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BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance

BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth ReconnaissanceThe splendor of Bluetooth hacking is that it offers you a clear window into the arena of the target.

almost every device has Bluetooth BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance:

abilities now, and people save a superb deal of private information on their phones and tablets. If we will hack their Bluetooth connection, we can get right of entry to all of that amazing statistics saved on their tool!

Of path, it goes with out pronouncing that we have to be in pretty near proximity to hack Bluetooth. As I mentioned in my manual on terms, technology, and safety, the Bluetooth protocol has a minimal variety of 10 m (32 feet) and may genuinely increase as some distance as 100 m (320 ft) with a few adapters. That should be enough to reach each person in a espresso keep, your college study room, your workplace, and maybe even into your neighbor’s residence BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance
BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance 2023

​The significance of Reconnaissance

like all assaults, whether or not laptop-primarily based or military discipline operations, reconnaissance is essential. without right recon, your chances of achievement are critically faded, or in a few cases, nil. In all instances, success will increase exponentially the more you understand about your target. So on this tutorial, i can display you several ways to do recon on a capability target BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

​before continuing on beneath, I strongly advise you get yourself up to speed with the Bluetooth terms, technology, and safety, as well as the MultiBlue Dongle, a specialised tool for hacking Bluetooth. although you need physical get entry to to the goal device with MultiBlue, it actually demonstrates what can be completed if you have enough data and tools. moreover, you might discover this text exciting, which shows how Elliot hacked a prison to launch prisoners within the hit display, Mr. robotic.

the use of Bluez for Bluetooth Reconnaissance

BlueZ is the default Bluetooth protocol stack in nearly every model of Linux, along with our Kali Linux that is constructed on Debian. BlueZ become additionally the default Bluetooth stack on each Mac OS X and Android till recently.

​This implementation of the Bluetooth protocol has severa tools built in that we will use for recon, and given that they’re in nearly each distribution and flavor of Linux, they can be used by pretty tons all of you. (we can additionally use a few specialised tools for Bluetooth recon in Kal BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.)

​Step 1: fireplace Up Kali

permit’s start by means of firing up Kali and starting a command set off. i am hoping it goes with out announcing that you need a Linux-well matched Bluetooth adapter to preserve from here.

​Step 2: Use Hciconfig to permit Your Bluetooth Adapter

step one is to check whether our Bluetooth adapter is recognized and enabled. we will do this with a built-in BlueZ tool called hciconfig:

​kali > hciconfig

As you could see in this screenshot, we do have a Bluetooth adapter that has a MAC address of 10:AE:60:58:F1:37. The Bluetooth stack has named it “hci0.” Now, permit’s make certain it’s miles up and enabled BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance:

​kal > hciconfig hci0 up

exact, hci0 is up and prepared to paintings!

​Step 3: scan for Bluetooth devices with Hcitool

The BlueZ stack also has a few incredible command line (cli) tools for scanning for Bluetooth devices. those are in located in hcitool. let’s first use the scanning part of this device to search for Bluetooth devices which can be sending out their find out beacons (in discovery mode). kind:

​kali > hcitool experiment

​in the screenshot above, you can see it discovered two gadgets, ANDROID BT and SCH-I535. Now, let’s strive the inquiry (inq) command in hcitool to garner more statistics approximately those gadgets BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance:

​kali > hcitool inq

notice that it also displays clock offset and the class. The magnificence suggests what type of Bluetooth tool it is, and we can appearance up the code by using going to the provider Discovery website on the Bluetooth SIG site to peer what form of device it’s miles. Or, as we will see later, a few gear will do that for us.

​Hcitool is a effective command line interface to the Bluetooth stack that could do many, many stuff. inside the screenshot underneath, you can see a number of the instructions that it may execute. some of the Bluetooth-hacking tools that we can be the use of in future tutorials simply use these commands in a script. you can without difficulty create your very own device through using those instructions on your personal script.

​​Step four: test for services with Sdptool
​provider discovery protocol (SDP) is a Bluetooth protocol for attempting to find offerings. BlueZ has a device called sdptool this is capable of surfing a device for the offerings it provides. we will use it via typing BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance:

​kali > sdptool browse

right here we are able to see that this device turned into in a position to pull information on all the offerings this device is able to the usage of.

​Step 5: decide whether or not Bluetooth gadgets Are available with L2ping

Now that we have the MAC addresses of all of the close by gadgets, we will ping them, whether they may be in find out mode or now not, to peer whether they may be in reach BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

​kali > l2ping

This indicates that the device with a the MAC deal with seventy six:6F:forty six:65:seventy two:sixty seven is inside range and handy.

​Step 6: experiment for Bluetooth gadgets with BTScanner

For those of you who are greater cozy with a GUI-based totally device, Kali has BTScanner. really type:

​kali > btscanner

​while you kind in BTScanner, it opens a rudimentary GUI interface with instructions alongside the bottom. To do an inquiry test, in reality type the letter “i” to your keyboard. In this example, BTScanner located the 2 that i discovered with hcitool, in addition to a further one, MINIJAMBOX.

​o acquire extra statistics approximately the device, in reality vicinity the cursor over the tool and hit enter on your keyboard. it will then show all the information it has collected about the tool, similar to sdptool BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

In this case, that is the data approximately the SCH-I535 tool. observe about a 3rd of the way down the display, underneath elegance, it identifies it as a “cellphone/smart cellphone” from its elegance variety, 0x5a020c.

