarus.[67] america, ecu Union, uk and Canada issued a joint assertion on 21 June 2021 saying further sanctions towards members and supporters of the Belarusian authorities, in addition to Belarusian state-owned corporations Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox. those blanketed person tour bans, asset freezes and other sanctions.[68] similarly measures taken had been european dual-use goods and era export bans to Belarus, as well as change bans on petroleum merchandise, potassium chloride for the Belarusian potash industry, and goods used for the manufacturing of tobacco merchandise.[69]

Following the eu sanctions, Belarus turned into accused by using the eu states for instigating the 2021–2022 Belarus–eu Union border disaster.[70]

In early November 2021, a head of department of Aviation of Belarus Ministry of shipping and Communications Artem Sikorsky said that the european sanctions value the united states about $10 million in lost opportunities every month. Sikorsky called on Russia and different Eurasian Union contributors to respond together on aviation extremism from Western international locations and to boost up the introduction of a unified aviation administration of all Eurasian nations. at some stage in the same press conference he recalled the goal to undertaking the ecu sanctions in international courts.[71]

Belaeronavigatsia, the Belarusian nation-owned company answerable for regulating airspace and offering air traffic control in Belarus, become sanctioned by means of the eu. It misplaced its case against those sanctions in the general courtroom of the ecu on 15 February 2023.[72]

international Civil Aviation agency

On 27 might also 2021, the ICAO Council expressed sturdy challenge about the obvious compelled diversion and requested the ICAO Secretariat to adopt a fact-locating investigation beneath Article fifty five of the Chicago conference for a destiny consultation of the council.[73][74][75] In November 2021, ICAO introduced that the research document had been delayed till January 2022, because of the “volume of facts submitted and further kingdom clarifications nevertheless being required Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox”.[76]

On 17 January 2022, ICAO posted the truth-finding file for discussion at an ICAO Council meeting on 31 January.[77][18] The report concluding that the bomb hazard turned into “intentionally false”, but couldn’t “attribute the fee of this act of unlawful interference to any person or kingdom”.[78]

ICAO laid out that its crew “become not provided with a fine reason to explain why records [of the Belarusian authorities] had now not been preserved”. access to the controller of the Ryanair flight or to the decision records of officials, as well as footage from properly-placed airport cameras were also not supplied to the research crew Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[79]

Russian authorities Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox

As Russian aviation government did now not approve some new routes avoiding Belarus, Air France and Austrian airways had to cancel flights from Paris to Moscow on 26 may additionally and from Vienna to Moscow on 27 may additionally, at the same time as several other european providers, consisting of KLM and a British airlines shipment flight, had been allowed to land in Russia using new routes

y technical in nature, and that the issue should not turn out to be a further irritant in Russia’s relations with the eu Union”.[81] On 1 June, Lufthansa become compelled to cancel flights to Moscow due to the fact authorisations have been now not obtained on time, prompting the German government to retaliate by means of denying Russian airways access to its airspace Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.[82]

prison research

On 23 can also 2021, the Lithuanian public prosecutor’s workplace opened a pre-trial investigation under the criminal Code articles of “Hijacking an plane” and “remedy of folks Prohibited underneath worldwide regulation”.[83] due to the fact the plane is registered in Poland and is concern to shine regulation, on 24 may additionally, the Prosecutor fashionable of Poland ordered the opening of an investigation into the case Track the Crisis in Belarus with Ryanair Flight with RadarBox.

[84][85] On 14 June, Protasevich seemed at a press convention, wherein chief of the Belarus Air force Igor Golub claimed that there was “no interception, no pressured diversion from the country border or forced touchdown of the Ryanair aircraft”. A BBC journalist present on the conference stated that Protasevich was in reality there under duress.[15] in view that there were 4 individuals on board the aircraft, the FBI investigated the incident, and on 20 January 2022, america legal professional for the Southern District of recent York charged four Belarusian officials with conspiracy to devote plane piracy. The officials charged have no longer been arrested.[86]


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