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XWORM V2.1 CRACKED RAT Free Download 2023

This article is about XWORM V2.1 CRACKED RAT Free Download 2023. You will know in this article how to download the XWORM V2.1 CRACKED Rat free download 2023 updated version for free.

What is XWORM V2.1 RAT?

RATS can infect computer systems like another form of malware. They might be connected to an email, be hosted on a malicious internet site, or take advantage of a vulnerability in an unpatched system.

A RAT is designed to permit an attacker to remotely control a laptop similar to how the far off desktop Protocol (RDP) and TeamViewer can be used for far off get right of entry to or system management. The RAT will set up a command and manage (C2) channel with the attacker’s server over which commands can be despatched to the RAT, and information may be sent lower back. RATs typically have a hard and fast of integrated instructions and feature techniques for hiding their C2 traffic from detection.

RATs may be bundled with extra capability or designed in a modular fashion to provide additional skills as needed. for instance, an attacker may advantage a foothold the usage of a RAT and, after exploring the inflamed machine the use of the RAT, can also decide that they want to install a keylogger on the infected device. The RAT may additionally have this functionality integrated, can be designed to down load and add a keylogger module as needed, or may additionally down load and launch an impartial keylogger XWORM V2.1 CRACKED RAT Free Download 2023.

XWORM V2.1 CRACKED RAT Free Download 2023 Features:

✅ Information
✅ Monitor [Mouse – Keyboard – AutoSave]
✅ Run File [Disk – Link – Memory – Script – RunPE]
✅ WebCam [AutoSave]
✅ Microphone
✅ System Sound
✅ Open Url [Visible – Invisible]
✅ TCP Connections
✅ ActiveWindows
✅ Process Manager
✅ Clipboard Manager
✅ Shell
✅ Installed Programs
✅ DDos Attack
✅ VB.Net Compiler
✅ Location Manager [GPS – IP]
✅ File Manager

✅ Client [Restart – Close – Uninstall – Update – Block – Note]

Options :

✅ Power [Shutdown – Restart – Logoff]
✅ BlankScreen [Enable – Disable]
✅ TaskMgr [Enable – Disable]
✅ Regedit [Enable – Disable]
✅ UAC [Enable – Disable]
✅ Firewall [Enable – Disable]
✅.NET 3.5 Install
✅ Disable Update
✅ Run Shell
✅ Invoke-BSOD

Password Recovery :

✅ | Bookmarks – Browsers – All-In-One – DicordTokens |
✅ | FileZilla – ProduKey – WifiKeys – Email Clients |


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