Phishing Complete Guide by Blackhat Pakistan


Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) is a kind of identity theft which is growing in popularity amongst hackers. By using fraudulent websites and false emails, fake phone calls and whatnot — perpetrators attempt to steal your personal data — most commonly passwords and credit card information. Criminals gain this information by sending you links to sites that look … Read more

Car Hacking by Blackhat Pakistan: Practical Guide to Exploiting 2022

car hacking

Learn all about car hacking by Blackhat Pakistan. Automotive security is really exciting and is an interesting topic of study for many security researchers. Automotive and hardware, for the most part, have always been off the radar. These hacks are always more difficult to pull off and at the same time, they are potentially more … Read more

How to hack wifi 2022 updated method 100% working

How to hack wifi

In this article, you will learn how to hack wifi in 2022 with the latest method and tools. It is a simple walk-through guide that shows how to hack Wi-Fi networks that use weak passwords. It’s not exhaustive, but you should be given enough details to check the protection of your own network or hack … Read more

How to cashout CC to BTC 100% Working and Tested Method 2022


How to cashout CC to BTC? This is one of the highest demanding topic in the world of carding. Many people waste a lot of credit cards while doing cc to btc. It is not that much easy to cashout your hacked credit cards. 90% of crypto exchanges ask for KYC before unlocking your account … Read more



CC TO BTC/ETH PRIVATE METHOD by Blackhat Pakistan STEPS:- Connect 911 to your state IP. Make sure the IP’s green. Visit Enter the amount and your wallet address. (Choose USD currency) Click on proceed and You Are redirect to Another site Enter CH Details Then hit Continue A Otp sent to Your Mail for … Read more

Cardable sites 2022

Cardable sites 2022

Cardable sites 2022 , In today’s guide, I am disclosing the best cardable websites to card with live CC. A typical cardable website does not use the MasterCard secure code or Visa verification to authenticate transactions, and it supports international shipping. Its shipping policies further allows items to be shipped to both the address of the CC … Read more

SS7 Hacking Complete Course

SS7 Hacking Complete Course 2021

today we present SS7 Hacking Complete Course 2021 Hacking telecom network training by Blackhat Pakistan in this attack you will learn alot of about ss7 that how ss7 works and SS7 Hacking Complete Course 2021 with tools. course updated. Topics : setuping tools for attacks solving errors hacking 4g Networks hacking 3g Networks how to … Read more

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