​Step 7: Bluetooth Sniffing with BlueMaho

we’ve got nevertheless every other device in Kali we can use for Bluetooth scanning, called BlueMaho, an integrated Bluetooth scanning/hacking device. right here we can without a doubt use it for scanning. you may begin BlueMaho’s stylish GUI by using typing BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance:

BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance
BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance 2023

​kali > bluemaho.py

​while you do, it opens a GUI like that beneath. right here, i have clicked at the “get SDP data” and hit the play button to the left. BlueMaho begins scanning for discoverable devices, and just like the different gear, it unearths two Bluetooth gadgets BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

​inside the bottom window, BlueMaho presentations extra data from the scanned devices. i’ve copied that info and located it right into a text file to make it less complicated with a purpose to read:

​be aware that it presentations the name of the first tool “MINIJAMBOX” and then describes the device kind as “Audio/Video, Headset profile.” the second one tool is diagnosed as “SCH-I535,” and we are advised its tool kind is “cellphone, clever phone.”

Now, that we know the way to accumulate data at the Bluetooth gadgets in our variety,

we can begin hacking the ones devices in Bluetooth Hacking, component three. There we will use this records and information to execute the BlueBourne exploit against almost any Bluetooth enabled device BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance!

We these days commenced an exploration of approaches to hack the usage of the Bluetooth protocol. As you know, Bluetooth is a protocol that connects close to subject gadgets such as headsets, audio system, and keyboards. Its minimal variety is a 10-meter radius (~33 toes) and maximum is at one hundred meters (~328 ft).

I already defined the fundamentals of Bluetooth era in my first article on this collection, or even confirmed off how Elliot used Bluetooth hacking in Mr. robotic. In this newsletter, we are able to study the use of the MultiBlue Dongle BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

This dongle is capable of connecting to any Bluetooth tool and enabling you to apply your pc keyboard to control the tool. Ostensibly advanced and bought to allow customers to apply their computer keyboard and mouse on their cellular device, as you may believe, it can be used for greater surreptitious sports. it’s available from many shops such as Amazon.com for approximately $35

in this academic, we are able to need bodily get admission to to the device, but as we amplify and deepen your know-how of Bluetooth, we can work in the direction of the use of this dongle to manipulate Bluetooth devices without bodily get right of entry to.

even though Bluetooth is limited to 10-one hundred meters, that is more than sufficient to cowl most homes, neighborhoods, offices, libraries, colleges, coffee shops, and so forth. With an antenna, this variety can be extended. Now let’s examine how to hook up with an Android tool and control it thru your computer keyboard BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

Human Interface device
concealed, or human interface tool, is a protocol of those gadgets that paintings immediately with the human. things like video display units, keyboards, and microphones all match into this class. With the MultiBlue Dongle, we are able to be using the concealed protocol to send keyboard and mouse input through the Bluetooth protocol to the goal gadget

Step 1Insert into Your pc

The MultiBlue Dongle changed into evolved to work with either home windows or Mac OS X working structures. on this academic, I will be the usage of it on a windows 7 machine. if you most effective use Linux, you could use it with Wine BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

MultiBlue does not want any drivers as the whole lot it wishes is established at the dongle. The dongle is surely a four GB thumb power with Bluetooth talents. surely area it in any USB slot in your laptop.

Step 2Enable MultiBlue
when you plug MultiBlue into your system, it’ll seem just like any other USB flash power. click at the MultiBlue icon and it’ll open a subdirectory displaying two choices, Win and Mac. click on on windows.

whilst you achieve this, it will set off the MultiBlue application as visible below.

Step 3Place the tool in Discoverable Mode
Now, we want to location the Bluetooth-enabled target cell device in discoverable mode. As you may see under, this Android phone is now in discoverable mode for two minutes BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

Step 4Pair & Get the Pin
The cell device will now get a paring request from MultiBlue as seen under. receive the pairing request.

when you accomplish that, the cellular device will present you with a numeric code as visible underneath. you may need to enter this code into the MultiBlue application at the windows machine. As you may have guessed, this numeric code is the pre-shared key this is crucial to Bluetooth authentication and encryption. we are able to see in later posts here in Null Byte that we are able to get this code in numerous methods (e.g., sniffing) without having bodily get right of entry to to the cellphone BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

further, word that the MultiBlue Dongle declares itself because the “MultiBlue Dongle” to the pairing system. we will see in a later tutorial that we can spoof that call to some thing that seems secure to the goal consisting of “My iPod” or “My speakers,” fooling the consumer that it’s far their device they are looking for to pair.

Now we input the code into the MultiBlue application, as stated above BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance.

whilst we’re performed, MultiBlue responds displaying us that the device has been paired.

Now, we’ve both our keyboard and mouse to manipulate of the phone or tablet BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance!

Step 5How to apply It
Now that we’ve control of the tool, we are able to do pretty much some thing we need with it (even as it is in variety). one of the things we may additionally want to do is down load the cellular tool spyware that I confirmed here in this text. similarly, we may also need to open a terminal to run in the historical past in order that we can use it (when in variety BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance).

Now that we understand we can control the device with the MultiBlue Dongle, we can paintings toward being capable of do that same issue with out physical get admission to and without the MultiBlue. So preserve coming back, my rookie hackers BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance!

BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance
BlueTooth Hacking, Part 2: BlueTooth Reconnaissance 2023

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