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What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide 2022

What is Phishing And how to protect yourself from it The letter to Nikolai was sent not by the store, but by cyber scammers. They deceived Nikolai for confidential data, and he did not even notice how he fell for their bait. This type of scam is called phishing. That is fishing, fishing on a hook.

Usually, criminals first hook a person to the quick: they intimidate them with the loss of money or lure them with super benefits, arouse curiosity or sympathy. Then they lure out personal data, account, or card details. And in the end, money is debited from the bank account.

Consider what mistakes Nikolai made and how he could protect himself from losing money What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide 2022.

Mistake #1: Not using antivirus protection

Nikolay considered the purchase of an antivirus a waste of money. He decided that it was much easier and cheaper to clean the spam mailbox himself.

How to resolve the error

On all your gadgets – a computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphone – you need to install an antivirus. A good antivirus package includes protection against spam and phishing emails. He recognizes suspicious recipients.

What is Phishing And how to protect yourself

In addition, the antivirus will protect against programs that steal card data, gain access to online and mobile banks, and intercept SMS and push messages with secret codes. This is even more dangerous than phishing – your account can be reset to zero, and you won’t even know about it right away.

It is important to update protection regularly. Cyber ​​scammers invent new viruses and phishing methods every day What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

How to avoid the tricks of scammers

Always carefully check the address from which the letter came. If it differs by at least one character from the usual address of a store, bank, airline, or other real organization, such a letter should not even be opened. If the address is not familiar to you at all and you do not expect messages from new recipients, then you can safely delete it What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

When you open the letter, pay attention to how it is written and formatted. Spelling errors and terrible design are clear signs of a fake letter. But recently, scammers have learned to very accurately repeat the corporate identity of well-known companies. So you should be careful, even if everything looks perfect.

If a friend or acquaintance sent an incomprehensible link, it is better to call back and make sure that this message is definitely from him What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

What to check when going to the site

Address. It is best to bookmark the addresses of banks, government agencies, favorite online stores, and other online services. You can enter the address manually, but you need to be careful – sometimes an error in even one character will lead you to a phishing site double.

Always check your browser’s address bar. Sometimes you can get to a phishing site even when you go from one page of the portal you know to another.

Connection security. If you want to enter personal information or card data and purchase through the site, then HTTPS and a closed padlock icon must be in front of its address. The letter s and a closed padlock mean that the connection is secure: when you enter data on the site, it is automatically encrypted and cannot be intercepted.

A secure connection is a requirement, but not sufficient. Hackers cannot connect to such a site and get your data. But this is not a guarantee that the site itself was created by a law-abiding company. Recently, criminals have also managed to obtain security certificates for their sites.

Design. Even if you missed an extra letter in the address, and the criminals set up a secure connection, poor site design should catch your eye.

Criminals create online resources for the simple purpose of collecting sensitive data. Therefore, in most cases, they are not smart with the structure and design of the site. Sloppy layout, spelling errors, broken sections, and links are clear signs of a fake What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide 2022.

But if scammers have big ambitions, they can invest in creating a website that most accurately repeats the Internet resource of a well-known organization. Or create a beautiful and high-quality website of your own “project”. So you can’t focus on design alone What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

What you need to know

After entering the card details, the store site should transfer you to the gateway of your card payment system. This is a separate secure page, the online store cannot access the information you enter there What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

Payment gateways connect the cardholder to their bank when making a payment. The bank sends a one-time code to the client in an SMS message to confirm the operation. And only after the buyer enters it, the payment goes through What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

Do not tell anyone secret codes from the bank – check if the data from the SMS matches the details of the operation. If everything is in order, enter the code in a special field on the payment page. If not, call the bank What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

All payment systems have secure gateways. Look for their logos on the payment page: Visa Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, and Mir Accept. Moreover, the logos should be active links that lead to the sites of payment systems. On the pages of scammers, these logos are just pictures What is Phishing And how to protect yourself Guide.

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